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Amanda Destro Pierson unleashed Halloween genius on her garage door, transforming it into an animated monster and earning herself a viral video in the process.

Needless to say, the monster garage concept will likely be replicated for years to come, meaning that Halloween will be a truly terrifying time for cars as well. Watch the video below. [click to continue…]


MB&F and Switzerland-based pen maker Caran d’Ache have created a pen that goes where no pen has gone before.

The Astrograph was four years in the making and includes a cap with retractable landing gear and a tiny ladder for a mini astronaut figure, as well as packaging that doubles as an over-the-top display stand. Yes, all this for a pen—albeit an awesome one.

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It will be available in four different versions made from materials such as rhodium and ruthenium, with each being limited to 99 pieces.

With all of these bells and whistles, you wouldn’t expect the Astrograph to be cheap, but the price tag has reached the comically absurd level of $20,000 per pen – a price that should never be spent on a writing implement unless it is the only way to endorse a check for $20,001 or more. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


Over a five year period, Andrew Coats and Lou Hamou-Lhadj of Pixar created a 7-minute animated short entitled Borrowed Time which tells an adult tale of regret, perseverance and forgiveness with the studio’s typical blend of incredible animation and immersive storytelling.

A weathered Sheriff returns to the remains of an accident he has spent a lifetime trying to forget. With each step forward, the memories come flooding back. Faced with his mistake once again, he must find the strength to carry on.

Check out the video below, and prepare to have your heartstrings tugged. [click to continue…]


The designers at Richard Clarkson Studio have made a name for themselves by combining electronics, clouds and levitation into super expensive awesomeness. The latest creation is a collaborative project with Crealev called “Making Weather”—a levitating cloud speaker that spins roughly an inch above its base while emitting your music of choice.

The magic is accomplished with assistance from an induction-charged battery, a mag-lev base and Arduino-controlled illumination.

At the moment, the design is merely a concept, although there is a good chance it will be made available soon. In the meantime, you can see it in action in the video below. [click to continue…]


Deep in the woods in upstate New York, US firm Studio Padron planted the Hemmelig Rom (or “secret room” in Norwegian) – a cozy miniature library that could have been plucked right out of a storybook.

The 200 square meter cabin is made entirely from oak and is furnished with a bed, armchair, desk, wood burning stove and walls lined with books. Apparently it’s a guest house for a vacation home, so color me jealous. I would take this over a cupboard under the stairs any day. Take a peek inside… [click to continue…]


Tegan and Sara’s Oscar-nominated tune Everything is Awesome from The LEGO Movie has been given a metal makeover by Norwegian musician Leo Moracchioli of Frog Leap Studios.

As you’ll see in the video below, the song includes all of the hallmarks of metal while retaining the original’s fun vibe. There are even smiles – which are especially unusual for the genre. [click to continue…]


If you were a fan of Mythbusters, you will certainly have noticed that the final season of the show was produced without the involvement of the build team, Grant Imahara, Tory Belleci, and Kari Byron. However, it was recently revealed that the trio will be reuniting for a new show on Netflix that will debut later this year.

Work on the production, dubbed White Rabbit Project, began in May and will cover “topics as diverse as jailbreaks, superpower technology, heists and crazy world war two weapons”. Mythbusters producer Beyond Productions will once again be at the helm, and although it is not a direct spinoff, it has been described as “Mythbusters in Wonderland”.

White Rabbit Project is currently slated to debut on December 9. Check out pics from the set below. [click to continue…]


For anyone who ever dreamed of getting in the driver’s seat of the iconic Knight Industries Two Thousand from Knight Rider, Regular Car Review is about to paint a vivid picture for you. As it turns out, driving a replica was extremely disappointing.

As you’ll see in the video below, the cramped space makes getting in an out an ordeal, while the yoke has a tendency to collide with the driver’s junk during turns. In addition, visibility is hampered thanks to the computer console on the roof and the absence of a rear view mirror. Throw in a lack of speed and an electronic voice, and you have cold, hard reality. But worry not friends! The fantasy isn’t completely dead. Just remember that there’s always this. [click to continue…]


Adam Hargreaves of Bespoke Art recently used his painting skills to surprise his Disney-loving daughter, Bobbie, with an impressive mural that covers two walls of her bedroom.

The work includes iconic characters such as Simba, Ariel, Aladdin and Bambi, and actually glows in the freaking dark. It is also enhanced with Bobbie’s second great love: bubbles.

The creative process was captured in the timelapse video below, complete with a view of the glowing effect. [click to continue…]


Multi-talented YouTuber “One Man Mob” put his musical skills to use recreating the Futurama theme with synth and an electric cello, guitar and bass – putting it all together with help from a Boss RC-300, Kaoss Pad and Kaossilator.

Even if you aren’t familiar with looping technology, the awesomeness of the video below speaks for itself – however, you may want to pop a Dramamine beforehand if you suffer from motion sickness. [click to continue…]