This Mechanical Puzzle Book Can Only Be Read By The Brightest Minds


Everybody loves a book that leaves them feeling smarter when they’ve reached the end, and this is one book that is almost guaranteed to deliver on that front.

This is the Codex Silenda, a five-page story about an apprentice of Leonardo Da Vinci in his workshop with a magnificent, brain-melting twist – in order to turn the page, you have to solve an intricate mechanical puzzle. On paper, it sounds like the kind of thing one might see in an ’80s horror movie, possibly involving an ancient evil with sharp objects sticking out of its face. But no! This is a real, presumably unhaunted book, and what’s more you can actually own one yourself.

Designed by Brady Whitney at Iowa State University as part of his senior thesis project, he’s now taken the project to Kickstarter. The Kickstarter ends on August 31st and has already blown past it’s original goal.

Unfortunately this does mean the reward tiers offering a Codex Silenda, assembled or otherwise, are all gone. However, reward tiers still remain that offer the laser files so you can cut your own if you have access to laser cutting equipment, and there’s a reward tier offering one of the five pages as a standalone reward. Check out more photos and the project video for the Codex Silenda below.








(via Gizmodo)


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