Hazel Chua

Clean Room

Most parents can relate to how hard it is to get their kids to clean the bathroom. This particular mom left her son a note asking him to clean the bathroom “like the Queen of England is visiting.” Clearly, she just wanted him to make it spotless. But he took things a bit too literally and, well, cleaned the bathroom as if the Queen of England were really visiting—and she was a huge nerd.

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Benedict Cumberbatch Pokemon

If you thought seeing Nicholas Cage’s face on various Pokemon was disturbing, then things are about to get worse. A lot worse. You won’t be seeing Cage’s beady eyes staring back at you from your favorite pocket monsters. Instead, you’ll find yourself staring into the face of Benedict Cumberbatch courtesy of the Pokebatchichooseyou Tumblr.

You might know him from the Sherlock Holmes TV series, you might also know him as the villain in the upcoming Star Trek movie, but for the time-being, you’ll know him as the guy who had his face superimposed to various Pokemon.

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Spider-Man Power

Now why didn’t Marvel think of this?

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Dalek Cat

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Mario Dorkly1

Spoiler alert: this story does not end well. But at least you can hit start and try again. Hit the break to check out the rest of the comic.

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Rafa Toro Art

Rafa Toro’s latest artwork puts the spotlight on Batman’s movie foes and keeps them walking in this creative series of GIFs. This includes the Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger versions of the Joker, the Anne Hathaway and Michelle Pfeiffer versions of Catwoman, and a zombified version of the Penguin. Liam Neeson’s Ra’s al Ghul and Jim Carrey’s Riddler are also thrown into the mix for some more fun and games.

We’re missing the different movie versions of Batman, but maybe Rafa’s saving that for his next art series. Check out our favorites from Rafa’s gallery after the break!

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Star Wars Bantha Plush

Coming soon to our Nerd Approved Shop are these adorable Star Wars Bantha plush toys. These hairy, elephant-sized creatures are useful all around: for transportation, for carrying heavy loads, and yes, even for war.

With the arrival of these plush toys, you can add one more thing to their list of uses: for cuddling and for display. Each plush measures about 13-inches tall and will make a fine addition to your couch or shelf.

You can pre-order the Bantha plush toy now, which will begin shipping out in June 2013.

Star Wars Bantha Plush ($14.99)

Star Wars Lego

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Roulette IQ Cube

If you are one of the few that think Rubik’s cubes are beneath your intelligence, then maybe it’s time you gave these Roulette Wheel IQ cubes a shot. It kind of looks like a Rubik’s cube, but instead of plain flat faces, there are a bunch of numbered wheels. Aside from twisting and rearranging to make sure each face is of a singular color, you also have to make sure the sequence of the numbers is in order.

They’re now available for pre-order and will be shipping out by the end of the month.

Product Page ($79.90 via Geeokologie)

Venture Bros

Venture Bros. has been on hiatus long enough. You’ll be pleased to know that the hit animation series is set to return to Adult Swim on May 19th at midnight. Hit the break to preview a sizzle reel that originally premiered at the New York Comic Con last October. It’s filled with action sequences, news characters, and exotic locations.

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