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Chris Fallon

This Cthulhu by sculptor Gabe Perna is a marvel of sculptural realism inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s fabled creature.  Perna offers up the following description of the sculpture:

“The once and forever elder god… Standing high aloft, looking down at stuff.”

Maybe it’s not Dostoevsky but Perna kicks ass with his sculptures, not his words.  Cthulhu offers exquisite detail from his 10-pack abs, Quadzilla thighs, to the shock of pubic hair that cover’s his Ken-esque anatomical incorrectness.  If you are interested in acquiring a model kit you can check out Toiletface, the home of Perna’s creations.
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While I’m impressed with Mr. Savage’s toolbox, I must admit that his website design is, well…less awesome.  Aside from the faux pas of having a website that hasn’t been updated since aught 3 I think we can all agree that this is an amazing case to carry tools (or in the most nerdy case scenario: diabetic lunches, Nasonex, an EpiPen, and a copy of A Briefer History of Time.)  It’s a multi-tasker.

(Braincraft via Gizmodo )

I love to cook.  My favorite recipe calls for one part baking soda, a tablespoon of purified water, followed by two parts cocaine…but perhaps I have said too much.

In all honesty I do love to cook (and not the Richard Pryor recipe that I spoke of earlier) and these CookMark bookmarks would make a handy (ahem*) addition to any cookbook because they allow you to mark favorite recipes and even turn the page without getting food all over it. No, like much of the modern world I get my recipes off the net, but if you are still a fan of the old school these will no doubt keep the slop off of your precious copy of Le Guide Culinaire.

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If you’re looking to be creeped-the-f@#k-out by your girlfriend, I suggest you get her the Robert Pattinson manllow: half man, half pillow.  Even though Valentine’s Day is over, it’s never to late to have a sociopath girlfriend who sleeps with the dismembered bodies of her favorite celebrities…right?  On that note, here’s another perfect pillow for your girlfriend.

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An iPad for $20? Well, Kinda

It’s not exactly an iPad, but it is a notepad, or a Notepod+ if you want to be specific.  The creators of Notepod+ have also created an iPhone pad and are essentially making bank off of old-school mock-ups of Apple products.  I, being the entrepreneurial young man that I am, have decided to create the Notepod- which will consist of an iPad shaped rock and a Bronze Age stylus.  Your move Apple.

Product Page ($19.95 via Tuaw)

Behold, Benny Ohrman’s  ‘Gatorbike’ rolling Crocodile Dundee death machine. It’s made with the carcass of a real alligator. Amusingly, that is actually a good thing for wildlife fanatics because the bike was commissioned to auction off for a wildlife charity. That’s more than can be said for this thing.

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Never in my wildest dreams would I assume that I would be calling a ruler “badass,” but this ruler is exactly that.  The zero point concept means that you can start numerically from zilch wherever you place  the tip of your pen.  I wonder what will happen to the ruler’s display if different situations; say perhaps in Parochial school when a nun drags this thing across your ass at 100mph?

(Yanko via The Daily What)

Move your Simpsons and Star Wars figures, to the side.  You need a little space to show your Google allegiance with all 12 Android toys.  Though not equipped with Kung Fu grip, the Androids do have movable heads and arms, and isn’t that the next best thing?

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From Swedish designers Michael Andersson and Maria Axelqvist comes the Fruit Slide.  Combine this with the Getty Lamp and a piece of plywood and voila!  Fruit Skee Ball.

Project Page (via HomeTone)