Sega’s been having a little fun at the expense people who play their crane machines.

If you win a prize in one of the machines, known as “UFO Catchers” in Japan, staff at the Sega arcade in Ikebukuro will hand you a Sega-branded bag to carry it in. The Sega logo on the bag, pictured above, is surrounded by a gentle motif of squares and circles at the top and bottom. No big deal right?

A sharp eye might look at that and think, “Hang on, that looks like Morse Code.” And you’re right – one knowledgeable arcade-goer in Japan took the time to decipher the code, and the resulting message is delightfully tongue-in-cheek. [click to continue…]


Prepare to see Pokémon as you’ve never seen them before – through the eyes of someone who has genuinely never seen a Pokémon before.

A couple of days ago, Reddit user netwoodle offered his arty services in the ICanDrawThat subReddit. “I know next to nothing about Pokemon, he said, “but that won’t stop me from doodling one for you.” In other words, he based his creations on name alone.

The thread’s since been closed so it’s too late to put your request in, but what he gave us is, frankly, genius. Check out a selection of his doodlings below. [click to continue…]

doom board game

Fantasy Flight Games released the original Doom board game back in 2004, and now they’re back with a redesigned version based on the Bethesda reboot that came out this year:

Doom: The Board Game is a tactical combat game for 2 to 5 players, inspired by Bethesda’s blockbuster video game. The asymmetrical gameplay pits 1 invader player and their arsenal of bloodthirsty demons against 1 to 4 elite marines, each equipped with a customizable deck of intimidating weapons and hardy armor, numerous lives, and the ability to Glory Kill weakened enemies within range. Every mission presents a specialized map, unique rules, various items for retrieval, and objectives for both invaders and marines. Whichever role each player takes, they will have to carefully plan every move in order to achieve their given objective. Descend into the hellish landscape of Doom to join the epic struggle between demon and marine.

The game is available for pre-order now with shipping slated for November 2016.

Doom: The Board Game ($79.99)


If you happen to have an old original Game Boy lying around, you can use it for one of three things: you could power it up and play some fun retro games, you could use it as a doorstop, or you could use it to fly some drones. Drone enthusiast Gautier Hattenberger chose option #3. [click to continue…]


PolyHero Dice wowed Kickstarter last year with their Warrior Set, and now they’re back with a gorgeous set for Wizards.

Currently, there are six colors available with additional options in the works if and when the campaign hits their $235,000 and $295,000 targets. Did I mention that this campaign only needed $27,000 in initial funding? Indeed, RPG gamers are INTO this (with good reason). Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


It’s been two years since the death of the magnificent Bob Hoskins, which means if they ever make a sequel to the Super Mario Bros. movie they’ll need to recast the titular role. May I nominate this hamster as a possible contender? She’s got the look, she’s got the moxie and, as the video below will show, she knows her source material.

Clearly, Twitter person @yutako55 wasn’t content with building the simple maze her daughter asked for. Using items found at the Japanese equivalent of a dollar store, they built the diorama quickly and easily. In fact it was so easy that she’s considering building another level! Roll on 1-2, we say. Check out the diorama, and the hamster, in action below. [click to continue…]


Remember when the first Sharknado movie came out you were all like “Whaaaaaat?”. Well, now they’ve gone and made an official Sharknado board game that is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.


Sharknado: The Board Game! is a cooperative game in which you and up to three other friends take on the role of brave citizens protecting your city from the ultimate weather phenomenon. Choose a scenario and strategize with your team to win the day. Your goal may be to destroy the Sharknado, hunt down a deadly Boss Shark, or simply survive as long as you can. Scavenge the city for weapons and equipment to help you fight off swarms of teeth and fins as you struggle to stay alive!

Extra points if you figure out how to repel a flying shark with your crotch. Find out how the game is played in the videos below. [click to continue…]


Metroid turned 30 this year, and like many 30 year-olds it probably still doesn’t quite have a solid idea of what it’s doing or where it’s going in life. Fortunately LEGOsman Jared Rosenblitt has opted to celebrate the anniversary by recreating the Parasite Queen, the very first boss fight in the Game Cube classic, Metroid Prime (a similar project by Rosenblitt went viral last year).

Rosenblitt showed off his LEGO rendering of the battle at Brickfair Virginia 2016 earlier this month, where Matthew Kay of Beyond The Brick interviewed him about his creation. Check out the video below. [click to continue…]

half life 3 banner

Half-Life 3 is ware so vaporous that it has transcended into memery. Is it in development? Is it on hold? I’m beginning to wonder if it will ever happen.

That’s why many gamers might find the banner hanging outside the German convention center housing this year’s Gamescom to be cruel (in a hilarious way). It says “HALF-LIFE: 3” in white on the franchise’s signature orange. Upon closer inspection, it actually says “HALF-LIFE: 3 REDAKTEURE, DIE ES DAMALS GESPIELT HABEN”. Or “Half-Life: 3″ and “editors who played it back then”.

Yes, the banner actually promotes German gaming sites Giga Games and Spieletipps, who are proudly touting the fact that they have a trio of editors who played the original Half-Life when it was first released way back in 1998. Or, to put it simply, they’re trolling gamers around the world, and getting some free press out of it.

Well played, gang. Well played.

(via Kotaku / Image via @AoifeLockhart)

pokemon go helmet

Before you get too excited, you should keep in mind that Simone Giertz’s previous inventions don’t have the greatest track record for quality. That’s unfortunate because I was really, really hoping to play Pokemon Go with my tongue while I flipped people off.

Check out the demo video of this wondrous creation below (slightly NSFW). [click to continue…]