To heck with international copyright laws! Chinese toy companies Decool and Bozhi have made two different sets of League of Legends Lego-style minifigs that include 14 figures altogether.

They’re neither true Lego minifigs nor a licensed product, but they still look great and would likely get along just fine with the genuine minifigs in your collection.

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This is both disturbing and completely hysterical. A guy going by the name of MrKreepyKoala is totally trolling players in Grand Theft Auto Online. He’s been wandering around for a few months now, stalking people and killing them in a super creepy way (while also being invincible in passive mode). The reactions of the other players is absolutely priceless.

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NicoNico user “A” has an incredible amount of patience. The builder took the word “miniature” to the extreme by making small dioramas of Pokémon Red’s Pallet Town, Super Mario 64’s Bob-omb Battefield, and Legend of Zelda’s Hyrule. How small you ask? They fit on a coin the size of a quarter. Seriously. I can’t imagine the precision required to make these dioramas look so great.

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It’s about fracking time.

Two of the best Star War games ever, X-Wing and TIE Fighter, are finally being re-released. They’re currently available on Good Old Games for $10 each. When you download one of the games, you get the special edition (little better resolutions and improved sound, along with the respective expansions) and it’s all set to work on a modern PC.

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This pumpkin carved by DeviantArtist ceemdee famously references the dysentery that killed everyone in the classic Oregon Trail game. It looks great in the light, but check it out in the dark. The light glows through and makes it look exactly like the game. Just don’t eat the pumpkin after Halloween or you’re likely to, you know, die of dysentery.

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This fantastically detailed sculpture of Doom II‘s final level was created by artist Jason Hite. He made it from old circuit boards, bits of action figures, and all sorts of random stuff. Now it’s going up for sale for $6K. Jason talked about the design process on his blog, saying:

Over the years, I have collected circuit boards from computers and odd devices. The panel on the right of the demon’s head was sitting in a cardboard box in the back of my YMCA getting rained on, before I “liberated” it. The guns are from the Quake action figures by ReSaurus Toys that came out back in 1998. At least they are accosted with Doom. I would have loved to make a BFG, and still might do so, but I ran out of time. I’m actually kind of surprised that no one has made one by now. The Doom Guy figure and zombie behind the Cyberdemon are slightly augmented from HorrorClix figures…and the dozen bullets are dummy .30 ammo that is epoxied them tightly into the piece.

It will be on display in Santa Monica, California at the Copro National Gallery where you’ll also be able to buy it if you’ve got the cash.

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The second series of World of Warcraft toys from Funko are once again so cute that you’ll be immediately emptying your wallet and giving them all your money. Murloc, Thrall, Sylvanas, and a larger 6″ Deathwing look too adorable to hurt a soul. They’re available for pre-order now with shipping slated for next month.

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It’s nothing new to hear tales of how gamer girls are treated with a bad attitude by certain gamer guys. You know, the ones who don’t think girls can really game, or that we don’t really know anything about games? Yeah, those guys. This video turns the tables and imagines what it would be like if the girls had that know-it-all attitude and the guys were the ones constantly being told they’re just not up to par.

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Tall Card was featured in the fourth episode of Firefly, but despite being shown on-screen, it never had any actual rules. Undaunted, Toy Vault is releasing a version of the game this coming February. It will have 45 cards including the round ones with the plum that made Simon lose the game on the show. There will also be an extra 50 cards that will let you create your own Firefly-themed games to pass those long nights cruising through the Black.

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Mario Piranha Plant Cat

mario cat

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