A Hobbit hole looks like a wonderful place to live, albeit a bit “cozy”. With that in mind, West Stow Pods has launched a Kickstarter to bring what they’re calling a Poddit Hole to life. The rental home will be as close as possible to a real Hobbit hole. They’ve even asked for help from the Tolkien Society to get it right.

The home will include two double bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, and living room with log burner. If the project is fully funded, then backers will be among the first to stay there overnight when it’s estimated to be ready this October.

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Arts grads from London’s Royal College, Robert McIntyre and Thor te Kulve, are the designers behind the CanopyStair tool-less spiral staircase. CanopyStair attaches harmlessly to a tree (or foundation for your amazing treehouse) using a ratchet strap system for easy assembly.

It looks amazing and beats the hell out of nail guns, levels and rope ladders. The duo plans to release a commercial version sometime in the near future.

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Little Grant is one lucky baby. His Dad spent 18 months creating a fabulous Mario Kart 8 nursery that’s sure to give the tyke nothing but sweet dreams. The design covers the walls and ceiling and features both murals and props.

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After being inundated with requests from our original post, Etsy shop Master Glasster has put his stained glass R2-D2 lamp shade up for sale.

It isn’t cheap at $400, but I suppose that’s to be expected from a handmade product like this. Each shade is made to order, so if you were coveting one it’s probably best to jump on it before the wait times get really long.

Product Page ($400)


Baymax from Big Hero 6 is inflatable, so he kinda makes sense as a bed. He’s about 7.5-feet from head to toe and is custom made when you place your order. He can be spread out flat on the ground or you can use those great big arms to give yourself a hug when you need a little cheering up.

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This intricate gothic cathedral lamp is made from over 120 laser-cut 3D puzzle pieces. The design was created by Etsy shop 1 Man 1 Garage and ships to you in parts so you can admire you handiwork every time you turn on the light.

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Turn the walls of your game room (or any room for that matter) into a tribute to game consoles of yesteryear with these custom wall murals. They’re available in a variety of colors and can be ordered in a specific size to fit your room perfectly.

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Etsy shop owner Legotings is starting a new career in wild LEGO builds with LED light systems. He built this one of a kind table from a wood base, covered it in colorful bricks, and then created a busy and seemingly random LEGO world on top using 250 minifigs.

The most fun part of this custom build is the LED system that provides 20 different color patterns to kick up the display. However, with a price tag of $7,221, this may not be an attainable treasure. If you do happen to have some deep pockets, Legotings will drive this table to your home anywhere in the UK. Sorry America, you’ll need to get it shipped.

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Relax in the soothing glow of The Death Star. Instead of obliterating planets, this mood light will obliterate stress. It’s USB powered and the display stand is transparent, so it appears to hover.

A true testament to the original galactic superweapon in every way but one, this majestic sphere of destruction is – unlike the original – impeccably designed. Its resemblance is intricately on point – having a textured, tactile surface and the bumps and crevices of the Death Star are clearly defined – however it’s free of a great gaping thermal exhaust pipe. Meaning the likelihood of sabotage is minimal.

A gloriously nerdy answer to mood lighting – the Death Star Mood Light is the perfect addition to all bedside tables, desks and the like. Allow the milky hues of this weapon of mass destruction to calmingly illuminate your nighttime antics.

Product Page ($31.29)


R2 units are pretty darn versatile. I mean, they can hack into moon-sized space stations, pilot X-Wings and even slice open nets with tiny buzz saws. Now, thanks to Dickie from Etsy shop Master Glasster, R2 can even transform into a stained glass lampshade!

While this R2 lampshade is currently unavailable in the Master Glasster Etsy store, it doesn’t hurt to inquire about a custom order.

(Geekcrafts via Technabob)