If you enjoyed exploring the irradiated Mojave wasteland in Fallout: New Vegas then this is the Monopoly game for you. Created by Redditor KongoBoom, this New Vegas-themed Monopoly board features locations and characters pulled straight from the game. I mean, you can actually purchase The Strip and the Hoover Dam! Caesar and his minions would be so jealous.

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Lake Mead is a utility, the NCR monorails take the place of the Monopoly railroads and an NCR tax replaces the income tax. Wow, the NCR’s just really after our bottle caps, huh?

Hopefully an official version set up just like this will be sold one day soon. In the meantime, check out more pics of the homemade game after the break…

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Madden NFL 16 debuts tomorrow, and EA injected this year’s commercial with a double dose of insanity. It’s not so much about football as it is about Bollywood dancing, explosions, Dave Franco screaming and a T-Rex. Yep. T-Rex.

Oh, and there’s around 20 seconds of Julio Jones slapping some ninja guy.

Check out the video after the break…

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Redditor and father hahabird posted photos of the awesome life-size glowing Minecraft block he made for his son’s birthday. Since the blocks in the game are about one meter, he decided to build one side of a cube true to scale. Then he added color-changing LEDs which can be remote controlled. The entire project took about a week in his spare time and only cost $85 in parts and paints.

His son’s reaction was absolutely perfect:

“At 7 this morning: “DADA! This is super cool! Come see! It can change colors! Look: redstone! Diamond! Lapus lazuli!” A few minutes of sitting in front of it staring, interspersed with the occasional “Wow! Sooooo cool.”

Then he asked where I got it (he should really know better by now). “I made it.” “How?” So we looked through the album as I explained each step.

Now we’re eating cupcakes for breakfast, because birthday.”

Well done Minecraft Dad. Click below to see the entire DIY project gallery…

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This wild D20 is full of tentacles and beaks, but it actually rolls. And by “roll” I mean you can toss monstrosity across the table and it will rotate on its tentacles in a very creepy manner. It’s cool and weird, and totally unique.

The Kraken D20 comes in eight different metal finishes or eight plastic colors. Check out more images and a video of the roll in action after the break.

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I have really been enjoying all the Mad Max:Fury Road mash-ups lately, but this live-action go-kart paintball video is the greatest. YouTuber Devin Super Tramp created the video and it was sponsored by WB Games to promote the Mad Max game, so the production values are high.

It’s full of fighting, paintball shoot-outs, amazing stunts, and insane apocalyptic go-kart driving all spliced in with backdrop from the movie. It’s so much fun.

Go watch the video after the break.

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This 3D printed Baneling from Star Craft is scary as hell and it glows in the dark. Why? Why would someone make this?

Andy de Bruin of Zeeland, Netherlands put his mostly self-taught talents to the test and pushed the limits of 3D modeling. Inspired by favorite RPG, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, he created the model using PLA and Alabastine spray filler, which is a kind of filler and primer all in one. Then he sanded and painted the nightmarish arachnid, using glow-in-the-dark paint for the acid sacs on its back. (FYI: This sentence was hard to even type. Is there a phobia for video game monsters?)

If you’re not totally freaked-out yet, click below to check out his work after the break.

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It’s gorgeous actually.

Artist dark solace is responsible for this amazing stained glass Claptrap from Borderlands. The vents in the front and on top are actually open, the eyes are made from wine bottles, and the arms are constructed from a copper pipe.

His work is really incredible and my only complaint is that this gorgeous lamp is not on Etsy…yet. Then again, it took five months to complete so I wouldn’t expect it to be affordable.

Check out more images after the break.

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To pay homage to his favorite game The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Joseph Zawada spent over two years recreating the iconic castle in LEGO bricks. He meticulously built each section of the castle, noting that the round roofs were the most challenging aspect of the build.

The gigantic castle island and surrounding vegetation breaks down into about 40 pieces. It’s massive, looks amazing, and Zawada should be proud of his LEGO Zelda tribute.

Check out a video about the build after the break.

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The dice pictured above are made from wooly mammoth ivory. Seriously.

It’s just one example of the exotic materials Artisan Dice uses to make their unique gaming dice. Other options include carbon fiber, whiskey barrels, animal bones, and metals like titanium and copper.

The company has certainly come a long way since they launched with wood dice on Kickstarter back in 2012. Check out more examples of there wares after the break.

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gta crash

In the following GTA video, one bike accident set off a chain reaction of epic proportions. I mean, you know its bad when the paramedics are on fire.

Check it out after the break…

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