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This incredible prop replica is the work of the folks at TriForce. It’s Batman’s cowl from Batman: Arkham Origins and it lights up to become what is essentially the world’s craziest lamp. It weighs 35 pounds and measures 26″ tall x 23.5″ wide x 24.5″ long and is lit by LED effects designed to mimc the style of the Bat Cave. The cowl is hand painted and limited to just 500 units. Preorder now for delivery in December 2015.

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dc pens header

I don’t use pens often anymore, but when I do, they have to be just right. I can’t imagine it getting more right than these sexy DC Comics-themed pens by Montegrappa. The fancy superhero and supervillain designs come in ballpoint, rollerball, and fountain varieties. The barrels have bright patterns and colors, and the caps feature mini sculptures of Superman, Green Lantern, Batman, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Riddler, Penguin, and the Joker. They are not inexpensive by any definition of the word, but they look like they’re of the highest quality.

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hot toys little groot

We still can’t get enough of Baby Groot, especially when the Baby Groot in question is this adorable (and super accurate) version by Hot Toys.

While this version doesn’t actually dance, it is a fantastic replica. The 1/4 Scale Little Groot Collectible features 3 interchangeable head sculpts, movable arms, and a moveable body.

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Supernatural ornament lost my shoe

The Winchester Brothers don’t have the best track record when it comes to Christmas, which may be why I love the idea of these Supernatural ornaments so much. They’re made by an artsy gal named Denise and she sells them in her Etsy shop.

She also showed me some very cool upcoming designs for next year, including an idea for a painted wine glass, so I’d say it’s a good idea to check back on her stuff from time to time.

I know it’s probably too late to get these Supernatural ornaments for this year’s decorating, but there’s no reason you can’t get yourself something for next year, right?

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Yes, this beautiful recreation of a Hobbit hole from Lord of the Rings hides a litter box for a very lucky cat. It was created by the Hollywood prop builders at Super-Fan Builds for a guy who is a huge Tolkien fan. Everything on it is perfectly cat-safe and there’s even an Eye of Sauron scratching post so your cat can scratch his all-seeing eye out and save the day.

Clearly, the Fellowship didn’t consider using giant cats. It would have saved them a lot of trouble.

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hot toys star-lord 1

Peter Quill is no ordinary man. He’s Star-Lord, member of Guardians of the Galaxy. The popularity of the film practically guaranteed we’d get some stunning statues from Hot Toys, and they didn’t disappoint. Their sixth scale Star-Lord looks an awful lot like Chris Pratt and is posable enough to handle all of Quill’s smooth moves. Come on, he has to be able to dance along to the Awesome Mix Vol. 1.

Speaking of the ultimate mix tape, a cassette player and headphones are among Star-Lord’s accessories. Here’s what else he comes with:

Interchangeable masked head sculpt with LED light-up function (red light; battery operated)
Body with over 30 points of articulations
Five (5) pieces of interchangeable gloved palms including:
– One (1) pair of fists
– One (1) pair of palms for holding guns
– One (1) right palm for holding orb
Two (2) guns
One (1) sling pack
One (1) portable audio cassette player with headset
One (1) realistic plasma orb
Figure stand with Star-Lord nameplate and the movie logo

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DC is releasing a line of Batman: The Animated Series figures and that set will now include Barbara Gordon. She will join Batman, Riddler, and Penguin as the latest wave of figures announced for the series. Batman and Riddler are 6″ figures while Bargirl is 5″ and Penguin comes in at 4.5″ because the guy just happens to be short. The figures are all set to make their debut next July but you can pre-order them now for $22.99 each.

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You’ve still got a month to wait for the Venture Brothers special on January 19th but these official Venture Brothers sheets are sure to make the wait a little bit easier. They’ve got all your favorite characters on 300-thread count sheets available in a queen size set. They’re only around for a limited time so order yours now and add them to your Learning Bed.

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Bandai has released official images of the Ashigaru Stormtrooper and…well, just look at it. The figure measures 7″ tall and includes not just reworked armor, but even a blaster that’s been given some Samurai style. Also, there’s a Katana because a Samurai isn’t complete without one. He’ll be joining Samurai Taisho Vader in March and should retail for about $70.

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sideshow indy main

I may have a few issues with Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom, but I’m already in love with the new Indiana Jones Temple of Doom Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles.

First of all, the face. That Indy determination-filled face is already captivating, but then you get all kinds of different accessories and different hands to use those accessories. Plus, the Sankara Stones… it’s all cool.

I know, I’m fangirling. I honestly can’t help it.

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