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doctor who art

We have twelve numbered Doctors now, and that’s enough Time Lords to mark every hour on the clock. Reddit users and fans of Doctor Who realized that and came together to modify art by Matt Ferguson into one piece featuring 12 different images of the Doctors. The rotating wallpaper can be put on your computer and synced up with the clock so that a different Doctor is in the spotlight every hour. Fancy!

Art updated by Redditors CritterNYC and stevensydan.

Head on over to Reddit for advice on how to synch it up with the clock on your computer.

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Amazon norse chat

Redditor UranusExplorer reached out to Amazon because a book he ordered showed as delivered, but it didn’t actually get to him. The Amazon customer service rep’s name was Thor, so the customer asked if he could be Odin. It only got more amusing from there as the customer service rep played along and ran with the Norse mythology references. The rep took care of the issue and did so in an awesomely nerdy fashion. Win.

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As far as gizmos go, this Star Wars R2-D2 Virtual Keyboard is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while. Instead of projecting a hologram of Princess Leia, this R2 unit projects a virtual keyboard onto any flat surface. It also boops, beeps and whistles just like R2 when you turn it on, turn it off, crank up the volume or adjust the brightness of the keyboard. It even makes sounds as you type. This little guy will be available this September and if you’d like to see how it works, watch the video after the break…

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Game of Thrones flash drives

Whether you live in Westeros or not, you probably have a lot of data to keep track of. It’s important to keep any information you might need handy while you’re traveling for pleasure or headed from beyond the Wall to Castle Black. If Jon had snapped photos of the Wildling forces and put them on one of these Game of Thrones-inspired flash drives from ThinkGeek, then maybe the Night’s Watch would believe him. Maybe.

You can choose to store up to 8GB of documents and pics on either a direwolf or Hand of the King symbol flash drive.

Product Page ($29.99 each)

Floppy Disks world destroyer

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LEGO keyboard

Tired of your boring black or cream-colored keyboard? Yeah, me too. LEGO builder Jason Allemann came up with the coolest possible solution: a LEGO keyboard. It not only looks rad, it actually functions. He began with a generic keyboard and had to build a frame that put the keys in the exact right location over the sensor pad. It’s impressive, and one of the most fun parts is that it’s easy to replace keys to change up the design.

See how it was built in the video after the break.

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If you’re at work looking to pass a little time, you might want to check out Build With Chrome. It’s a partnership between Google and Lego that lets you build with virtual Lego bricks on your computer. The program has just launched so reports are that it’s still glitchy, but if it catches on then hopefully they’ll smooth out the bugs.

A word of caution. Apparently, the program wants to use your location so you can build on your actual address, but there’s concern that sharing might accidentally be giving out a user’s home address. This is particularly worrisome if a child is using the program, so be sure to either deny location or adjust your Google+ settings accordingly.

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Here’s your friendly remind to always, always, always backup your hard drive. British IT professional James Howells mined 7,500 Bitcoin back in 2009 then completely forgot about the stuff. He later threw away the hard drive where he had it all stored sometime last summer. That Bitcoin is now worth about $7.5 million and is sitting somewhere in a landfill the size of a soccer field buried under about 4 feet of trash. Howells is taking it all in stride saying,

“I’m at the point where it’s either laugh about it or cry about it. Why aren’t I out there with a shovel now? I think I’m just resigned to never being able to find it.”

He did create a new Bitcoin wallet asking for help in staging a possible recovery effort and tweeted it out for those looking to help.

Don’t let this happen to you. Backup that hard drive, people!

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