This beautiful Triforce nightlight was built by redditor BigBadBobBitchin as a Valentine’s present for his girlfriend. It’s made to look like an armory with some of Link’s shields and weapons on display in front of a faux stained glass Triforce crest.

Although he didn’t document his build, he is considering selling them on Etsy at some point.

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Hold on to your sorting hat! It was announced at the NY Toy Fair this weekend that the Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit Game will launch in the US in April. The game should mirror it’s UK version which is already available through Amazon UK:

“This Trivial Pursuit bitesize edition contains 600 questions based on the Harry Potter films, some of which would challenge even the smartest of wizards! Test your trivia from the following topics: The Dark Arts, Hogwarts, Magical Spells & Potions, Magical Objects, Magical People and Animals & Magical Creatures. The handy game requires no board and can be carried around in its bite-size wedge case.”

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I cannot wait to get my hands on this game. It might be the first ever Trivial Pursuit game I’ll have a shot at winning!


sean maher

Cool things are happening out in the ‘Verse in terms of the Firefly Online game. The game’s companion app, The Cortex, was recently released and FFO is releasing new content both within the app and over on their Facebook page leading up to the game’s release.

Part of that new content comes in the form of videos, and the newest addition is an interview exerpt with Sean Maher. Maher is reprising his role as Dr. Simon Tam and it’s very sweet to see what he has to say about returning to work with our Big Damn Heroes.

The full interview is available inside the Cortex app. Apparently, interviews with the rest of the cast will follow each Wednesday.

Plus, for those of you who like the shiny in your hot little hands instead of online, the February Loot Crate will include one of four collectible cards with a special gift code that will unlock the Overland premium ship in the Cortex.

Just make sure to use the code “NERDAPPROVED” at checkout to get 10% off your Loot Crate subscription.

Check out the Maher video after the break along with a “Behind The Performances” video after the break…

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This mod is both cool and incredibly annoying. User mallo has replaced all the sounds in Doom with sounds he made with his own voice. Guns, chainsaws, you name it. It’s a funny mod, but I don’t know how long I could handle it.

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Every gamer dreams of having an awesome game room, but this guy actually made his dream come true. It took 6 months for Grand DM and his wife to build their Game Tavern and it is just stunning. I could spend all day down there.

There’s even a hidden closet built into one wall where a disguised set of doors opens to reveal storage shelves for all their games. Color us jealous!

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Box - Standard

Crytozoic Games just launched a new Kickstarter for Ghostbusters: The Board Game and it appears as though the game will blow away its funding goal. Given everything you get when you pledge, I can totally see why so many people have already jumped in and backed this killer project.

The game is made for 1-4 players, ages 15 and up. In the game, you can play as Peter, Egon, Winston, or Ray. The game has pre-written scenarios and the game play is anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours, depending on what you choose. The game also features illustrations and figures based on original artwork and designs by the artist for IDW’s Ghostbusters comic book series, Dan Schoening.

It seriously looks like a ton of fun and it’s visually awesome. Head after the break to see for yourself.

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Man at Arms is still going strong, creating yet another in its long list of amazing weapons from games and movies. They’ve just posted their latest video featuring the creation of Auron’s Katana from Final Fantasy X. It’s a truly wicked looking blade that they use to chop up everything from melons to milk to one poor trashcan that was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day that’s all about love and romance. Nintendo thinks it should also be about friendship, so they’re helping you celebrate with these cards made just for friends. Nope, no love on these cards. Think of this as a kinder, gentler way to let that guy know you like him, just not like like him.

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Can you say “dream job”?

Last week we brought you the story of a developer from the RPG company Roll20 who projects digital maps onto the table for his gaming sessions. Now comes news that his company is looking to hire a professional dungeon master:

Roll20 is seeking a seasoned Game Master (DM, GM) to become our roleplaying game system guru and Twitch livestream producer as a part-time independent contractor. We welcome over 1,500 new tabletop gamers across a wide spectrum of roleplaying games interests to our program every day. The ideal candidate for this position will have a strong history in tabletop roleplaying games of all genres, be proficient with Roll20 Virtual Tabletop, Twitch livestreaming and social media interactions, along with extraordinary written and verbal communication skills.

Contractor will work with our entire Roll20 Development team to create engaging content for our audience, with an emphasis on showing the best ways to utilize the Roll20 platform across a wide array of gaming experiences. Contractor will host at least two live game broadcasts per week, produce Q&A sessions for the community along with our Dev Team, and be a general “go to” resource for other GMs who want to make the most of Roll20’s toolset in their games.

You can find more about the position over at the Roll20 Blog.

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Hey, listen!

No, seriously…you definitely want to hear this one. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Netflix and Nintendo are in the early stages of developing a live-action Zelda series that Netflix describes as “Game Of Thrones for a family audience”.

Granted, there is no guarantee that this series will ever see the light of day. Nintendo is still gun shy with Hollywood after the debacle that was the Super Mario Bros. movie. Plus, Netflix is currently looking for a writer to work on the series so there is still a long way to go.

Still, the potential for such a series is off the charts. A live action Zelda series is something that many of us have wished would happen for ages.

(via Kotaku)