There are plenty of slick games you can play on your iPhone and even some retro ones, but sometimes you don’t want a new-fangled touchscreen. If you long for the days when you held an ergonomically inferior controller in your hands, then you’re going to want to look at this Kickstarter.

The GameDock, designed by Cascadia Games, lets you plug your iPhone, iPad or iPod into a very Nintendo-esque dock and then use two controllers to play your game. It currently supports iCade apps that use no more than two action and menu buttons, with plans for an app that will include additional curated content. The project has reached its funding goal, but you still have time to donate and be one of the first to own a GameDock come December.

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Next time you go to a coffee shop or restaurant, watch how many people are playing with their smart phones or tablets instead of interacting with the people and the world around them. It’s kind of depressing really – our dependence on these mobile gadgets. It just seems wrong. However, there people out there misusing these devices in ways you never thought possible.

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Chances are that your first encounter with an iPhone didn’t result in an overwhelming desire for a bizarre case featuring a stacked plastic woman in a bathtub – but thanks to Japan it’s out there, complete with a screen film protector and microfiber cleaning cloth. You’ll also have the advantage of removing the iPhone bather when you don’t want to be called a pervert.

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If you’ve been wanting the perfect A Song of Ice and FireGame of Thrones cover for your iPhone, look no further. Liquidsoldes has put up a ton of designs on RedBubble. You can find the regular house sigils with the accompanying words, but you can also find minimalist representations of the animal that represents the house and designs that give a sports team twist to the Westerosi locations. I’m impressed with the variety, and as a bonus for fans of the books, you’ll be able to find styles for more obscure houses and groups.

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Next time someone tells you to get that walking carpet out of the way, they just may be talking about your phone. PowerA debuted a great line of new iPhone cases at E3 last week, including a Chewbacca case that comes complete with bandolier and wookiee fur. If wookiees aren’t your thing, then how about R2D2, Threepio or Vader? The cases aren’t out yet, but they’re coming soon!

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Wrap your iPhone 4/4S in elite N7 armor with this Mass Effect case. Comes with Collector Assault Rifle DLC code and links to download matching wallpaper.

It’s a dangerous world out there. Whether you’re extinguishing some Blue Suns, giving the Blood Pack a bloody nose, or deleting some geth, your squad needs protection. What better way to armor up your pocket EDI and show her loyalty at the same time than with elite N7 armor? That’ll put all those asari, turians, and especially quarians at ease when you whip out your pocket AI to ask for the Yelp ratings around the Citadel.

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The iPhone may have a fancy screen and fancy graphics, but these 8-Bit Bumpers will add a little retro flair. Besides preserving the 8-Bit look, the bumper keeps your phone safe with its rubber silicon construction and an anti-friction coating. They even have synthetic leather 8-Bit sleeves in 10″ and 11/13″ sizes to accommodate your iPad or MacBook Air.

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Android’s robot is no longer just a corporate mascot. His duties have been expanded to include replenishing Android phones and USB devices in the form of this charger. In addition to having moveable arms and flexible antennae, the robot’s eyes will glow blue to indicate charging and white for standby. A stand and USB cable are also included.

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The Neon Genesis Evangelion SH-06D smartphone was the result of a collaboration between Japan’s NTT DoCoMo and Evangelion for the upcoming movie, and features a large 4.5-inch (1280×720) screen, 1.2GHz dual-core processor and runs Android 2.3. But the star of the show is the awesome chassis and the even more awesome custom Android skin designed to look like a console from the series.

Of course, actually using this ridiculously cluttered UI is another matter. Not that anyone really cares with a phone like this.

Unfotunately, the phone looks to be exclusive to Japan. The closest the rest of us will get is the video after the break, which shows it spinning on a little turntable for 63 seconds.

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If you view your iPhone as a communication and information weapon that kicks the sh*t out of inconvenience and ignorance on a daily basis, why not visualize that belief with this Knucklecase? Billed as the “ultimate tool for securing a phone to hand” the Knucklecase will provide the look of brass knuckles while draining your wallet and making it an ordeal to fit your phone in your pocket.

Product Page: ($99 via IncredibleThings)