When I was a kid, my friend Adam and I would pretend to be Street Fighters before we left for school. I’d pretend to be M.Bison by cleverly tucking my pants into my socks, and he’d pretend to be E.Honda by not wearing a shirt and eating an excessive quantity of McDonald’s Happy Meals. He’s lost a lot of weight since, I’m told.

But martial arts master and movie stuntman Eric Jacobus has us both beat, because he’s gone one step further by perfectly recreating many of the original fight techniques seen in video games such as Street Fighter and Tekken.

Check out the videos below.

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Bring Harry, Hermoine, Ron and more on your next Dungeons and Dragons campaign with these Harry Potter D&D character sheets by Ailea Merriam-Pigg.

I like the mix on the points per trait. Hermoine being +4 in Intellect doesn’t shock me, but I think it’s great that Harry is -1 in Wisdom and Ron gets extra Charisma. Neville’s sheet reads more like it’s weighted for his future, which is cool.

Check out the sheets below.

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Roses are so yesterday. This Valentine’s Day, Piranha Plants are where the love is.

Show your sweetheart that you really care with this homemade present. You can make a single Piranha Plant or a whole bouquet of them. Tally’s Treasury shared a little DIY info you need to make these awesome creations.

The process isn’t as difficult as you might imagine. But if you lack the skills to make your own, keep an eye on the TallysBestiary Etsy store where these Piranha Plants show up from time to time. You can also inquire about a custom order.

See more photos below.

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cast metal gaming dice

This definitely isn’t our first rodeo with Kickstarter-funded gaming dice, but Trayser Metal Works is cranking out some really gorgeous cast metal designs. They note:

This operation is done entirely in-house, by the two of us, from CAD model to finished part. We are not contracting out any step of the production process. Our metal shop is currently capable of producing 200 dice per week pre-kickstarter. Funds raised will be used to upgrade our equipment to meet higher production volumes.

Head after the break to take a closer look at the designs and learn how they’re made.

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street fighter diorama

Last year, BigBoysToys HK announced a new range of dioramas of characters from the Street Fighter series, kicking things off with a diorama of a Hadouken-ing Ryu. Now they’ve revealed this brand-new addition to the series featuring an almost Pocket Fighters style kick-happy Chun-Li standing upon a base designed after her stage in Street Fighter II: The World Warriors.

What makes this a diorama and not just a boring ol’ statuette or figurine? I’m glad you asked, Internet person! This diorama lights up in response to pressing a button on the side, adding Chun-Li’s iconic “Ya-Ya-Ya!” sound to simulate her Hyakuretsukyaku move. All you have to do is mash the button over and over, just like you would in the game itself.

BigBoysToys have also posted a video of the diorama in action, which you can check out (along with some sweet product photos) below.

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The Mega Man franchise is beloved by almost everybody except… well, except Capcom, basically, but there’s been a lovely deluge of Mega Man merchandise over the last year or so. One of the latest pieces in the ever-growing array of collectibles is this rather snazzy pair of Mega Man headphones by Emio.

Modeled to resemble Mega Man’s helmet and featuring strategically-placed LED lights, these headphones do a wonderful job of making you look a little, but not a lot, like the Blue Bomber himself.

They also probably let you hear sound through them, but we’ll never know because Emio have opted not to release any technical specifications on the official product page. They could sound like hot garbage! It’ll only cost you $99.99 to find out – quite the gamble, but hey, you’ll definitely be the coolest guy on the bus.

More product shots can be seen below.

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FarSight Studios, the developers of the critically acclaimed Pinball Arcade, want to bring the 1992 Doctor Who pinball machine to their collection of digitized pinball machine simulations. And they need your help.

The pinball machine was originally released by Bally in 1992 and features the first Seven incarnations of the Doctor taking on some of his oldest foes – the Daleks, the Cybermen and, of course, the Master. It was a wonderful fusion of licensing and pinball design, as the rules of the table actually change depending upon which version of the Doctor you choose to play as.

It’s long been held as a pinball classic, and now FarSight want to add it to their ever-growing selection of meticulously recreated pinball machines. But there’s a snag.

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We are huge fans of PokeMasterCrafter’s Poke Ball crystal series, and now he’s applied the unique design to display pieces that League Of Legends fans will undoubtedly enjoy. He notes:

Each Crystal is made of a high grade k9 crystal the same material used in high end home decor. The crystal comes in solid 4 inch rectangle chunk and then is sand blasted by hand it into a hexagonal diamond. Using the latest in 3d engraving technologies we then burn an image straight into the crystal. This laser is 5 times more precise than traditional 3d engraving to offer amazing detail and realism to each Crystal. We then hand polish each side for a smooth edge and clean finish.

Each diamond comes with a special custom made display case that can open or close to professional display your crystal.

Included is a high-powered custom LED light base designed for the diamond. A USB power adaptor for the base is also included so you don’t need to use batteries. Comes with an American plug head.

Check out more pics below.

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doompic copy

It’s been over two decades since John Romero, the co-creator of Doom, tinkered with the old-school FPS game. But Romero must’ve been bit by the nostalgia bug recently, because he created a brand new level for the game and made it free to download.

Romero posted a dropbox link in the following tweet so gamers could check out the level for themselves:

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A classic that went on to define the first-person shooter genre, 1997’s GoldenEye 007 was a masterpiece on the Nintendo 64.

If you were obsessed with the game and wondered what a modern version would look like, you’re in luck. YouTuber user Jude Wilson used Unreal Engine 4 to give the Facility Map level a modern facelift. The end result is both nostalgic and new.

Check it out below.

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