The Vroominator Turns Regular Cars Into Sports Cars For $40

Let’s face it, that minivan of yours isn’t a muscle car—and you don’t see many guys getting out a car like that wearing a baby carrier.

No worries though, you can still have your fun with the Vroominator. When plugged into a car’s DC adapter, the Vroominator will sync to the alternator signal and fill the cabin with the sounds of a throaty V8 engine. At school crossings you’ll feel the rumble of idle. Then, when you step on the gas and begin your slow ascent to 35 mph, you’ll hear the roar of redline and feel as though you are blazing down the track.

Plus, at only $40 this is certainly a cheaper option than actually buying a gas-guzzling sports car.

Sorry Prius owners, this ridiculous little gadget won’t work with hybrid or electric vehicles. Some would say you needed it the most.

Product Page ($40)


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