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hour of code

Lucasfilm and are partnering again this year to help kids learn how to code.

“For generations, Star Wars has sparked kids’ curiosity and imagination, and we hope the appeal of characters like Princess Leia and Rey will help fuel greater participation in science and math, especially among girls, around the world,” said Kathleen Kennedy, President, Lucasfilm, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. “Computer science has helped shape our legacy and changed the way movies are made, which is why programs like the Hour of Code are so important to us.”

The program uses Star Wars characters like Rey, Princess Leia and BB-8 to guide participants through both learning the basics and building their own game. Smartphone and tablet-friendly versions will be available in the coming weeks.

Heck, I know it’s supposed to be for kids, but I want to try it myself.

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Planning on whiling away the vast majority of this week playing Fallout 4? Well, you’re not alone. Thankfully, Pete Hines (chief spokesman for Bethesda) has got you covered.

Your entire office is about to come down with an acute case of pancreatitis.

He Tweeted out a fake please-excuse-me-from-work note that should help you to dodge your responsibilities. Just bear in mind, you’re probably going to need a level-100 speech check to make this faux-note thing actually work. But good luck!

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catan board

Redditor hachi6 turned some blank wooden Catan hexs, clay and paint into the stunning board you see here. Flipping the table in a rage would be unthinkable.

And wait till you see the sheep up close! You’ll actually want them for once.

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halo gravity hammer

Man at Arms follows the exploits of the blacksmiths at Baltimore Knife and Sword as they create prop-versions of weapons from popular movies, video games and comics. In their latest video, they tackled another ambitious project—the Gravity Hammer from Halo!

When complete, the massive hammer stands at six feet tall and clocks in at 100 pounds! Check out all of the work that went into building this incredible prop after the break.

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With the release of Fallout 4 imminent, one gamer got so excited that he decided to throw a few Disney characters to the Wastelands in these fun illustrations.

Artist Peter Slavik imagined Snow White, Alice, Ariel, Rapunzel, and Belle as well-adjusted Vault Dwellers. In fact, Snow White is still trying to talk to the animals (although I wouldn’t dare go near a mole rat for a friendly chat) and Belle is nose deep in a book passing right by a super mutant Gaston.

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The limited edition Halo Needler replica from NECA looks amazing in all its motorized glory, but it comes with an intimidating price tag of $300. However, it does have some pretty spectacular features:

Complete your Spartan armor with a colossal 1:1 replica of one of Halo’s most iconic weapons! From the award-winning video game series, the Needler is now available as a limited edition, full-size 1:1 replica featuring LED lights and over a dozen motorized “crystal shards.”

When you squeeze the trigger, the crystal shards retract in sequence to simulate being fired. To reload, simply travel to the Sanghelios moon of Suban for extra crystals (or press the reset button located in the grip).

This replica is also 100% accurate to its game counterpart since NECA Toys partnered with Microsoft and 343 Studios (formerly Bungie) to create the gun directly from the 3D model used in the game.

I really just want to hold one. Forever. But yeah, $300 is pretty steep. Fortunately, you do have the BOOMco Needler option, which is only $40 (and probably a lot more fun).

Check out more images and videos of the NECA Needler in action after the break.

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ff top

Indonesian artist David Adhinarya Lojaya reimagined characters from Final Fantasy with a western-style animated twist. It’s like Disney meets the FF series…wait they don’t own them yet, right?

The collection features 21 Final Fantasy characters and transports them into the world of fairy tales. Check out more artwork after the break.

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sky calls

While there has been talk of Nintendo getting back into the business of making movies, there’s nothing on the horizon yet. That said, I think they should take note of this fan-made Metroid short film from Rainfall Films called Metroid: The Sky Calls.

With Nerdist’s Jessica Chobot as Samus and America Young handling the mo-cap and stunt work, director Sam Balcomb (who also made that awesome Wonder Woman short film) does a pretty stellar job of it. The description reads:

The classic Nintendo franchise, Metroid, envisioned through the lens of 60s-70s science fiction cinema such as 2001, Alien, and Solaris: this was the concept for Rainfall’s most recent production. Instead of using a modern approach, a style was developed more in tune with the themes that inspired the first Metroid game in 1986: isolation, exploration, and the wonders of deep space.

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mario world office

Fredericksburg VA-based SimVentions is a software/systems engineering company that supports the Department of Defense. Despite the serious nature of their work, this company knows how to throw down on Halloween.

I mean, they turned their entire office into Super Mario World. It seems like an awesome place to work.

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