dragon violin

Lindsey Stirling has applied her musical stylings to a variety of theme songs. She’s not only insanely talented at playing the violin, her renditions include costumes and well-produced music videos. Her latest cover is of the Dragon Age: Inquisition theme, and it’s stunning. Plus, it has some eye-catching visual effects.

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Remember the good old days when you just put a game cartridge into the console and the game played? Okay, maybe you had to blow on the cartridge a few times first, but that was all. Today, things are so much more complicated. This video imagines what it would be like playing the Atari 2600 version of Pac-Man with an experience that is typical of modern games. It’s oh so very frustrating.

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sandman chess

Is it me, or is there something highly poetic about playing chess with Neil Gaiman’s Sandman characters?

This set includes 32 intricately sculpted, cold-cast porcelain chess pieces and a wooden game board.

It’s estimated to arrive in July of 2015 and it’s available for pre-order now.

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It’s hard to keep track of the names of all the Smash Bros. characters, but it’s even harder to guess their names if you don’t play the game. David Melnarik decided he’d ask his mother to do just that.

You have to give her credit because she does know some of them, but things quickly go off the rails as she completely makes up names based on their looks. Tail-on-Fire dragon and Wide-Hipped Robot are particularly good and ought to have the powers-that-be considering official name changes.

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Blizzard has been going to great lengths to promote the Warlords of Draenor expansion for World of Warcraft. In the US, they had a giant battle axe chop a taxi in half in Times Square while China had some of its McDonald’s briefly themed to WoW. Now, they’re turning to subway stations with this Dark Portal installation in Shanghai.

The portal has a screen on one side and a camera on the other so that if you walk in front of the camera it will display your image on the screen as though you’re on another plane. Every now and then an in-game character pops up as well. This subway station has 18 different exits going to 6 shopping centers, 2 campuses, and a Catholic cathedral so the portal is seeing plenty of traffic.

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smash bros gif header

I had to purchase a TI-83 calculator in high school, and I only used it for homework. Clearly, I wasn’t seeing the gadget’s full potential. It can be used for games! Modder Hayleia has been working on a version of Smash Bros. for the TI-83, and it has Fox and Falco as playable characters. It’s all open source so you can download the code for free. And if you’re feeling ambitious, you can help Hayleia develop missing features.

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lego minecraft 1

Minecraft is all about building locations and characters with blocks so it’s basically a match made in heaven for LEGO. We got a first look at the sets back in August, and now they’re available to order. You can choose between the Mine, the Cave, the Farm, and more. If you want ‘em, I recommend purchasing them as soon as you can. Plus, there’s a limit of five sets per order.

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assassins revew top

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Aw, isn’t he just the cutest thing? This mudcrab plush from The Elder Scrolls Online is perfect for snuggling with while you’re gaming. He measures 6″ tall x 16″ long x 17″ wide and he also comes with bonus DLC that will let you have your very own Mudcrab pet in-game. You can preorder now and have your Mudcrab pet by the end of the year.

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Hidden Blade

The Phantom Blade from Assassin’s Creed Unity is a very deadly weapon in the hands of an assassin and now it’s also real thanks to the expert team of blacksmiths at Man at Arms: Reforged. They managed to get a life-size replica from Ubisoft and then they built a version that’s genuinely deadly.

It all ends with a demonstration that involves stabbing a bunch of innocent fruit and a few bottles of soda. Check it out after the break.

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