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The Best April Fools Products Of 2011 [Updating]

Today is April 1st, and that can only mean one thing—tons of funny, phony products that will turn up periodically throughout the year in articles written by unsuspecting bloggers. Don’t be fooled! Check out the best ones after the break. We will be updating the list throughout the day, so keep checking back in.


The Typescreen: “After 16 months of intense product design and laborious research and development we are proud to say that our wishes (and hopefully yours) have finally come true! From texting to web browsing, the new Spinning Hat Typescreen™ gives you all modern functionality of an iPad with the sleek classic feel of retro typewriters that we all miss so dearly.”


PLAYMOBIL Apple Store Playset:

  • Amazing PLAYMOBIL™ set introduces children to the magic of Apple technology
  • Interactive play teaches important social interaction skills
  • Includes everything pictured: entire store with figures and over 60 accessories
  • Store comes fully staffed with PLAYMOBIL™ Apple Store associates
  • Ground floor of Apple store features product demo tables, software shelves and kids corner
  • Top floor includes Genius Bar and Keynote Theater with mini Steve Jobs figure
  • Use your own real iPhone 4 as the screen behind Steve Jobs in the Keynote Theater (downloadable simulated keynote presentation available on the PLAYMOBIL™ website)
  • Purchase the optional Line Pack and stage your own Apple Device launch party!
  • Entire store measures 72 cm long x 36 cm deep x 40 cm high
  • Officially licensed Apple product

Minecraft USB Desktop Nether Portal:

  • 8″ x 10″ Desktop Minecraft Nether Portal
  • Serene, yet eerie purple glow
  • Hums calmly till something passes through the plane
  • Corners are removable if you’re the efficient type
  • Doubles as a photo frame for people you’d like to put in the Nether
  • ** Requires 10w, high-power USB port to transfer matter
  • Official, licensed Minecraft collectible

De-3D Cinema Glasses:

  • Cinema Style 3D glasses eliminate 3D effect for more pleasurable movie viewing
  • Converts standard 3D movies in to relaxing 2D
  • Eliminates headaches and nausea associated with 3D movie viewing
  • Works with current 3D movies in theaters using RealD 3D technology
  • View 3D movies comfortably with your 3D loving friends
  • Large senior citizen sizings fits over your regular corrective glasses
  • High quality radial polarized optics
  • Solid white ABS plastic construction for years of 3D eliminating performance


GMail Motion: The mouse and keyboard were invented before the Internet even existed. Since then, countless technological advancements have allowed for much more efficient human computer interaction. Why then do we continue to use outdated technology? Introducing Gmail Motion — now you can control Gmail with your body.


Re-Cycle Cardboard Bike: Made from the equivalent of two hundred red-top tabloids, the Re-Cycle is light, easy to carry and simple to assemble. In the time it would take you to flag down a cab, just follow the step-by-step instructions* to pop, fold, score and tear the pieces you need to assemble your bike in a flash. No glue, tape or staples required.


Blizzard Introduces Crabby The Dungeon Helper: Wouldn’t it be nice to have a helpful friend at your side, ready to provide you with tips and hints when you’re stuck? A friend who’s there to provide encouragement, who will help you pick yourself up off the floor after the fifteenth wipe of the night? Someone who will stick with you — no matter what?Everyone can use a friend like that… a friend like Crabby!

StarCraft Motion Overdrive: StarCraft II plus Kinect.


Comic Sans Pro: Featuring elements such as speech bubbles and cartoon dingbats, Comic Sans Pro extends the versatility of the original Comic Sans, designed by Vincent Connare for Microsoft in 1994. “Hats off to Monotype Imaging for enlivening Comic Sans and getting it back to its roots as a comic book lettering face. Now everyone can write with more panache – and look even more like a pro using swashes, small caps and other typographic embellishments,” said Connare. (via BoingBoing)

Golden Gaming Peripherals: As the world’s leading premium gaming brand, ASTRO Gaming is always looking for ways to help elite players perform at their best. One thing we’ve found is that conventional materials yield conventional results. Therefore, after years of extensive research, ASTRO Gaming is announcing exclusive limited edition pre-orders for “The Gold Edition”, a line of products that have been created using solid 22K gold.

Angry Nerds Online Game: Angry Nerds This Dev Team Don’t Stand for No Bugs. What do you do when you have bugs in your code? Send in the Angry Nerds. Consider these issues…resolved.

Roku’s New Branded Remote: Hideous.

RC Eagle-I: With the world’s first RC Eagle i – an iPhone-controllable Wi-Fi eagle powered by the sun!! – you can experience a “bird’s eye” view from the safety of the ground, creating your very own world vision without even leaving your armchair!

The unbelievably exciting RC Eagle i is packed with astonishing features. We’re talking advanced GPS tracking, Wi-Fi control from your smart phone and a solar powered body – seeing this bird fly is believing!

As for controlling the RC Eagle i, it’ll work with your PC, Apple iPad or iPhone – simply download the free “Bird’s i” App and transform your device into an all-seeing remote control roving eye! In terms of remote control range, the RC Eagle i is designed to be fully compatible with National Wi-Fi networks, allowing you to pilot your precarious bird of prey hundreds of miles away.

Toshiba’s Spectacle: The World’s First 3D Monocle.

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