Mega Man X and Mega Man X2 are both challenging games. Beating one is great, but Aura Puffs has managed to beat both…at the same time…using one controller…while collecting all the X upgrades in each level…without a tool assist.


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Lego Dimensions promises to give us an amazing cast of characters mashed together in one video game. In addition to Wizard of Oz, Lord of the Rings, Batman, and Back to the Future, an official instruction sheet for the BTTF pack has revealed a few of the other licensed properties that will be involved. The info has since been pulled, but Brickset captured the document before it was removed.

Packs will include The Simpsons, Doctor Who, Portal 2, Scooby Doo and more.

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Mario might be a plumber, but real plumbers wouldn’t take to his world very easily. This video by ADHD imagines what would happen if a real world plumber suddenly found himself in the land of unlimited hammers, giant coins, and crazy fu*king Goombas. This guy says what we’d all be thinking.

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mario kart

Nintendo has officially teamed up with Universal Parks & Resorts to create themed rides and attractions. The nature of these attractions hasn’t been disclosed, but Nintendo did confirm that they will be based on their “most famous characters and games.”

We’re already dreaming of live action Mario Kart racing and a Legend Of Zelda ride.

(via Slash Gear)

adventure case

Keeping your accessories organized is a major challenge for tabletop gamers, but The Adventure Case might be an ideal solution.

It’s billed as “the ultimate tabletop gaming accessory” that “acts as a dice box, rolling tray, storage area, and rolling screen all in one.”

Aside from the great functional features, the box is completely customizable with tons of gorgeous wood or metal carved designs, finishes, and felt or suede inserts. And for a few extra bucks, you can add hanging lights for the “true dungeoneering feel.”

Dog Might Games destroyed their Kickstarter funding goal in a matter of days, but there’s still time to get in on the campaign if you’re interested.

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This huge mosaic recreates the cover of the 1977 Basic Set for Dungeons & Dragons out of more than 50,000 Legos. It measures 75″ wide and 90″ tall and took artist Eric Harshbarger two months to build. He was inspired to make the mosaic because he still breaks out that old edition to run campaigns.

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This tribute to Chain Chomp from Super Mario Bros. is the work of Catastrophicreations (who also make an awesome Indiana Jones cat bridge). While Chain Chomp is a cat bed, the box he’s attached to is for storage.

The whole piece (other then the wooden box) is made from hardened styrofoam, including the chain. It’s a multiple of layers of Epoxy and another product with a cement texture used over the the Chomp’s body to make it look like metal. It’s body is matte, and the inside of the mouth, teeth and eyes are gloss to give them a wet look.

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We’ve previously featured adorable Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from Nichole’s Nerdy Knots, but this time she’s turned her attention to video games. She has crocheted her very own Big Daddy and even used LEDs to make him glow. He’s adorable and creepy and you can make him yourself.

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Your average RPG has players collecting all sorts of things during their journey. There are secret scrolls and magical weapons and, of course, lots of coins. Now you don’t have to imagine carrying a purse full of gold thanks to the Fantasy Coins, LLC.

The company makes a line of fake coins, gems and bars that look like they could be used for buying ale and armor in another world. Coins for every character including dwarves, paladins, rangers, and even Cthulhu are already part of their line, but they’ve got plans for more. They’re currently running a kickstarter to introduce 10 new sets of coins that are sure to keep your fake purse heavy and your real purse light.

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Seriously guys, I almost passed out when I saw this R2-D2 coffee table. It has a glass top which reveals an authentic Star Wars pinball machine (circa 1991) inside!

Altar Furniture is selling their prized pinball droid for £6500 (about $10K). But each one does take over 300 hours to build, so the high price is to be expected.

“The Droid features an authentic Star Wars pinball payfield housed in the body of the daring and loyal R2D2. The Droid rolls on it’s own wheels and features a mini slideprojector (picturing R2 in the Death Stars’ sewage), a flashlight, sounds, lighting programs, and a fully functional animated droid on the playfield. As only C-3PO could put it, this droid “is in prime condition, a real bargain”.”

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