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10 Rejected Mother’s Day Gift Ideas [Featured]

I have to admit, my mother is hard to shop for — she doesn’t seem to want anything. I got her a Kindle for her birthday a couple of months ago, which went over well, but I’m currently tapped out of ideas for Mother’s Day. The problem is that I’m always trying to find a gift that she won’t expect, something that she doesn’t even know she wants. These products definitely have that surprise factor, but in most cases, the surprise might end up giving way to shock … and/or horror.

Vibrating sauna pants
According to the product page, these vibrating sauna pants can reach temperatures of 95-160 degrees, which will help you sweat away the pounds. I don’t know your mother, but I am almost 100 percent sure that she has never thought “Gee, wish there was a gadget out there that would make me sweat like a pig.” I’m also fairly certain that a child who not-so-subtly suggests that their mother is overweight by gifting a giant, hot orange diaper isn’t going to be her favorite. $39.98, Taylor Gifts.

Portable watermelon cooler
Hey Mom, I was going to get you a new set of suitcases and a plane ticket for a nice vacation, but then I remembered how much you said you loved watermelon that one time, so I got you watermelon luggage instead. It’s nearly the same thing. It will keep your watermelon cool, and it can keep your watermelon hot for some reason. Yeah, it will handle all of your watermelon transportation needs. Why are you crying? $347.20, GeekStuff4U via That’s Nerdalicious

The Elfoid phone
There are a lot of great smartphones on the market, so I suggest picking one of those up for your mother before you try and seek out this Elfoid phone from Japan. The creepy form factor was based on a previous robot design called Telenoid R1, and it features realistic-feeling skin, a camera that captures your emotions, and weird wriggling motions that make you feel like you are actually holding a tiny humanoid and talking into its belly. I mean, what are you trying to say with something like this? “Don’t expect any grandchildren, but here’s a phone baby. Enjoy!” Pricing not available. Asahi via Nerd Approved

Where the Snuggie meets an electric blanket, you’ll find Coz-E. Let’s face it, blankets like this one are shameful to wear and electric blankets can be dangerous. No need to run the risk of the pain and embarrassment that comes with a Snuggie-related injury. $68, Urban Outfitters via Fashionably Geek

Snail mail alert system
The POSTCN01 is basically a snail mail alert system. It automatically detects how many times the mailbox lid has been opened and then relays that information wirelessly to a portable display. Of course, you don’t see many letters being written these days, so what you have really hooked your mother up with is a bill alert system. She’ll love that. $50, Amazon Japan via Nerd Approved

Kenzan head massager
So will your mother be massaging her head with this, or grating it like cheese? The odd-looking Head Kenzan has 92 flexible bristles to massage your scalp, promote relaxation and hopefully stimulate hair growth. Fingers crossed! $55, Japan Trend Shop via Nerd Approved

‘The Finger’ ear and nose trimmer
They say that you should shy away from fitness and beauty/hygiene products when shopping for Mother’s Day, as it might be considered offensive. That having been said, you know better than to give your mom a finger-shaped nose and ear trimmer. Honestly: Don’t give your mom The Finger. $10, Baron Bob

Retro phone case
Okay, so your mom isn’t the most technologically savvy person in the world, but you would still like to get her an iPhone and drag her kicking and screaming into the 21st century. What if you could disguise that iPhone as technology she might be more comfortable with, like an ’80s-style mobile phone brick? Well, you can with this clever case. $21, iWoot

Elvis robot
If your mom loved Elvis, you can bring him back to life in her living room with this Wowwee Alive animatronic robot. Robo Elvis tracks movement, makes occasional remarks, sings songs with realistic movements and recounts 37 monologues about his life. Just don’t be surprised when all of the bacon and peanut butter in the house disappears into thin air. $85, Amazon

Hello Kitty chainsaw
Few gifts are appreciated more than the ones you make yourself. Why, I’m sure those hideous clay cups I gave my mother as a kid are far more cherished than anything I have ever bought for her. Of course, if you go this route, it’s important to make something that will not result in dismemberment. I mean, you can’t just slap Hello Kitty onto just any stupid product, right? Hello Kitty Hell via Nerd Approved

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