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BBQ ‘n Beer Prize Pack Review: The Marshmallow Shooter Rifle

I had my Memorial Day cookout festivities yesterday, and I used the opportunity to conduct another review for our BBQ ‘n Beer prize pack contest from This time I got to shoot my brother (and fellow Nerd Approved editor) Jonathan with tiny marshmallows from the Marshmallow Shooter rifle. So could I pelt him from a considerable distance?

As you can see from the video, the answer to that question is no…not really. While the claim that the gun can shoot tiny marshmallows up to 30 feet is accurate, the same word does not apply to your ability to hit a target at a distance.

Air pressure propels the shot, and the marshmallow ejects when you push the handle forward—which is a bit awkward and it makes keeping the gun steady on a target difficult. A trigger would have been great of course, but at the very least the shot should eject when the handle is pulled back. Apparently, this problem was remedied with the new Mforcer marshmallow gun.

The other problem is that the marshmallows will get stuck in the gun more often than not. So, I put the marshmallows in the fridge to help keep them intact through the barrel. It helped considerably, but not completely.

At any rate, if your goal is do shoot a marshmallow into someone’s mouth at a distance, accuracy isn’t quite as crucial. You just need to be in the vicinity so the target can move and grab it—and for that job the Marshmallow Shooter does well.

Besides, if you win our BBQ ‘n Beer contest, the gun is completely free. So check out the contest page for all the details on how to enter. And make sure to visit for more awesomely stupid stuff.


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