In Covalence, players work as a team to build secret organic molecules using carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen molecule cards. One player is the “Knower” and they choose a secret molecule card. They give clue cards to the other players who are known as “Builders”. It’s the job of the Builders to identify the structure of the Secret Molecules.

Yes, it’s nerdy as hell. We love it.

Learn more about how the game is played in the project video after the break.

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Hasbro’s classic version of the conquest strategy game Risk is finally getting a much needed overhaul. The troops, cavalry, and artillery have all been re-sculpted with added details while the board has been updated with new illustrations, topographical features and faux antiquing.

See More: Alternate Risk Designs

The new version will also reintroduce Mission Cards which offer players special objectives that can result in instant victory.

The new Risk will arrive in August of 2016 for $30. Hasbro will also be releasing an updated Risk Europe that allows players to plan their conquests during Medieval times.

Check out images of the new boards and figures after the break.

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adventure scents

If you’re a fan of RPGs, odds are you would be all for a product that makes the gaming experience more immersive. That said, you can only get so immersive unless you have a dragon cave or old timey tavern close by.

Here’s where Adventure Scents can come in handy. Adventure Scents makes 40 different types of oil-based scent beads that are then packaged in sold in tins, sachets or loose in zipper bags. They even have wearable scent lockets.

The scents are wide-ranging, so whether you’re playing a game based on a book, a movie, a TV series, or a video game, odds are there is a scent that can be used to enhance the experience. Personally, I like the idea that you can transport yourself from a Japanese Teahouse, to a Roman Bathhouse, to a Science Lab, to a Barren Moon all with smells.

Product Page ($5-$25)

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It didn’t occur to me at the time, but the Dejarik table and Leia’s message in Star Wars were, for many of us, our first exposure to the concept of holograms. In the years since the movies, we have come pretty close to making this technology a reality.

On that note, developer Ian Martin has come as close to building a real Dejarik table as is possible for a guy working in his garage. It may not have true holographic pieces yet, but I have a feeling he’s going to figure it out.

What he has created is a 1:1 scale replica of Holochess monsters and Dejarik table, complete with with working electronics. The table has 10 working knobs, 54 working buttons, 26 lights, and two LCD display screens plus a program that Martin has written based on the unofficial rules.

While he may be using physical monsters for not, he’s been doing augmented reality tests that show real promise. You can check out that test along with more pictures and video after the break…

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cthulhu monopoly

I’ve always knows Monopoly was evil. It’s the favorite game of Mr. Burns and Cthulhu, which pretty much says it all.

Set foot for Miskatonic University, and battle it out with other Cthulhu occultists to find out who truly is the Great Old One among you. This Cthulhu Collector’s Edition Monopoly Game features fun Cthulhu and H.P. Lovecraftian style imagery, plus game tokens straight from the Cthulhu mythos! The winner of Cthulhu Monopoly shall be deemed most like the Great Old One and the most fit to inherit his mantle. Whether you win or not, you lose and become one of Cthulhu’s mindless zombies. Hooray!

If that wasn’t bad enough, you can gamble with your soul with Cthulhu Yahtzee. Check that out after the break…

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The gorgeous spellbook gaming boxes you see above are prototype designs from Elderwood Boxes that are gaining popularity and heading towards a Kickstarter campaign. According to the site:

“Spellbooks are gaming boxes built to feel like arcane tomes and designed to capture the timeless appeal old leather, wood, and metal. They’re an elegant package that’s meant to be as functional as it is fun.”

Each box offers a different layout for your gaming storage needs and Elderwood is even considering having a whiteboard or a tablet holder on the space behind the hardwood cover.

While we patiently wait for the Elderwood Spellbook Game Boxes campaign to begin, check out more photos after the break.

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Thingiverse user T.J. Owens has created an excellent replica of the NES that’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. The case is built around a modified Raspberry Pi B+ board and features working start and reset buttons.

Inspired by the Retro Pi Project, many frustrating hours of 3D modeling and alterations went into Owen’s mini NES, but the results look practically identical to the original.

Without a size reference (banana?) in the photo it’s hard to see how small and awesome this case actually is. To give you an idea, the Raspberry Pi board is only about 3″ by 2″ and fits very snugly in the mini NES. It’s really quite an achievement, and if you have a 3D printer and soldering tool, all the files are free for download on Owen’s Thingiverse page. However, Owen notes that “this project is not for the faint of heart” as “basic electronics knowledge and additional parts are necessary for complete design.”

There’s more photos of this mini NES after the break.

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Holy dark ages Batman! These Justice League figures looks awesome as RPG warriors. The “Dungeon League” set is the work of artist Sillof who’s well known for making fantastic custom action figures. On his website, Sillof explains his inspiration:

“Anyone who has ever played a role-playing game in their childhood probably at some point imagined what some of their favorite characters from television, film, comics, and literature would look like inside the medieval fantasy world of their chosen RPG, I know I did.

I spent house imagining what race and class each of them would be. Recently I decided to indulge my childhood fantasies and make some of those characters. While this is not a unique endeavor and it has been done by others before in various ways I think they are still unique and I hope you enjoy them.”

Check out the Medieval Batman, Superman, The Flash, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman after the break.

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So what do you do when the super mutants and the deathclaws come a-knockin’? Well, you head down to the safety of your nearest Vault-Tec Vault, of course! If you don’t have a vault of your own, you can always build one like TreyHill did. The dedicated gamer wanted a way to keep his gaming room safe for when the bombs finally drop.

Though, for the record, I don’t think that door could stop a deathclaw. Just sayin’.

Check out some more pics after the break…

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Funko has announced four new additions to their Legacy collection with new 6″ figures for Fallout and Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Skyrim is getting a Dovahkiin and Daedric Warrior and Fallout is getting Lone Wanderer and Power Armor figures.

Take a look at all of the figures after the break.

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