10 Slightly Cracked Ways To Celebrate Easter [Featured]

Easter: A religious holiday that we celebrate by saying a giant rabbit breaks into our homes, hides our eggs and leaves us chocolate versions of himself. It doesn’t make a lot of sense when you think about it, but that’s part of the fun. That said, Easter can get weirder — maybe even a little scary — if you use any of the gadgets featured here.

The Egg-Bot may be an affront to tradition, but you know those little wire spoons you get in Easter egg coloring kits? Those things are horrible for anyone who demands precision. No classically trained egg artist would ever stoop to using one. For more sophisticated folk, the Egg-Bot is the only way to go. Think of it as an egg lathe, only instead of cutting or sanding a stylus is printing precise geometric shapes on the surface. The machine comes in a DIY kit that includes the egg design software. $195 to $220 — Evil Mad Science via That’s Nerdalicious

This cute little robotic chick “cheeps, chirps and flaps its wings” when you are playing with it, but will cry when you don’t give it enough attention. Is it just me or is there’s something very unsettling about becoming attached to cute robotic animals? Because I’ll tell you what, when the robots achieve sentience, this little chick will probably round up all the real chickens and peck you to death for eating so much KFC. $29.99 — ThinkGeek

The Easter Rube Goldberg machine
Some people don’t like Cadbury Creme Eggs. I get that. They are really rich and they make you fat — and don’t even get me started on how you’ll feel after you chase several of the eggs with a box of Peeps, then wash it down with a 2-liter of Mountain Dew. That having been said, inventor Joseph Herscher took things a step further by creating an elaborate Rube Goldberg machine with the sole purpose of destroying a single Creme Egg. Clearly, he has had a bout or two of the dreaded Creme Egg hangover. YouTube

Marshmallow Bazooka
I’m working on a theory here. Would it be possible to wage a full-scale Peep attack with one of these Marshmallow Bazookas? It can fire full-sized marshmallows up to 40-feet, so I assume with a little squishing you could probably rain Peeps down on unsuspecting Easter bunnies. It even has an integrated microprocessor that automatically regulates air pressure so you can fire up to five marshmallows in 60 seconds. Just load, wait for the LED light on the reticle to illuminate, then fire those Peeps with extreme prejudice. $49.95 — Hammacher Schlemmer via Nerd Approved

Creepy Easter Bunny robot
If you were wondering why you need a marshmallow bazooka to defend yourself against the Easter Bunny, remember what I said earlier — a giant rabbit breaks into your home and hides all of your eggs. Something is just a little off about that. In many states, once he’s on my property, it is legal for me to shoot him with Peeps and defend my Easter basket. As you will see in this video, that is especially true if the Easter bunny’s drunken brother Roger shows up fresh from a bar fight. He’s always been jealous of his brother’s success. YouTube

It’s a good thing the tax deadline falls so close to Easter, because many of us will need something fun to lift our spirits. The Eggulator brings us back crashing down to Earth by helping us calculate the damage with egg-shaped buttons. It’s kind of like a metaphor for your fragile financial situation. $16.99 — A.B.O

No Easter gadget roundup would be complete without the original Nabaztag and new Karotz desktop rabbit robots. These Wi-Fi-enabled bunnies run on Linux and can use a series of apps for all sorts of domestic applications — from handling phone calls to watching your house while you are away with an integrated webcam. It all sounds very useful, though I can’t help but worry that Karotz is really a spy who’s turning all of our personal data over to the Robo-Chicks. $290 — Karotz via Nerd Approved

JoJo Easter eggs
It used to be that you had to work to find those hidden eggs. Why, I remember stumbling upon the remnants of an undiscovered Easter egg well into May one year. It was quite a mess by that point, but that’s the price of failure. Today’s parents can coddle their children by getting the JoJo and Friends electronic Easter eggs. The eggs call out to the hunters to give them hints. Once discovered, the children can open up the eggs to reveal a character surprise inside. $29.99 — Amazon

Nazca camera bag
Whatever you do, don’t tell the children that the cotton and leather Nazca case covering your camera is actually the skin of the Easter Bunny. Because then your pictures will contain nothing but despair. Price not available — Zkin

Animatronic “Peep” show
This is, without a doubt, the most ridiculous and wildly inappropriate Easter gadget ever invented. Basically, it’s an electronic strip show featuring Peeps. It has a stage for performers, seats for clients and the whole sinfully sweet spectacle is animated using Arduino controllers, servos LEDs … and the salacious ’80s metal rock of Warrant. YouTube

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