Cinefix has taken Leeloo and Korben and dropped them into an 8-Bit world and it’s glorious. This has all of the most memorable scenes from the movie, complete with appropriately old-school sound effects. And the best part is, you don’t need a pocket full of quarters to get to the end.

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gta frozen

Grand Theft Auto IV doesn’t seem like a natural setting for Elsa and Anna of Disney’s Frozen. The streets of Liberty City are significantly rougher than those of Arendelle, but the sisters got it covered. While “Let It Go” and a uh, more adult version of the song play, Elsa and Anna ride motorcycles, shoot guns, and act like badasses. It’s kind of awesome.

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treasure header

Playing Legend of Zelda is fun, but how about going on a real life treasure hunt? Once in a while, Redditor evildeadite puts together a treasure chest full of Hyrule booty. The most recent box was filled with stained glass jewelry and Zelda art made from Perler beads. When the box is ready, evildeadite hides the treasure in the woods of Austin. He does it for kicks, and if you want to get a note with a location clue for the next box, you can just message him on Reddit.

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all the wow achievements

As someone who plays World Of Warcraft, I’m sitting here is a sort of stunned silence looking at this achievement and thinking “Wow” because I know just the level of insanity this took to complete.

You’re viewing the stats for the first person to unlock all of the 2057 achievements currently available in World of Warcraft (amazingly, there are several runners up who are very, very close as well). He goes my the name of Xnpyko.

It’s going to be interesting to see what happens when Warlords Of Draenor comes out. I’m thinking Xnpyko’s gonna have a few people nipping at his heels.

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Every wonder how many video games have been made in the history of video games? Pastebin user Data_Baser is going to have your answer once he finishes compiling what promises to be an impossibly huge list. He’s been working with the help of folks over on 4chan to create the list and plans to include console, PC, mobile and browser-based games. He’s using regular expression to search the internet so he gets everything, but the list is still far from complete, even though it’s pushing 50,000 entries.

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jzuxalonymmf3r1dn2xe copy

3D printers can print just about anything these days, even pizzas. But now, thanks to a program called Mineways, 3D printers can print actual Minecraft worlds. Dave Russell is a hardcore Minecraft fan, and he used the open source 3D program to bring his digital creations to life.

Photo Credit: Eric Haines (Mineways, Flickr)

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shirtless bigby

I don’t know how someone found this shirtless Bigby bug while playing The Wolf Among Us, but I want to know how to recreate it.

Maybe with Hugh Jackman.

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It’d be a whole different ballgame with Pokémon in the league. Micah Coles has redesigned the logos of NBA teams to include different Pokémon characters. You’ve got to admit, some of these look at least as good if not better than their real world counterparts.

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If you’re a gamer who’s over 24, then I’ve got some bad news for you. According to a new study titled, “Over the Hill at 24,” a  gamer’s “self-initiated response time” within a video game tends to decline once they hit 24. Scientists from Simon Fraser University in British Colombia observed 3,305 StarCraft II players between the ages of 16 and 44, and concluded that a player’s response time and overall speed declines a lot earlier in life than you might expect. But, on a good note, the scientists also found out that a decline in dual-task performance and in-game multitasking doesn’t have any relation to a player’s age, which would explain why my Grandma was so darn good at Sim City. Her ability to raise taxes and put out fires at the same time is legendary.

Photo Credit: Steven Andrew

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