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nerd saber fights

When Sean Astin tweets a picture like this, you share it. That’s a rule.

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This alternate opening scene for the movie Gravity is the work of Bangalore, India filmmaker Krishna Shenoi who has changed the whole film with the addition of just one character. That character happens to be Christopher Reeve as Superman, and he handily saves Sandra Bullock. It’s all in a day’s work for the superhero, but watch to the end to see why the whole thing is all his fault in the first place.

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Your garden will surely be safe with this little guy standing guard.

This is Ned Bark, Lord of the North of Grassteros. He sits on the Throne of a Thousand Shovels in King’s Lawnding to do is Kings will. The gnome realm is in disarray and with the threat of the zombies from Cannibal Rock we can only hope Ned is ready for what’s to come. This is the Game of Gnomes.

He’s made of a proprietary cement, hand casted, hand painted, and then sealed in outdoor weather sealer to protect the paint. Spring is coming and with this guy, your garden will be ready for anything.

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This Thwomp pillow might look fierce but it’s not going to hurt anyone. It’s an officially licensed Nintendo product with an embroidered face on the front and the Super Mario logo embroidered on the back. The pillow measures 12″ square and is 4″ thick.

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zelda figure 1

Count your rupees because if you’ve been waiting for a perfect Zelda statue to come along, it’s your lucky day. First 4 Figures, creators of this epic Link and Epona piece, have just made the Twilight Princess version of Zelda available for pre-order. She’s part of their “Master Arts” line and stands at 17-inches tall (including the base). The sculpt is elegant and oh so very detailed.

Every piece of her armor and jewelry appears to be carefully reproduced. You can see the pale embroidery pattern on the bottom of her dress, and the fabric looks realistic. I’m amazed by the paint job, and I can only imagine how good it must look in person. The series of collectible statues is limited to just 2,500 pieces.

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hobbit star wars

(via Cheezburger)


(via Cheezburger)


Let’s be all legal and make it clear that these are not official Game of Thrones Lego minifigs. They’re a set of figures designed by Citizen Brick as a part of their Dragon Sword Fighter Force line which is made from re-used and modified Lego elements. So, entirely unofficial but no less awesome. They’re sold in packs of three for $55 each but if you buy the whole lot, you’ll get a bonus minifig. His name is Sir Typesalot and he looks absolutely nothing like George R.R. Martin.

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papercraft elsa

As much as I love buying prints and posters, I’m always on the lookout for different kinds of art to put on my walls. I like variety, and these incredible papercraft designs by The Paper Pony blew me away! The Etsy shop features intricate paper art inside shadowboxes, and they are highly detailed and so very, very pretty. I especially love the use of different textures. Their work features characters from Frozen, Game of Thrones (Daenerys and her dragons!), Doctor Who, Legend of Zelda, and many others. You can even commission a design if you don’t see your favorite franchise represented in their shop.

Each piece is made by hand so there will be slight variations – which I think makes this art even cooler. Turnaround time is 3-4 weeks.

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wolverine song

Today, BBC Radio 1 wins. They worked with Hugh Jackman and got him to sing a Wolverine spin on the “Who Am I” song from Les Misérables. Hearing him sing about the challenges of playing the superhero in such a dramatic way is absolutely priceless. He does lose it a couple of times and giggle, but that makes it even more awesome. I want to buy this rendition on iTunes.

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