guitar boy

Play riffs and retro games with the Guitar Boy, an electric guitar and fully functioning Game Boy in one.

This bit of musical magic was created by a BitFixGaming boards admin with the handle fibbef. He built it for the 2015 Game Boy Classic build off, and features Raspberry Pi B+ running RetroPie v2.3, with a 5″ LCD display and custom wooden buttons/body.

You have to check it out after the break. Hearing a Mario theme through a wah wah pedal is just too cool.

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skyrim gtav

A dragon has landed in Los Santos and there’s only one person that can handle it. Fortunately, the Dragonborn is in town. He even made an attempt to blend in with his spiffy jacket.

The helmet kinda gives him away though.

Check out the video after the break…

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mtg braille

Today in, “Well this is awesome!”, we have a young Magic:The Gathering player by the name of Richard who plays competitively despite being blind.

If you’ve played MTG, you know that you don’t want your opponent to know what cards you have until you play them. Obviously, having the cards read to him during the game would give his opponents an advantage so he gets around the problem by using a brailler.

To prepare for a tournament, Richard has a friend go through his cards with him to sort out which cards he does and doesn’t want to use for the game. Any time he adds cards to his deck, he types the card information onto a card sleeve in Braille and then places the card inside. This way, he doesn’t ruin his cards and he still has a deck that can be used for tournament play.

There’s more to this story, as told by MTG judge Imogen, who was kind enough to post comments with the pictures. It provides interesting insight into how MTG players with impaired vision are able to play within the rules and avoid potential problems.

You can check that out after the break.

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If you’re stoked on Metal Gear Solid V, then you’ll probably dig this new Venom Snake figure from Union Creative. It features 27 points of articulation and comes with a whole mess of cool accessories including a knife, a phantom cigar (always a must!), a sniper rifle, a papercraft box (for sneaking) and six optional hands. The $65 price tag is a bit steep ($95 will get you the figure before January apparently), but hey—six hands!

Check out some more pics after the break…

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art of war chess

Designers Craig Turley and George Barnes of Studioqubed have combined both modern and old techniques to create the Throne of Kings: The Art of War chess set. They start by digitally sculpting each chess piece and then 3D printing them. Master molds are created from those sculptures and then cast in bronze using the ancient process of lost-wax casting.

In addition, the board itself is hand crafted using walnut and birdseye maple and comes in two sizes: 18″ square standard and 11″ square travel size.

It’s the kind of thing a medieval fantasy fan will be able to enjoy for a lifetime.

Check out more pics and the project video after the break…

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zelda decor

Don’t get me wrong, I really like what redditor McPhage has done here. Combining the Zelda series with custom 3d printed mounts does make a pretty spectacular wall decoration.

But part of me thinks it’s a pity that these games won’t be played.

Take a closer look at the project in the gallery after the break…

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lego dimensions top

In a game where The LEGO Movie, Doctor Who, Scooby Doo, Back To The Future, Jurassic World, Portal, and more exist in the same world, you would think that getting big names / original cast members to fill all those spots would be a tall order. However, they managed to pull it off.

Check out details on the mind blowing cast after the break along with the trailer…

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star wars risk

Admiral Ackbar was a brilliant tactician, but now’s your chance to become the greatest battle strategist in the galaxy with the latest iteration of Star Wars edition Risk.

Choose the Light or Dark side and battle for supremacy on a TIE-shaped playing board as you place your ships to win the ultimate prize: control of the Star Wars Universe.

See more pictures after the break.

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Artist ZedEdge gave a few characters from Final Fantasy VII a Disney animated makeover and I’m having all the feels about it.

He plans on recreating all the playable characters from FFVII and I’m convinced Disney really needs to make this movie now.

His collection so far includes Aerith, Cloud, Vincent, Cid, and a more modestly dressed Tifa. Check them all out after the break.

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Pinball manufacturer Stern Pinball just announced their licensed Game of Thrones arcade-style pinball machines and they look more challenging than winning the Iron Throne, but way more fun.

GoT pinball will come in three different models: Pro $5,995, Premium $7,595 and Limited Edition $8,795. With each game, players can choose to be a knight under the banner of the house of Stark, Lannister, Greyjoy, Baratheon, Martell or Tyrell.

More details and pictures after the break…

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