These miniature Lego arcade games are currently up for voting over on Lego Ideas. The set includes the ’80s Sega classics Space Harrier, Out Run and Thunder Blade. They even come with three minifigs.

The idea was submitted by SpacySmoke and will have you wishing you had an afternoon to spend at a good old-fashioned arcade with a fist full of quarters in your pocket.

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If you grew up during the ’80s, then you know a thing or two about lenticular art. It popped up on just about everything back then, ranging from trading cards to cereal boxes. So this limited edition 3D Legend of Zelda Lenticular art is definitely a trip down memory lane in more ways than one. It features the many incarnations of Link over the years and it comes in a black wooden shadowbox frame, so you can hang it up right when you get it.

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Dan Polydoris specializes in making custom action figures, and a few years back he decided to create some figures that were inspired by old school Atari 2600 console games. Now he’s back with four more designs.

Even if the games didn’t have “characters” per se, he would use the box art as inspiration. This round of figures were sourced from existing Kenner Star Wars line figures (which is why the Space Invader’s alien has a certain Greedo look about him), and I have to say that Dan really did a stellar job. What do you think?

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Mondays Are Rough

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Miniature wargaming is the kind of hobby that starts out small and grows into a living, breathing thing that takes over you life and a large amount of what would otherwise be living space. I say this as someone who is surrounded by half-painted models and bits of terrain at this very moment. Controlling it all can be a challenge, but the guy who runs the Wargaming Workshop blog is a master.

Helge has created the ultimate miniature wargaming room which includes a 4-foot by 8-foot table to accommodate as many as 6 players. There’s also a painting station, photography and terrain-building areas, display cabinets to house 6,000 miniatures, and all sorts of storage for the random bits a gamer collects. This is just incredible.

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Leonard Nimoy’s passing last week spawned some beautiful tributes to the man who brought Spock to life. Now there are two statues in his honor that you can visit in Star Trek Online.

The first is on Vulcan and the second is on New Romulus which is a part of the parallel universe that was created after Star Trek XI and is the time during which the game takes place. Vulcan was chosen as Spock’s home planet of course, and New Romulus for all of Spock’s work with the Romulans after the original series.

Nimoy’s name also appears on permanent plaques installed in the game’s three main hub zones of Earth Space Dock, Qo’noS, and New Romulus. The plaques contain the names of fellow original series cast members and creators that we’ve lost: Majel Barrett, James Doohan, DeForest Kelley, and Gene Roddenberry. Lastly, the hub zones will display black flags of mourning for the next week.

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Every year, the Transportation Security Authority (TSA) confiscates a wide range of odd items–I’m talking everything from ninja stars to human skull fragments. That having been said, the TSA recently confiscated the item pictured above from a traveler at the Baltimore-Washington International Airport. It’s roughly five inches long, and they had absolutely no clue what it was.

So, they posted it to their Instagram account and asked the denizens of the Internet for a little help identifying it.

#TSAGoodCatch – We don’t actually know what this is, but it was discovered in a carry-on bag at the #Baltimore – #Washington (#BWI) International Thurgood Marshall Airport. Any ideas?

Gamers of all sorts immediately chimed in with comments like “LMAO DRAVENS AXE HAHAHA” or “LMAOOOO DRAVEN.” For the uninitiated, Draven (aka “The Glorious Executioner”) is a character from League Of Legends. This just happens to be a keychain replica of his Spinning Axe.


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majorasmask copy

Artist Griffon Ramsey often looks to her fans for requests regarding her next YouTube art project. Lately, a lot of her fans have been asking her to make a life-sized version Majora’s Mask from The Legend of Zelda, so she obliged. Needless to say, her skills with a chainsaw are pretty impressive.

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Check out the complete adorbz of these new League of Legends vinyl figures by Riot Games. Each figure stands 4-inches tall and there are currently 15 figures in all. Considering how many characters they have to choose from, I’m guessing we’ll see more.

The figures are priced at $25 apiece, so if you want to collect them all, you may need to live off ramen for a bit. But when they’re this cute, it’s worth it.

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Our favorite Adventure Time robot companion has come to life thanks to 3D print designer Mike Barretta. This quasi Game Boy/Mac box is actually a working SNES emulator that plays games like Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda and Doom. Just don’t ask m’lady for help with your home work.

BMO was built using 3D printed pieces, a Raspberry Pi Model A+, 3.5″ TFT, a pair of 0.5W speakers, 2200mAh battery, and SNES buttons. Although the limbs have been left out of this project, the fact that you can actually turn on and play games with your Beemo totally makes up for it.

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