Who knew that Thor’s battle hammer Mjölnir was so versatile? Aside from being able to smash foes into oblivion, the hammer can also charge a cellphone too!

Well, quick correction: I’m not sure if Thor’s hammer can do all that, but this new Thor-themed hammer features a battery hidden inside the head that’s designed to charge almost all of your standard electronic devices.

The hammer features two hidden USB ports that can provide 2.1A of charging power for your phone or iPod. When you swing the hammer it also mimics Mjölnir when it’s in action: LEDs embedded in the head light up and a speaker pumps out a pretty impressive thunder noise that will surely scare anyone away from your cubicle or office.

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I’ve never really thought about what HTC stands for until this hilarious commercial starring Robert Downey Jr. coming up with all sorts of possibilities. From the humongous tinfoil catamaran to the hot tea catapult, the ideas just keep getting crazier and by the end of the commercial, you’ll still have no idea what the heck HTC really means.

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There are all sorts of cute little phone docks out there, but this one is the most impressive we’ll likely ever see. It was built by George Dinkel and took him six months of work. The iReliquary 1.0 includes rhinestones, polymer clay and gold and silver powder. It’s also a Bluetooth sound system. What’s he going to do when Apple changes they shape of their phones again?

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Universal Uclick has had online access to many classic comic strips but now they’ve partnered with GoComics to create a free GoComics mobile app that gives readers access to its catalog of comic strips, comic panels and editorial cartoons. This free app will include comics like Peanuts, Bloom County, Doonesbury, Garfield and even Calvin and Hobbes.

Though this is the first place to legally read Calvin and Hobbes online, it is unclear whether or not Bill Watterson gave his blessing. As most fans know, Watterson has historically been steadfast objecting to commercialization of his work. On that note, The Far Side is notably absent due to Gary Larson’s continuing determination to avoid online publication of his work. He writes:

These cartoons are my “children,” of sorts, and like a parent, I’m concerned about where they go at night without telling me. And, seeing them at someone’s web site is like getting the call at 2:00 a.m. that goes, “Uh, Dad, you’re not going to like this much, but guess where I am.”

Well, whatever happens, the good news is the app is free and the catalog seems to be growing. Currently it offers users “20 years of back issues of comic strips,” with the ability to bookmark and share favorites. The bad news may be that I’ll be killing my iPhone battery daily.

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There are four fantastic designs to choose from in this series of limited edition Star Wars cases for the iPhone 5. You can get R2-D2, C-3P0, Darth Vader or Chewbacca (which even has fur so it’s like the walking carpet of phone cases). The droids are available right now, but you can preorder Vader and Chewie to be notified as soon as they’re in stock.

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hyrule travel iphone case 2

Hyrule is a gorgeous place. I’d love to vacation at the Lon Lon Ranch or Hyrule Castle. Gamer Print has designed several gorgeous travel posters inspired by the destinations in Ocarina of Time and put them on iPhone cases. You could have a different Zelda case for every day of the week!

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Most people love the sleek design of the iPhone 5 and don’t want to ruin it with a bulky case, but this Iron Man case is too cool to care. It’s modelled after the Mark VII suit and even has a glowing, battery-powered arc reactor. There’s also a little chunk of armor that slides aside to reveal the camera lens. Preorder now and you’ll have the coolest case on the block come April.

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Bubble wrap is good enough to protect your most precious items during shipping, so it’s the perfect protection for you iPhone. This case isn’t actual bubble wrap, because you know you’d just pop all the bubbles and make it useless. Instead it’s made of resilient silicone that’s sure to keep you phone safe and make every one try to grab it and pop the bubbles.

Look for it to arrive this Spring.

(Fred & Friends and CoolThings)

Those hidden blades everyone has up their sleeves in Assassin’s Creed seemed like such a good idea that Japanese inventor Shota Mori decided to apply the concept to his iPhone case. He’s been working on it for about two years to refine the process and iron out a few issues, like the iPhone shooting right out of his hand. You can see the whole thing in action in the video, which is full of dramatic poses, an iPhone flying out of control and a styrofoam head.

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Straight from CES come these ridiculously cute superhero cases for the iPhone 4/5 and the iPod touch. They’re made by Huckleberry who calls them Chara-Cases. In addition to the line of DC and Marvel characters pictured, the plan is to release additional characters every month to expand the line, and it won’t be just superheroes. Look for Pixar, Disney and Despicable Me cases in the future. You can’t actually buy them just yet, but they should be available soon at a retail price of $34.95.

(Screen Rant via The Mary Sue)