baymax light 1

Baymax doesn’t exactly fit into the armor Hiro makes for him in Big Hero 6. His belly sticks out, and 3D Marketplace 3Denovo saw Baymax’s stomach differently than most of us. They pictured the belly as a light bulb. So, they 3D printed the armored Baymax as a single piece and designed it so that the robot can fold in the middle, leaving room for the light bulb.

It’s a cute idea except for the part where the light bulb protrudes from Baymax’s back. That just makes it really, really weird.

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millennium falcon rug

This Millennium Falcon rug will put the ship that did the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs right on your living room floor. It measures 59″ x 79″ and is an officially licensed Star Wars product. Made of 100% polyester.

Product Page ($100 via 7 Gadgets)


Dear fellow Browncoats: it is possible to cover a small tree with ornaments inspired by the Firefly universe. ThinkGeek has a four pack of ornaments that feature the Blue Sun logo, the Independent flag, an Engineered by Firefly plaque, and Serenity herself. They also have a tiny Jayne hat. You can compliment these ornaments by making some felt ornaments of the Fruity Oaty Bar girls and painting ornaments with the pattern from Kaylee’s umbrella.

See pictures of the other Firefly ornaments after the break.

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No one is safe from the coming zombie apocalypse, including our favorite Christmas characters. These ornaments give a preview of what’s to come. Santa Claus, an elf, a zombie, and a reindeer have all been splattered with blood and gore in this set of resin ornaments. Each measures 3″ tall except for the 3.4″ reindeer.

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DIY golden snitch tutorial

The golden sheen and wings of the golden snitch from Harry Potter makes it an ideal candidate to become a Christmas ornament. Imagine covering your whole tree with the elusive Quidditch ball. Jen of EPBOT did just that and put together a detailed tutorial on making snitches that look similar to what you see in the Harry Potter films.

The process is relatively easy and very affordable. Jen and her husband John made 30 snitches in an evening and only spent two dollars on the gold portion of the ornament. The rest of the ornament involves some wire, a Dremel, and aluminum foil. Get all the instructions you need over at EPBOT.

See a photo of their tree decorated with the ornaments after the break (spoilers: it’s lovely).

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santaur 1

Christmas is just over a month away, and there’s no time like the present to start a new tradition – like adding a fresh ornament to your tree! Archie McPhee has one heck of an option for you: Santaur. It’s half-horse, half-Santa, and entirely awesome. If Santaur doesn’t scare you, he’ll bring joy to your household.

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Never forget the fateful moment Han Solo was frozen in carbonite by hanging the image in your bathroom. This shower curtain captures the fateful scene from The Empire Strikes Back and makes that warm shower you take on a cold morning feel that much better.

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We live in a happy time, friends. You can dress up any room in your house by adding a rug, and you make it geeky with a plethora of options from ThinkGeek. They just released four new styles of floor coverings featuring Chewbacca, a unicorn, a dragon, and a D20. They’re perfect for your office, bedroom, kitchen – anywhere.

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groot swing

One of the things that makes director James Gunn so much fun to follow on social media is just how much he enjoys other people’s expressions of love for Guardians Of The Galaxy.

For example, this picture of a Groot swing that some fans made for an upcoming reality show called Super Fans, Super Builds. He posted it to his Tumblr to show it off and let people know how much he loved it.

I want one of those swings. Now.

(via Yahoo UK)


One of the most memorable scenes in Raiders of the Lost Ark is when Gestapo agent Toht gets what he deserves. We see his face melt into a disgusting ooze of flesh and blood as he screams in agony. It’s awesome. Now you can relive that moment with this candle. Needless to say, it’s perfect for setting a romantic mood.

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