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Many of the sounds from the Star Wars films are as recognizable as the characters, locations, and ships. One of those sounds is the one the Millennium Falcon made when it failed to jump to hyperspace. In this video interview with sound engineer Ben Burtt from way back in 1980, he plays all the disparate sounds that came together to make that one familiar sound effect. The dentist’s office, the bathroom, and a 1928 biplane all combine with five other sounds to get the finished product.

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The role of Batman will be played by Ben Affleck in the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie. His predecessor, Christian Bale, admitted that he’s a little jealous of Affleck taking over the part.

Naturally, that begs the question—what does Michael Keaton think? He settled it all in an interview with Short List. When they asked if he was jealous of Affleck he answered:

No. Do you know why? Because I’m Batman. I’m very secure in that.

Everyone else, take off your capes and go home. The Batman has spoken.

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This Star Wars Imperial Hot Tub Lego set is currently up on Lego Ideas seeking out the requisite 10,000 votes required in order to be seriously considered for production. This set is based on a scene in the Lego Star Wars 2 game and would be just hilarious to have as an official product. Darthpapercut says in the Lego Ideas description of the set:

As a Stormtrooper, you know bringing peace to the galaxy is difficult and stressful work. The Empire understands that. That’s why troopers are permitted to spend their rec time at either the firing range or the Imperial Hot Tub.

Before you jump in, let me show you around. Along with the Imperial Hot Tub, you can order a frosty drink at the snack bar! Once you get enough tub time, you can cool off at the game table. While you are lounging, take a moment to check out the wanted posters.

As you know, the destruction of the Death Star brought about a lot of changes, including the “buckets on” rule. That means all Stormtroopers are required to keep their helmets on whenever possible in order to have maximum readiness. So keep your helmet on and enjoy the Imperial Hot Tub!!

It’s a long shot, but let’s hope this one gets enough votes so our Lego stormtroopers can kick back and relax in style.

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DC is releasing a line of Batman: The Animated Series figures and that set will now include Barbara Gordon. She will join Batman, Riddler, and Penguin as the latest wave of figures announced for the series. Batman and Riddler are 6″ figures while Bargirl is 5″ and Penguin comes in at 4.5″ because the guy just happens to be short. The figures are all set to make their debut next July but you can pre-order them now for $22.99 each.

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You’ve still got a month to wait for the Venture Brothers special on January 19th but these official Venture Brothers sheets are sure to make the wait a little bit easier. They’ve got all your favorite characters on 300-thread count sheets available in a queen size set. They’re only around for a limited time so order yours now and add them to your Learning Bed.

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Bandai has released official images of the Ashigaru Stormtrooper and…well, just look at it. The figure measures 7″ tall and includes not just reworked armor, but even a blaster that’s been given some Samurai style. Also, there’s a Katana because a Samurai isn’t complete without one. He’ll be joining Samurai Taisho Vader in March and should retail for about $70.

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In case you missed it over the weekend, Saturday Night Live did a mashup of The Office with everyone from Middle-Earth and it’s simply brilliant. It’s a spin on the UK version of course, and the impressions are spot on, especially with Martin Freeman returning to The Office as Bilbo. Hey, they had to do something once all the epic battles were over, why not work in an office selling paper?

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This beautiful piece features Calvin and Hobbes careening down a hill in their little red wagon. It was a commissioned piece that was hand sculpted and painted by Emily Coleman. It measures 8″ tall and took her 25 hours to complete, which seems surprisingly short given the detail on the finished figure.

(deviantArt via Kotaku)


Movie theater seats certainly don’t compare to lying in bed and watching a movie at home in terms of comfort. With that in mind, IKEA replaced all the seats in this theater in Khimki, Russia with beds complete with pillows, sheets, and snuggly comforters. It wasn’t just for the video shoot either. The theater will be keeping the beds through December 14th.

I really, really hope they’re washing the sheets.

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These aren’t officially licensed Destiny and Star Wars minifigs, but that doesn’t matter much considering the level of quality on display. David Hall makes all sorts of custom Lego minifigs with these just being his most recent creations. They may be expensive, but they also have details you don’t often find on the real deal making them more than worth the price.

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