Step aside NES Classic Edition. The RetroEngine Sigma might be the retro gamer’s dream console. This pint-sized gaming platform claims to emulate nearly 30 old school classic gaming systems, ranging from the Game Boy to the Dreamcast to the N64. [click to continue…]


Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto and Universal Theme Parks are teaming up to create the world of Nintendo at all three of their theme park locations.

Their goal is to create immersive and interactive environments that include attractions, restaurants and shops that will make you feel like you’re inside your favorite games. Apparently, there will be something for everyone regardless of age or gaming experience.

Shigeru Miyamoto says, for him, it’s like bringing Mario home. Watch him speak about the project in the video below. [click to continue…]


Some Kickstarter projects take off in a way that’s truly mindblowing. Such is the case with Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5. The campaign set its original goal at $100k, but skyrocketed to over $5 million in a matter of days.

The original game Kingdom Death: Monster is an epic tabletop miniatures game that conquered Kickstarter back in 2013 but has since sold out. Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 is not only an expansion but an upgrade on the original game. [click to continue…]


Grab yourself some eggnog and gather the family, because a wholesome holiday treat awaits you in the video below thanks to Blizzard.

For nearly an hour you can enjoy the dulcet tones of the Murlocs in the Hearthstone yule log. You’ll note that they put out quite a spread for Santa, even though there’s no way in hell he would ever visit. [click to continue…]


Doom has been ported to a seemingly endless array of hardware. Hell, you can even play Doom inside of Doom. Pretty much all of these hacks are more playable than Doom on the MacBook Pro Touch Bar. But it had to be done, and Adam Bell rose to the challenge. See it in action below. [click to continue…]


This 3D-printed Fallout 4 laser rifle build by Chris Wolfe of Combustible Props is pretty damn spectacular. It features a rotating barrel along with light and sound effects thanks to LEDs, a sound board, custom regulator and an Arduino Metro Mini. See it in action below. [click to continue…]


Remember that video of the Overwatch voice cast hanging out at Blizzcon in character? Did you find it weird to watch the voices of the characters come out of unfamiliar faces? If so, the following video should set your mind at ease. [click to continue…]


Nintendo has announced plans for a limited-run tour of The Legend of Zelda-themed escape rooms here in the United States.

Nintendo teamed up with SCRAP—a company that specializes in escape rooms—to create this tour. Nintendo noted in a press release that the Zelda escape rooms will work a bit differently than traditional escape rooms. Instead of having participants bust out of a locked room, they’ll work together to “solve a mystery in a huge area, all within a set time limit.” Participants will use found items to figure out puzzles, and they’ll have a chance to hang out with popular characters like the Zora and Kokiri tribes. Check out more info below. [click to continue…]


Artist Han Seok-bum recently blended Overwatch and Pokemon characters into one illustrated mishmash that’s both adorable and and eye-catching. His instincts on which characters to combine was spot on too. Yep, I think gruff ol’ Blastoise makes an excellent Soldier 76. Check out more characters below. [click to continue…]


Two posts about cars today. That’s unusual. The first was about ‘Sailor Moon’ and ‘DBZ’ Ford Fusion commercials. This is about a Final Fantasy XV Audi R8 that you can actually buy in Japan. While the marketing approach between the two companies is on the same wavelength, there are some “subtle” differences from my perspective:

  • There are many Ford Fusions, but there is only one Final Fantasy XV Audi R8 with a V10 plus engine.
  • I can afford a Ford Fusion, but I don’t want one.
  • I want a Final Fantasy XV Audi R8, but I don’t have $470,000 just lying around.

Still, some lucky bastard is going to walk away with a real-life version of “The Audi R8 Star of Lucis” when it goes on sale as part of Final Fantasy XV’s launch. Because there is only one, Audi Japan is holding a raffle where the winner is given the exclusive right to purchase the car. Interested parties can enter starting on November 21 at 10:00am in Japan. Check out more pics and a video of this gorgeous beast below. [click to continue…]