Bet you didn’t even know there were lyrics to the Super Mario World theme song. Listen as Yoshi sings about the joys of zipping across the screen with Mario, and then the horror and disappointment of being left behind when push comes to shove.

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Robin Williams was an avid gamer and fans want to acknowledge him through the games he loved. There is already a petition to get him into World of Warcraft and now there’s one to get him into the next Legend of Zelda . As you probably know, he was such a fan of the series that he named his daughter Zelda. From

So, in a day where there aren’t many words, what can we do? Well, there’s a new Zelda game on the horizon. A bold reinvention, a fresh new open world adventure for Wii U. I would like to suggest that when the game is localised to English, Nintendo of America and the Treehouse name one of the characters “Robin” in his memory.

He won’t get to play it, but he’ll live on forever in a universe he always loved.

In a statement to Polygon, Nintendo expressed its condolences to the Williams family, especially his daughter Zelda, but refused to comment on whether they’d put him into the game:

We appreciate the outpouring of support from the gaming community, and hear the request of fans to honor him in a future game. We will not be discussing what might be possible for future games during this difficult time, but we will hold our memories of Robin close.

We’ll all just have to wait and see if there’s a nod to Williams when the game is finally released.

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dante's redemption

Tal Peleg is no stranger to animation. He works at Naughty Dog and contributed to The Last of Us and previously worked at Visceral Games. He’s taken his skills and applied them to a fan project focused on the 2010 video game Dante’s Inferno. It was published by Electronic Arts, and Peleg is a fan. His short, titled “Dante’s Redemption,” looks super impressive. It’s a great way to kill some time.

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mario kart 8 taunting

It’s hard not to taunt your opponent in Mario Kart 8, and it’s something of an art. One key thing to remember is that you should cross the finish line first, or risk being made a mad fool of at the last minute and losing the whole race. This is a lesson that one gamer learned the hard way.

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The Bob-omb battlefield level of Super Mario 64 is classic, and LEGO builder Matt De Lanoy has fond memories of playing the game with his friends in college. He dug up his N64 recently, and it inspired him to turn his nostalgic feelings into a LEGO model of the Bob-omb level. It doesn’t look like he’s left out any details – coins, secret locations, Goombas – it’s all there.

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At the end of a long day, it’s nice to read a good book, or have a story read to you while you just sit back and listen. Commander Shepard is here to do just that in this video featuring Jennifer Hale who voiced the character in the game. Now, grab a cup of warm milk, sit back, and relax as Commander Shepard lulls you to sleep.

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Yes, there is actually a female Link according to a recently released book titled Hyrule Warriors that shows her as a “previously unseen rejected character” named Linkle. The Japanese translations shed a little light on her origins and show that she’s not exactly an alternate to the male Link:

The art book explicitly states that the character was “devised as being sister-like” note that the text actually says… “imouto teki,” which means “little sister-like.”

This probably isn’t Link’s actual sister, but more of a sister-like character that could have appeared in the game had she made it past the concept stage.

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Robin Williams was a huge gamer and now World of Warcraft fans are hoping to memorialize him within the MMO. There’s even a petition on that has garnered thousands of signatures in support of getting him into the game. According to the petition:

Robin Williams was born July 21, 1951 in Chicago, Illinois and lived an extraordinary life until his untimely death on August 11, 2014. Nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor three times, Williams went on to receive the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Good Will Hunting. He also received two Emmy Awards, four Golden Globes, two Screen Actors Guild Awards and five Grammy Awards. Arguably one of, if not the most, funniest man to ever walk the earth, the loss of Mr. Williams is felt worldwide with a collect intake of disbelief and crushing sadness. Robin Williams was not only an excellent comedian but also a game enthusiast, he said that he enjoys Warcraft III very much in an interview a few years ago, and was even apart of the mmorpg World of Warcraft. It was reported that Robin used to play on the Mannoroth server, and was something of a troll in trade on good days or when anonymity allowed. Mr.. Williams said in interviews that he took his World of Warcraft characters very serious – in fact he was well known for being an extreme PC builder who prefered to build his own overclocked and super-cooled systems. He often joked about his WoW addiction but also about the reactions he’d get from other gamers when he admits he plays the game. Because of his presence within our community, we the players of World of Warcraft are asking Blizzard to kindly create an NPC within the game that memorializes the actor/comedian. Many have expressed a wish to this character perform some of Williams best jokes within the Worlds End Tavern, so that he may continue making us smile long after his passing.

Blizzard has heard their fans, acknowledging Williams in a tweet that seems to point toward them taking action to put him in the game.

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The internet has a penchant for turning things into animals. We’ve seen Disney princesses as sloths, manatees dressed like superheroes, and now we have all the original Pokémon as alpacas. Why not? DeviantArt user Lopaki came up with the Alpacamon, and I’ve got to say that the makeover makes the pocket monsters even cuter. I want Alpacamon plushes!

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Earlier this year, news broke that Ice-T was recording a Dungeons and Dragons book, and now Audible has released The Legend of Drizzt: The Collected Stories by R.A. Salvatore. The cast of narrators features Ice-T along with an incredible celebrity line-up that includes Felicia Day, Weird Al Yankovic, Sean Astin, Greg Grunberg, Tom Felton, Wil Wheaton, Dan Hamon, Danny Pudi, Melissa Rauch, Michael Chilkis, and David Duchovny.

Even better, you can get it for free until midnight on September 21th as long as you have an Audible account.

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