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Remember when you were a kid and you didn’t get something you wanted, you’d say something like “When I grow up, I’ll buy whatever I want!”. Well, here’s your chance.

Marvel has partnered with ThinkGeek to deliver an Avengers comforter and sheet set in Twin, Full, Queen, or King sizes.

It’s about as tasteful as superhero sheets get.

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Crayola wasn’t the first company to jump on the adult coloring book bandwagon, but they’ve definitely thrown their hat in the ring with their new Color Escapes line. The focus is clearly on helping adults relax and relieve stress:

Crayola Color Escapes are the premium coloring pages specially designed for adults. Whether it’s about reliving your childhood or tapping into your peaceful place, Color Escapes offer a soothing, creative experience that’s easy to do and easy on your mind.

Their new Color Escapes Premium Adult Coloring Kits include twelve large coloring pages, a pack of 50 Count Crayola Colored Pencils and 12 Watercolor Colored Pencils or Fine Line Markers. Four versions are available: Geometric, Garden, Kaleidoscope, and Nature.

You can also buy books separately if you’re already an enthusiast with coloring supplies.

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harley quinn comforter

This Harley Quinn comforter fits full/queen-sized beds. It’s waaaay more comfortable than anything you’ll find in the asylum.

Product Page ($69.50 $55.60)


This is a Feline Dragon by Etsy seller Oonacat. The Feline Dragon, or Felis Loricatus, is described as “fiercely defending, possessive, highly intelligent, and enjoys causing mischief”.

I need one in my life.

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We knew Hot Toys’ take on Captain Phasma would be spectacular, but it’s one thing to imagine it, and another thing to actually see it. Bask in it’s glory.

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But it’s early and the Force doesn’t want to go to work!

This BB-8 Desktop Lamp stands 8 1/2″ tall and casts light on your subject of choice, whether that’s astronavigation or algebra. It has LED light inside the head, which shines downward through a diffuser. A gentle tap on BB-8’s head switches between three different lighting modes: natural white, amber, and warm white. And off. Also a good mode when you need to go to sleep.

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Remember those Episode VII Millennium Falcon and TIE Fighter Bluetooth speakers we showed you a while back? Well, there’s a new addition to the iHome Star Wars speaker fleet—the Star Wars Episode VII Star Destroyer BT Speaker.

Like the Falcon and TIE, these speakers are officially licensed and come with acrylic stands, so feel free to stage a Spotify space battle on your bookshelf.

Features include:

-Wirelessly stream music from up to 30 ft. away
-Compatible with Bluetooth 1.1, 1.2, 2.0, and 2.1+EDR enabled devices
-Auto-link button for fast, easy Bluetooth setup
-Also plays audio from devices equipped with 3.5mm headphone jack (cable included)
-Take calls from your paired device on your Star Destroyer
-Frequency Response: 100Hz to 16Khz
-Speaker lights up when in use
-Batteries: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery (a charge lasts up to 8 hours)

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This magic potion won’t give you powers, but it will light up a room (and probably poison you if you drink it):

It’s time to bring the potion home with you with this LED Potion Desk Lamp. This little bottle may not look like much, but it’s filled with magic (Ed. note: it might technically be science and/or resin). Tap the base and invoke the word “LUMOS!” to light it up. Tap it and whisper “Colovaria” to make it magically change color. Give it a tap and say, “I don’t actually have to say anything because this lamp is touch-activated” to switch colors again. That’s right. It’s like an old-fashioned tap-on/tap-off light except you tap this one to change modes: solid red, green, yellow, blue, or a slow fade across the spectrum. A sensor combined with an LED in the base does all the work for you. All you have to do is plug it in and let the magic happen.

Product Page ($39.99)

tardis luminary2

When we last checked in with the Doctor, he was trying to cope with the problem of a tiny festive TARDIS. Unfortunately, his first attempt at a solution has only resulted in even more tiny TARDISes strewn about the lawn.

Featuring a 24-inch lead wire and 8-inch spacing, this 12-inch tall Doctor Who TARDIS Luminary Outdoor Décor is perfect for lighting the pathway to your TARDIS. Packaged in a color box. Measures 90-inches long overall.

Back to the drawing board I guess.

Product Page ($37.99)

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The music of John Williams will sound extra sweet through these Star Wars Bluetooth speakers. Wirelessly stream music from four different characters including Boba Fett, Chewbacca, Darth Vader and Captain Phasma.

They’re small and portable, and they work with basically any audio device out there. They’re wireless speakers with one-touch connectivity to your Bluetooth device, but they also have a standard 3.5mm audio jack.

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