Carrying around an actual whip isn’t always practical; luckily, there’s an app for that. The Pocket Whip iPhone app lets you crack different types of whips with accompanying sound effects until you’re blue in the face. They’ve added the Indiana Jones whip just in time for the Blu-ray release!

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It can be difficult to get any work done when your cell phone is constantly buzzing and beeping and otherwise demanding your attention. Enter, the cell phone prison! This contraption, which is still in development, can be set at 15, 30, 45 or even 60 minutes and has room to hold six phones in lockdown. It even has an alarm should someone cave to the pressure and try to break out their phone early.

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Think about how much happier your music would be if it was broadcast by R2-D2 and C-3PO! These gadgets spotted at Star Wars Celebration VI from Digiblue are just in the prototype stage, but they will be available to order in October from their website and you can get them from retailers in November.

A Digiblue representative said he’s going to try to make sure the next prototype has charging capabilities just based on feedback he’s received at the show.

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If you’ve always wanted to spin yarn into a CB radio but aren’t cut out for life on the road, check out this iPhone handset from ThinkGeek:

The CB Radio iPhone Handset is just a lot of fun. Plug it into your iPhone (or any smart phone with a 3.5mm headphone jack) and get ready for loads of retro fun. A dial on the side turns the unit on and pumps up the volume, it’s got a belt clip, blah blah blah. But the real joy of the CB Radio iPhone Handset is the mute button. All it does is mute the other side of the conversation, but what it really does is make the experience all the more like a real one-way CB dialog.

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Finger Stand

If there’s one thing people complain about smartphones, it’s that they lack the human touch. Sure, you can use them to make calls, check your email, and send messages, but many would argue that that’s not the same as having a real, live conversation. Some folks from Japan decided to take this concern at face value and came up with their weirdest phone accessory ever, the Severed Kid’s Hand iPhone Case, last year–and now they’ve followed it up with these Finger Stands for good measure.

Despite how they look, the Finger Stands are pretty useful. You can use a combination of thumbs and index fingers to prop your phone up, hold a pack of cigarettes, and even give some the finger (albeit discreetly.) Heck, you can ever use it to pick your nose, but that would be just gross.

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There are plenty of slick games you can play on your iPhone and even some retro ones, but sometimes you don’t want a new-fangled touchscreen. If you long for the days when you held an ergonomically inferior controller in your hands, then you’re going to want to look at this Kickstarter.

The GameDock, designed by Cascadia Games, lets you plug your iPhone, iPad or iPod into a very Nintendo-esque dock and then use two controllers to play your game. It currently supports iCade apps that use no more than two action and menu buttons, with plans for an app that will include additional curated content. The project has reached its funding goal, but you still have time to donate and be one of the first to own a GameDock come December.

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Next time you go to a coffee shop or restaurant, watch how many people are playing with their smart phones or tablets instead of interacting with the people and the world around them. It’s kind of depressing really – our dependence on these mobile gadgets. It just seems wrong. However, there people out there misusing these devices in ways you never thought possible.

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Chances are that your first encounter with an iPhone didn’t result in an overwhelming desire for a bizarre case featuring a stacked plastic woman in a bathtub – but thanks to Japan it’s out there, complete with a screen film protector and microfiber cleaning cloth. You’ll also have the advantage of removing the iPhone bather when you don’t want to be called a pervert.

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If you’ve been wanting the perfect A Song of Ice and FireGame of Thrones cover for your iPhone, look no further. Liquidsoldes has put up a ton of designs on RedBubble. You can find the regular house sigils with the accompanying words, but you can also find minimalist representations of the animal that represents the house and designs that give a sports team twist to the Westerosi locations. I’m impressed with the variety, and as a bonus for fans of the books, you’ll be able to find styles for more obscure houses and groups.

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Next time someone tells you to get that walking carpet out of the way, they just may be talking about your phone. PowerA debuted a great line of new iPhone cases at E3 last week, including a Chewbacca case that comes complete with bandolier and wookiee fur. If wookiees aren’t your thing, then how about R2D2, Threepio or Vader? The cases aren’t out yet, but they’re coming soon!

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