star was xmas light show

There are Christmas light shows, and then there are Christmas light shows. This amazing display by YouTuber Tom BetGeorge is one of the latter. His house and yard are covered in props and lights that are synced with several pieces of music from Star Wars. Nothing spreads holiday cheer quite like the music of John Williams.

BetGeorge’s display has been featured on shows such as ABC’s Good Morning America, and it’s easy to see why they would highlight it. BetGeorge sequenced the show himself and even made all of the massive props you see in the video. All in all, there are about 100,000 lights in the display.

Enough of me talking about it. See the incredible display in the video after the break.

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Supernatural ornament lost my shoe

The Winchester Brothers don’t have the best track record when it comes to Christmas, which may be why I love the idea of these Supernatural ornaments so much. They’re made by an artsy gal named Denise and she sells them in her Etsy shop.

She also showed me some very cool upcoming designs for next year, including an idea for a painted wine glass, so I’d say it’s a good idea to check back on her stuff from time to time.

I know it’s probably too late to get these Supernatural ornaments for this year’s decorating, but there’s no reason you can’t get yourself something for next year, right?

Head after the break to see more adorable designs.

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Yes, this beautiful recreation of a Hobbit hole from Lord of the Rings hides a litter box for a very lucky cat. It was created by the Hollywood prop builders at Super-Fan Builds for a guy who is a huge Tolkien fan. Everything on it is perfectly cat-safe and there’s even an Eye of Sauron scratching post so your cat can scratch his all-seeing eye out and save the day.

Clearly, the Fellowship didn’t consider using giant cats. It would have saved them a lot of trouble.

See the build video after the break.

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diy harry potter tree cauldron 1

We’ve been sharing regular updates about Jen and John’s Harry Potter tree, because they just can’t stop making it more and more awesome. This is shaping up to be the ultimate tree for Potterheads, and I can’t wait until it’s completely finished and Jen shows off all the beautiful details. In the meantime though, she’s shared another tutorial. This one explains how to turn a plastic bucket into a witchy cauldron with cardboard, paper mache, and patience.

Jen and John used a tutorial from the Halloween Forum as inspiration, and I have to say that I can’t think of a better bottom for a Harry Potter-themed Christmas tree.

See some making-of photos after the break.

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You’ve still got a month to wait for the Venture Brothers special on January 19th but these official Venture Brothers sheets are sure to make the wait a little bit easier. They’ve got all your favorite characters on 300-thread count sheets available in a queen size set. They’re only around for a limited time so order yours now and add them to your Learning Bed.

Take a closer look at the sheets in video after the break.

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menorahsaurus rex

For many people, the Menorah they use during Hanukkah is as much a part of their celebration as the candles that Menorah holds. Whether it’s a Menorah that’s been passed down from generation to generation, or one that has a certain…uniqueness, there are a variety to choose from.

This MenorasaurusRex by The Vanilla Studio definitely falls into the unique category. It’s hand-made to order and made from repurposed plastic toys and metal candle cups.

I’m seriously considering getting one so I have it set for next year. I think it would look great on my mantlepiece.

Head after the break to see more pictures.

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broom stick ornaments 1

Jen of EPBOT and her husband John are continuing work on their glorious Harry Potter Christmas tree. Seriously, they’re getting so creative that they should be providing tips to Wizarding World at Universal Orlando. The newest addition is Quidditch broom ornaments in different sizes. You’ll need twigs, wire, metal foil tape, and a couple more basics to make these beauties take flight.

See more photos of the ornaments after the break.

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cthulhu wreath 1

Tentacles make any holiday decoration cooler, and Geyser of Awesome’s co-editor Maika knows how to use them. She’s used Archie McPhee’s finger tentacles in the past for Cthulhu-themed Christmas trees, and this year she used the versatile product to craft a wreath. She glued the tentacles to a foam wreath covered in tinsel, added green LED lights, ornaments, and LEGO octopuses. The finished wreath looks weird and fantastic.

See photos of the making of the wreath after the break.

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groot swing

Remember when we wrote about this awesome Groot Swing Set? It was so awesome that even James Gunn took notice. The picture was taken as part of a fan build for a new show called Super Fan Builds, and now we finally have a chance to see the swing in action.

Super Fan Builds is a new series by the team behind Man at Arms & Man at Arms: Reforged and is hosted by Alison Haislip. It’ll cover the skilled artists from Tim Baker Creations as they make the dreams of “super fans” come true by creating amazing, custom tributes to their favorite film and video game pop-culture icons.

The episodes will be released bi-weekly on the AWE Me channel and Season one includes builds for fans of The Hobbit, Batman, Bioshock, and more.

Check out the Groot swing set episode after the break along with an additional pic.

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Sellers do a lot of work to prep their homes for the market, but this realtor went the extra mile by building a roller coaster tour. The coaster starts outside and then takes prospective buyers through the whole home with narration from speakers in the car before ending with a nice plummet back to where they started. You can find this house in Ermelo in the Netherlands. Wonder how much it’d cost to get them to leave the coaster after the sale?

See the video after the break.

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