Cute animals are popular and custom smartphone cases are popular. Naturally, someone on Twitter decided to combine these two things and uploaded a photo of what was creatively called a “bunny smartphone case.” The photo, posted above, was retweeted more than 37,000 times and has spawned a whole new meme.

Photo credit: ryooneokrock1

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dothraki app header

Ready to brush up on your conversational Dothraki? There’s an app for that. The man responsible for developing Dothraki for Game of Thrones has come up with a system to teach fans the language. Besides purchasing the complete Living Language Dothraki program, you can turn to the new Dothraki Companion app for learning on the go:

The app includes interactive games, over 300 vocabulary flashcards, a comprehensive grammar summary, culture notes, and a conversational dialogue.

While it can be used with the Living Language system, you’ll learn plenty with only the app. Practice and apply yourself, and you’ll be ready to converse with the next Khal you meet.

You can download the iOS app for $3.99.

(via CNET)


You don’t need magic to keep your cell phone free of scratches, but a Harry Potter themed case certainly wouldn’t hurt. Etsy seller The Sorcerer’s Phone crafts creative cases by hand with sealers and papers. It’s a minimalist take on the Boy Who Lived, and it can live with you for an affordable price. Turnaround time for the case is 30 days and it can me made for a wide range of phones including the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Product Page ($25.99 via Oh Gizmo)


Groot is a creature of few words, but just the same, he’s a fan of texting. You can even send him a text at 866-740-4531 and he’ll respond with exactly what you’d expect. You can thank Twilio employee Ricky Robinett for this little bit of fun. He tweeted out the news a few days ago and in no time Groot sent out tens of thousands of text messages!

Artwork via DeviantArtist DepartedPro.

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yo hodor

Hodor is a man of few words. And the Yo app is an app of few words. Now, the two are combined as Yo, Hodor, an app created by Tyler Hedrick which lets you Hodor your friends. You can download the app for free on iTunes and then, once your add your friends, send them a little Hodor to brighten their days.

So, why did Hedrick create the app?

You can’t fault that logic.

(TechCrunch via Laughing Squid)


Monty Python’s “Ministry of Silly Walks” is, well, silly, but it’s even sillier as an app game. It’s easily one of the most well-known Python sketches and now you can download it for iOS and Android. Test your skills maneuvering John Cleese through the street while collecting coins and avoiding obstacles along the way.

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Transformers Age of Extinction is opening in theaters on June 27th and they’re running a pretty slick promotion with Uber that could get you a ride with Optimus Prime. They’ve already been to Dallas and Phoenix and will be in Los Angeles on the 21st, but in case you missed it, here’s how it all went down. Check out these three fans who get a ride from Optimus to get pizza, hot dogs, and even attend a movie. Their reactions, and Optimus Prime’s responses to their questions, are priceless.

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hodor app top

Do I even need to explain why? It lets you type HODOR all dang day and it’s only .99 cents for Android in the Google app store.

You know you’re gonna buy it.


Product Page $0.99 (via The Mary Sue)


Sure, The Doctor may have his sonic screwdriver, but we 21st-century humans have something almost as good: smartphones! The only drawback is that you have to charge them frequently. But now Doctor Who fans can charge their smartphones, especially their iPhones, with this cool Doctor Who TARDIS iPhone Stand. It’s laser-etched, and is made from blue acrylic. It also holds a notch for a charger. Added bonus: you don’t need The Eye of Harmony to power this TARDIS! You’re welcome.

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You know what I love about giant robots? Everything. They’re the embodiment of ion cannon-wielding awesomeness, which is why I was pretty stoked when I came across this mecha-cell holder from MechWorld. Get this: It’s a mini-mecha that’s designed to hold your cellphone and it shoots heat-seeking missiles and it looks cool! It’s available on Etsy, so you can start building your own iPhone/mecha army today.

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