mass effect proposal

Jackie contacted BioWare’s Montréal studio because she was looking for a way to propose to her partner Amy in-game. They are both big fans of Mass Effect and popping the question with the help of the game sounded perfect. The studio’s manager, Marie-Renée Brisebois, put out a call to see if any of the developers were interested in putting in extra time to make Jackie’s dream come true. Writer Ann Lemay, lead level designer Colin Campbell, and QA analyst Barrett Rodych took up the challenge (free of charge no less)  and created a realistically difficult level that featured subtle references about Jackie and Amy’s relationship throughout.

Once the level was complete, they got Amy and Jackie to the studio under the pretext that they won a contest called “A Day with Our Devs” at PAX East. Amy was invited to play the next Mass Effect game for “consumer feedback.” Then the following happened:

Once she reached the end of the level, Amy walked into a room with a lone console in the center that had her and Jackie’s names for one another spray-painted on the wall in 50-foot high graffiti. When she clicked on the console, a message popped up: “Dear Amy, Jackie would like to ask you something.


All of us at BioWare”

She said yes. Awww.

Read the full story at the BioWare Blog.

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warcraft taxi

The Warlords of Draenor expansion for World of Warcraft comes out tomorrow and they’ve set up quite a display to promote the game in New York City’s Times Square. A New York City taxi has taken a giant axe to the roof and sits cordoned off by yellow #Warlords tape.

Needless to say, I’ll bet this cost Blizzard a fortune.

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3D castlevania board

When we last heard from Redditor XsimonbelmontX, he had spent months constructing a custom Fallout Monopoly game for his wife. He received so much positive feedback that he was inspired to create a board game take on Castlevania, and it’s just as amazing as his last custom build.

He included 11 unique characters, and each character has an upgrade deck of 10-15 abilities. Those abilities are randomly unlocked each time the character levels up. The story of the game follows Simon’s Quest, and it’s obvious he put a lot of work into figuring out the design and gameplay.

Read more about the game and see a gallery of photos after the break.

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This amazing Fallout vault comes from Redditor VaultoftheSix who decided to make it to celebrate his 30th birthday/Halloween. Both the exterior and the interior of the garage included all sorts of nods to the video game.

After the work was complete they held a party in the vault complete with themed cake and fog machine to set just the right mood.

Check out the gallery after the break to see how it was built:

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fate of all fools main
Here’s one of those stories that will get you right in the feels in a good way.

Brittany Levasseur recently posted the story of her husband Eric’s ongoing recovery from seven brain surgeries in the last 11 months over on the Destiny Reddit.

In the post, she talks about the memory loss her husband has had to deal with and how her doctor, after hearing about how much Eric enjoys video games, recommended he play Destiny as a kind therapy for his brain and memory damage.

It seems to have done the trick. Brittany says that she’s noted significant improvement in her husband’s mood and overall health.

“It’s been a joy to watch him,” she wrote. “It’s been a little over a week, and the game’s effect on him has been so strong. Weak for months, he is flourishing in more than just the game world. He has been going out more, doing chores, making jokes. The effect of playing the game on his mood has been almost staggering.”

But that’s not all!

The response to Brittany’s post was extremely positive and she was contacted by someone from Bungie, who sent Eric a little in game present: a scout rifle called Fate Of All Fools.

The rifle isn’t currently available to regular players, which means Eric is the only non-Bungie employee on the planet to have it.

That’s my kind of loot.

Head after the break to see more pictures, including one of Fate Of All Fools in action.

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What you’re looking at here is a fan-made game called Pokémon Insurgence. It’s completely unofficial, but it just might be better than the real deal.

The biggest challenge in many Pokémon games is that the features come and go depending on the generation, often disappearing in later games. Kotaku notes:

Insurgence mashes together many of the cool features we’ve come to love over the years, like customization, mega evolutions, Pokémon following you in the overworld map, and secret bases—things you’d need to buy three seperate Pokemon games to experience under normal circumstances. Insurgence also adds a few quirks of its own.

These quirks include a darker storyline (its about cultists) and built-in challenges like a Nuzlocke run. There are even new Megas, Delta Pokémon and the option to deck out your Pokémon in armor.

The game isn’t out just yet, but the developer is hoping to have a demo out by the end of the year.

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Those old Atari E.T. cartridges that were found in a landfill in New Mexico last year have made their way to Ebay. You can bid on the games, which are going for as much as $100 each and include titles like Asteroids, Missle Command, Defender, and Warlords.

Now, before you go digging your old Atari console out of storage, remember, these cartridges have been buried for 30 years. The seller makes it plain that no one should be expecting these things to still be operable. It’s really about owning a piece of gaming history.

(Daily Dot via Kotaku)

Internet arcade

The vast halls of the Internet Archive are a place to explore for old magazines, web pages and even arcade games. Their Internet Arcade features over 900 arcade games released from the 1970s to the 1990s in emulator format, and you can play them absolutely free. Operated by Jason Scott, the list of games includes Astro Fighter, Return of the Jedi, Pac-Man Plus, Q*bert, and so many more.

The site states:

“Most games are playable in some form, although some are useful more for verification of behavior or programming due to the intensity and requirements of their systems.”

So long productivity!

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These transforming game consoles from Takara Tomy are a tribute to old-school gaming and the Transformers. There’s an Optimus Prime Sony Playstation (that was teased earlier this year) and a Megatron Sega Genesis that both turn from the standard console into a full-fledged figure. You can preorder both now with Megatron originally set to be available in October so he’ll likely arrive anytime, and Optimus due to be available next February.

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This playable Lego version of clue was created by Ian Spacek for the MocOlympics which challenges builders to come up with their own, one-of-a-kind creations. In this round, competitors had to make a game that you’d play on a rainy day when the power is out and you don’t have any of the usual gadgets like phones and tablets as entertainment.

Spacek used a real board as reference to get the scale and patterns just right. He also selected a few items to recreate in Lego for each room like a table and turkey for the kitchen. There’s also one unique component that’s even better than the original. To keep track of who did what, there’s a Lego scorecard to track the weapons, rooms, and suspects.

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