Looking for the perfect comforter to go with these classy Doctor Who sheets? Look no further. This comforter comes in Full, Queen, or King sizes.

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A Taiwanese couple told HAO Design that they have a real love for LEGO, and the interior designers ran with it—transforming their entire 1,300-square-foot apartment into a playset you can actually live in.

The design, as you’ll see in the pics below, focuses around a raised lounge that features a ball pit in the center. LEGO-style bricks pop up everywhere–from the steps leading into the kitchen to the nightstand in the couple’s bedroom. They even have some no-so-mini minifigs scattered about.

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nerdy mood lights

These Star Trek Borg Cube and Star Wars Death Star Mood Lights can hold up to 190 pounds if you choose to sit or rest your feet on them (though that doesn’t make a damn bit of sense with the Death Star), but they are undoubtedly most useful as mood lights.

They feature 16 different colors with strobe, flash, or fade settings (Borg Party Cube!) that can be controlled with the included remote. Plus, they have an internal, rechargeable battery so you can place them just about anywhere.

Product Pages: Borg Cube / Death Star ($199.99)


Awkward Engineer’s Model AWK-105 Analog Voltmeter Clock appeals to electronics buffs by telling time using analog meters and retro styling.

So, if the time is 4:57, the hours meter will point almost to the 4 and the minutes meter will point to 57. At midnight and noon, the time meters roll over zero.

The Analog Voltmeter clock will be offered in industrial gray and olive drab and is currently available for pre-order. You can also use the code “PRESALE” to get 30% off at checkout.

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Remember those moon lanterns? Well, this is no moon lantern.

This Death Star Paper Lantern Floor Lamp even makes great party decor. It’s an 24″ sphere which can be switched on using an in-line foot toggle. It’s perfect for a dark corner. Looks great in a playroom. Being so lightweight, you can easily hang it from the opening on the top that exposes the armature. Just remember that it’s delicate.

Product Page ($39.99)

bunker copy

Thanks to Fallout 4, I think the entirety of the Internet has bunkers on the brain. Speaking of which, crazy YouTube inventor Colin Furze recently put the finishing touches on his incredible man-cave/apocalypse bunker.

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It features everything you could possibly want in a bunker, ranging from survival supplies to entertaining gadgets and gizmos. Colin posted a video that offers a quick tour of the bunker along with the four-part building process, which you can check out below.

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This Ouija board table and rug is the brainchild of Dave Delisle at Dave’s Geek Ideas. If you’d like to buy one, you can contact Tom Spina Designs (who you may remember as the man behind such items as this incredible Millennium Falcon table) for an estimate.

As an added bonus, the planchette table has wheels so you can introduce the spirit world to awesome television shows like Rick and Morty.

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The Empire has launched their Christmas attack before Thanksgiving, but we were prepared thanks to “Black Friday” deals that started in like…October.

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We’ve been into bedding stuff lately. For some reason, a lot of awesomely nerdy sheets and comforters have been released recently and much of it is geared towards adults. This Doctor Who set is no exception.

The design is actually pretty classy and it comes in Twin, Full, Queen, or King-sized sets that include flat sheets, fitted sheets, and pillowcases.

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It’s common knowledge that Sith Lords generally despise a warm, inviting home. These Star Wars R2-D2 Luminaria sets are perfect for keeping the Dark Side at bay. They feature five mini R2 units with lightbulbs inside, and they’re good for both indoor and outdoor use.

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