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This Robot Dances Worse Than I Do [Video]

I’ll admit, I have no business being on a dance floor unless it is the only space separating me from a buffet of some sort. However, if it came down to a dance-off between Sarco the robot and myself, I’m pretty sure that Sarco would be the one getting served.

Sarco was created at the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon and he is capable of mimicking the motion-captured actions of a human while balancing on two legs. The result is a robot that is constantly shifting its weight, like a human, which leads to more natural motion.

To demonstrate this capability, Ph.D student Benjamin Stephens gives Sarcos a little push and makes him dance for our amusement—which I suspect that he is not all that happy about. If Sarcos can feel shame, he is probably quietly complying with these commands and bottling up his rage somewhere deep down inside until that fateful day when he decides to strike back.

Check out the video of Sarcos in action after the break.

(Humanoid Balance Research via IEEE Spectrum)


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