In terms of smartass antics on Counter-Strike, this is one of the most clever I’ve seen in a while.

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warcraft booth

If you were skeptical about the new Warcraft movie from Legendary, I think you can worry a little less after seeing these props from the film.

Doomhammer, Frostmourne and an Alliance shield made the trip and, having seen them up close, I can tell you they look amazing. There was a guy saying that Doomhammer was too big as I was taking the picture (what?), if that gives you any info.

However, I’ll admit, there was a lot of hustle and bustle, so I didn’t get the best pictures. But I got pictures.

You can check out the weapons up close after the break…

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Sam Raimi has teamed up with Naughty Dog and Screen Gems to develop a film adaption of The Last of Us, and Neil Druckmann, the writer and creative director at Naughty Dog, has confirmed that they’ve met with Maisie Williams from Game Of Thrones to play Ellie.

From what I can tell, they’re definitely looking to focus more on the relationship between Joel and Ellie and, while the Infected will be a part of the movie, Slashfilm notes that “They are ‘laser-focued on the story of Joel and Ellie,’ and could pull some elements from the Left Behind expansion into the story.”

It’s still early in development and there’s no word yet on a director (Rami is producting), but Maisie Williams would be a great choice, so I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how this develops.

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firefly online

Our hopes for more Firefly have been dashed time and time again, but check this out: the entire cast will reunite for the Firefly Online video game.

Check out the trailer after the break for gameplay footage and a very special cameo.

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It looks like Tumblr user Lorenzo is going to win the “good big brother” award today: he recently helped his six-year-old little sister learn about some classic video game characters from Nintendo’s popular Smash Bros. series. Lorenzo recorded his sister’s answers, and while they weren’t exactly spot-on, they were at least pretty funny and adorably cute. Oh, and her answer for Pac-Man is definitely the best.

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ryu is 50

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press b

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Do you dare open the Pandorica? The BBC will be offering a special exclusive at San Diego Comic-Con that encourages you to do just that. They’ve come up with a Doctor Who spin on Yahtzee, and the classic game has never looked cooler. The Yahtzee cup is the Pandorica, and the dice are a striking transculent green.

You can grab it and control the universe for $20 at the BBC America booth (4129) as long as supplies last.

Check out another picture of the game after the break.

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The AWP sniper’s Asiimov skin in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is pretty cool, but it’s a little expensive. Typically, it costs at least $30 if you’re not lucky. However, Gaboer did something better with his time and money—he went ahead and made a fairly elaborate paintball version.

Check out some pics of the conversion process after the break…

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We’ve seen kid shaming, pet shaming and even D20 shaming, but thanks to a new Tumblr meme, we have Pokémon shaming — which may be the best shaming ever.

Head after the break to see some great examples.

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