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10 Gadgets That Save You In Embarrassing Situations [Featured]

What if you could use technology to prevent embarrassing, everyday situations? Believe it or not, that is actually possible thanks to crazy gadgets like these. Unfortunately for me, the list does not include a time machine that I can use to completely overhaul my life from the ages of 12 to 20. But I’m holding out hope for the future.

Better marriage blanket
According to the product page, the Better Marriage Blanket “contains the same type of fabric used by the military to protect against chemical weapons.” However, in this situation, the enemy is the inexplicable combination of cabbage and beans you decided to have for dinner. But make no mistake, the resulting fumes can be no less lethal than the ones found on the battlefield. Protect yourself and your loved ones thanks to a layer of activated carbon that can neutralize flatulence and other embarrassing odors. They say “no odor is too strong,” which is a good thing because tomorrow I’m having a block of cheese and some ice cream. $29.95 — Better Marriage Blanket via Nerd Approved

Black Bar glasses
These Black Bar glasses are ideal for bachelor parties, drunken nights out on the town and any other questionable activity that you wouldn’t want circulating around the Internet. Of course, you already look kind of ridiculous wearing these glasses, and the tinted shades will probably make catching the diapered koala that’s on the loose in your house that much more difficult. $9.99 — Perpetual Kid

Having your cell phone ring at the dinner table on a date can be embarrassing. You could just shut off your phone, or you could go one better with the Phonekerchief. It’s made from a special nylon/silver fabric that blocks incoming signals when wrapped tightly around the phone. Plus, the “My Phone Is Off For You” stitching sends a message to your partner that he or she has your undivided attention. I would wait until the relationship is firmly established before you start using a Bluetooth headset at the table or streaming live football. $15 — Uncommon Goods via Fashionably Geek

Toilet sound blocker
Anyone who has undergone a little performance anxiety in a public bathroom will appreciate this toilet sound blocker key chain. Two button presses will net you 25 seconds of toilet flushing sounds to cover up the consequences of that cheese and ice cream dinner I mentioned earlier. And that means you don’t have to waste extra water. $31 — Japan Trend Shop via Nerd Approved

Zeno Hot Spot
This little gadget uses gentle heat to kill the bacteria that causes acne. Supposedly you can hold it over a blemish for a couple of minutes and it can give you clear skin inside 24 hours. I wish I knew that simple heat technology would work when I was a teenager, though I would have probably needed to stick my head inside a 400-degree oven to really make a dent. $39.99 — Zeno

Vertical Shredder
If you have a lot of embarrassing/incriminating evidence on paper, you are going to need a good shredder. But since your are furnishing your office with misappropriated funds anyway, you might as well spring for a shredder with good design. The Black & Decker iShred stands vertically, so it looks a lot better than the wastebasket-mounted shredders to which we’ve all grown accustomed. Features include a six-sheet capacity and the ability to shred staples and credit cards. $99.98 — Walmart

Etiquette Checker
You’re at a bar and you’ve just dined on a plate of onion rings and beer. Probably not the best choice on a date but what’s done is done. Things are going well so you drop into the bathroom to clean yourself up a bit. That’s when you whip out the Etiquette Checker. Breathing into the tester will determine both your Blood Alcohol Level (BAL) and the quality of your breath in increments of 0.5 and a ranking from 1 to 6. Unfortunately, the tests have determined that you are smelly drunk, so you reach into your pocket for a stick of gum only to discover that you’re all out. Then you try turning on the faucet to splash some cold water on your face but the powerful stream sprays the crotch or your pants. Things are going downhill fast. $82 — Japan Trend Shop

Grocery bag brass knuckles
A guy just can’t look masculine holding a purse or a little bag of perfume. We’ve all been there. The good news is that there is a solution — these crazy brass knuckle bag holders from Japan. It says to other guys, “Yeah, I may be holding a bag from Bath and Body Works, but if you say something about it I’ll leave your lavender-scented corpse lying on the floor of the mall.” The bad news is that the availability and price of the product is unknown. — Gadget Review

Air conditioned shirt
Don’t let sweat stains happen to you. This shirt features a built-in fan that that blows fresh, cool air into the shirt when connected to a power source via USB. It comes in both white collar and blue collar versions, the latter of which might be useful if you happen to work in an Amazon warehouse during the summer. $187 —Japan Trend Shop 

The Slobstopper
Bibs aren’t just for babies anymore! They are also for clumsy adults who can’t eat anything in a car without spilling it all over themselves. Pair this with an adult diaper and I’m good to go for a road trip — though I won’t use a bib unless it has a picture of a lobster holding a fork and a knife on it. $14.95 — Slobstopper via That’s Nerdalicious

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