Well, this is adorable.

Jonny Cruz (the voice of Lúcio in Overwatch) tweeted a video of him chatting with the other voice actors from the cast while hanging out at Blizzard Entertainment HQ. They all remain in character while talking, and it’s a real fun ride (boop!). Watch it below. [click to continue…]


Youtuber HMS2 created this tiny homage to the Famicom console which, as you probably know, was the early Japanese version of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

While it is more portable than the tiny NES Classic Edition, it is non-functional and
is much easier to choke on. Check out the video below to see how it was made. [click to continue…]


As an immigrant, there’s a lot of gaming stuff Americans take for granted that I never got to experience. Stuff like Nintendo Power magazine, which you lot all seem to think was the dog’s bollocks. Oh, we had our own official Nintendo magazine – the cleverly named Official Nintendo Magazine – but it was, putting it mildly, a bit crap. I don’t even think we had am equivalent of Nintendo’s Powerline, a dial-in service where you could get hints, tips and cheats from Nintendo “Pros” who all Knew Their Stuff.

Well, to mark the upcoming release of the NES Classic – y’know, that teeny-tiny NES Nintendo announced earlier this year that comes pre-loaded with 30 beloved classic games – Nintendo is reopening the Powerline for a limited time! From November 11th-13th you’ll be able to pick up your hamburger phone and dial… well, not the old number, that won’t work, but a new number where you can get tips for the games on the NES Classic as well as get access to a bunch of cool extra content. Behold: [click to continue…]


Behold, the arcade cabinet where a one player game is co-op.

Standing 14 1/2′ tall and 2 3/4X the size of its standard counterparts, this is the replica of the world’s largest video arcade game. A colossal challenge for even the most experienced gamer, players face an 80″ screen, one 16″-diam. trackball, eight 3 1/2″-diam. buttons, and two 9″-high joysticks. Preloaded with over 250 of arcades’ greatest hits. With built-in sound system and a Windows gaming PC that is compatible with all PC games (includes 3.0GHz processor, 4GB SDRAM, and 1GB video card). Plugs into AC. Non-working coin door.

Note the “non-working coin door”. Sadly, you won’t be able to turn a profit on this purchase by requiring customers to pay in basketball-sized gold coins.

The World’s Largest Arcade Machine Replica: ($99,000)

(via Gizmodo)


Strong enough for an ogre, but pH balanced for gamers. Plus Five is the “Ultimate Gaming Deodorant.”

That’s right sweaty gamers, Tim Cooley has launched a Kickstarter for a deodorant that’s made specifically for you. How is it different from any other deodorant on the market? I have no idea—but it has a clever name. Isn’t that what’s really important?

Stretch goals include fragrances designed for +5 Vitality, Wisdom and Dexterity. Check out the promo video below. [click to continue…]


Settlers Of Catan went into space and got some amazing upgrades along the way thanks to artists Fuzzy Wobble and Amy Wang.

Deep Space Settlers keeps the basics of the game intact, but there’s a lot more to the changes than just calling resources “Space Wood, Space Sheep, Space Ore, Space Wheat, Space Brick”. As you’ll see below, they reworked both the aesthetic and rules of the game to make the entire experience more expansive and interesting. [click to continue…]


A New Wave Tarot deck exists and I absolutely love it. Amanda Lee Stillwell of Last Craft Designs has gone full ’80s here and has replaced the usual Cups, Wands, Disks, and Swords with tea cups, eyeliners, LP records (yay vinyl!), and microphones.

The Major Arcana cards, however, are the true stars here.

The Major Arcana is made up of New Wave idols like Siouxsie Sioux as the High Priestess, Grace Jones as Strength, Morrisey and Robert Smith as Judgement, plus cards for Nick Cave, David Bowie, Kate Bush, Marc Almond, and more. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


I know I keep saying this, but I bloody love enthusiastic geeks like Wyo of the Arcade Museum forums, who looked into gaming history, saw a gap where an arcade version of The Legend of Zelda should have been and said, “That just won’t do.”

Fitted with an NES console, a 20″ CRT television and a lot of love, this beauty represents one Hell of a passion project. Wyo explains his work:

Basically, it’s an all wood construction. Primered and block sanded smooth and straight. I painted it with metallic gold automotive urethane, and then added a mid coat of .008 gold flake. After I cleared it, I wetsanded it 1000-3000 and then polished it. It turned out pretty cool. The whole cab shimmers in the light with the light bouncing off the flake.

The artwork was a lot of work. I had ro [sic] recreate all the images in illustrator. In my design, My intent with the art was to make it look DK/80’s nintendo ish. I then hand cut and gold chrome embossed the control panel and bezel. I will do the same with the side art and instruction sticker.

Inside, is a decased 20″ CRT and an NES wired to the arcade joystick and buttons. I was gonna do a playchoice ten….but now I’m happy I went with the NES. I can play all the NES games with an Everdrive N8.

That’s a tremendous effort, and it paid off. This thing is gorgeous. Check out more photos of this stunning piece of work below. [click to continue…]


There’s no doubt there’s more happening with Star Wars now than at any time in history, and fans can’t seem to get enough.

There are all kinds of stories out there of course, but one thing fans have hoped for, and almost saw come to fruition six years ago, is a live-action television series. ABC has mentioned talking with Disney and Lucasfilm off and on, but more than a few fans have expressed their preference for a series on Netflix—for obvious reasons.

To that end, over 50,000 people have signed a petition asking Disney and Lucasfilm to make a live-action series based on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and the characters from both KOTOR and KOTOR II plus the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Personally, I’m intrigued by the idea as I love the games and currently play SWTOR. I mean, it’s hard not to watch the most recent SWTOR trailer for the new expansion and not see a story worth telling. Check that out below. [click to continue…]


Doom is, without a doubt, the granddaddy of the FPS genre, and the BFG is one of the most iconic weapons in video game history. It has appeared in almost every Doom game to date, including the recent reboot where it was given a complete redesign. So it was quite a challenge when Bethesda asked the UK-based MyMiniFactory, who specialize in 3D-printed wossnames, to produce a full-size 3D-printed replica of this particular wossname so it could be given to one lucky contest winner over in Britain.

While the contest is over and the winner has received their prize, MyMiniFactory have made it “easy” for people with access to 3D printers to produce their own by providing the plans on their website, which was nice of them. In the meantime, you can check out video of the build process below. [click to continue…]