Jonathan Fallon

Inspired by watching fruit bats fly around during a recent trip Down Under, Kristal Dubois decided to mimic their motions with an articulated flying bat sculpture made from LEGO. [click to continue…]

McDonald’s has a reputation of serving some of the best fountain Coca-Cola around, and now we know the reason. Find out the secret on That’s Nerdalicious

Chronicle Collectibles has made it possible for you to perpetuate the lie that you bagged a T-Rex during one of the Jurassic Park disasters. [click to continue…]

At first glance, or even careful examination, you may find nothing out of the ordinary about this room, besides the awesome decor. However, it would only be comfortable for an action figure or a really nerdy guinea pig. [click to continue…]

Over a three-month period, James Burrows masterfully created a functional roller coaster and dinosaur-themed park using a whopping 125,000 LEGO bricks. [click to continue…]

As a Secret Santa gift for an Imgur user, former MythBuster Adam Savage transformed the discontinued Nerf Longstrike CS-6 from a foam spitting toy into a badass Sci-Fi movie prop. [click to continue…]

YouTuber “Bananenbuurman” has taken LEGO to new heights by creating a train set that travels through his backyard, weaving through and elaborate diorama with fish, boats, cars and an underwater subway. [click to continue…]

Nerf is releasing a new line of blasters that offer a blissful marriage between firing foam objects and launching toy cars off a track. [click to continue…]

Following in the tradition of baffling products such as the Pet Rock comes The Archimedean Turd—a mathematically satisfying, $350 gold-plated poop swirl. [click to continue…]


Los Angeles artist Fernando Reza has drawn inspiration from WW1 and WW2 propaganda to expand on his series of Super Mario-themed posters warning about the dangers of Koopas and the need to enlist to protect warp zones.

Reza is no stranger to such works, having previously created Game of Thrones Saul Bass posters as well as travel ads luring tourists to locations where mythical creatures abound.

Check out more new designs from the Mario series below. [click to continue…]