Etsy seller ShortysCreations01 is selling everything you need to turn your bedroom into a Batcave. The beds and dressers can be customized to any size and, as you will see after the break, he even makes tiny Batbeds for pets too.

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star wars mirrors

Let’s face it, your standard mirror can be kind of dull. So, if you’re looking for a quirky mirror that’s far from boring, then you should probably pick up one of these Star Wars mirrors from Etsy seller funkymirrors.

We’ve featured the Millennium Falcon version previously, but there’s also an R2-D2 version that would be awesome in a kid’s bathroom.

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Who knew the Witch King of Angmar could make such a fantastic wood burner? This was made by doddieszoomer from an old gas bottle and some scrap steel. The spikes on the helmet are old pipes and high temp black paint finishes the look. You can read his step-by-step guide to build this yourself or contact the builder to buy this one or even commission him for a creation of your own design.

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2144_tetris_3d_cushions_inuse (1)

Soft and squishy places to sit are a good thing. This much I’m fairly sure people can agree on. Tetris is also a good thing. Tetris cushions, it follows, have to be awesome.

This set of Tetris cushions has all five shapes in different colors and they can be fitted together for one big cushion.

Or, y’know, you can play drinking games that involves trying to stack them during parties. Heck, sky’s the limit as far as I’m concerned.

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8-Bit Superhero Bedding For Adults


Go to sleep safe and secure under your favorite superheroes in all their pixelated glory. This microfiber duvet cover is hand sewn and provides a white reversible side as well as a hidden zipper for easy assembly.

And there’s such an awesome range of superheros including The Hulk, TMNT, Lion-O, and even the Animaniacs. It’s like an 80’s slumber party…for adults! The duvet covers is available in Full, Queen, and King. Go get your geek on.

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This beautiful Triforce nightlight was built by redditor BigBadBobBitchin as a Valentine’s present for his girlfriend. It’s made to look like an armory with some of Link’s shields and weapons on display in front of a faux stained glass Triforce crest.

Although he didn’t document his build, he is considering selling them on Etsy at some point.

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We recently featured a Batmobile stroller from Super-Fan Builds that is sure to make the other kids jealous, and now they’ve made something for pets. It’s an UP doghouse for the world’s luckiest pup.

The house looks like the Up house and appears to be lifting off the ground with the help of a giant bunch of balloons. All the other dogs are going to be so jealous.

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Artist Anish Kapoor has created this incredible water vortex that endlessly swirls in the floor of a seaside building. The piece is called Decension and it’s installed inside a 10-foot wide by 10-foot deep hole in this floor in Kochi, India as part of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale. He hasn’t said exactly how it was made but told the Hindustan Times:

It took 50 laborers seven days to dig the ditch for the 3-meter-deep, 3-meter-wide, 4-ton whirlpool. You see, his work was located very close to the sea – that’s how he wanted it. So when we were digging, we also had to be really careful not to go too deep and flood the space with seawater. We actually called in a structural engineer to help.

There’s a making of video after the break that shows just how difficult the build was along with a finished video that is absolutely mesmerizing. It will put you gently to sleep if you watch for too long.

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Treehouses are generally things reserved for kids. They’re also usually small and not very fancy, but this one in Hertfordshire, England is cooler than the average house (mansion even). It’s got a game room and a kitchen and a bathroom and there are even separate treehouses for the adults and kids. According to builder Blue Forest:

The fairytale children’s tree house features a secret trapdoor leading to a games room. Inside, the room is fully equipped, complete with a plasma television and games console, meaning that the complex is also a great place for the kids to hang out and relax with their friends… and not that bad for the ‘adults’ either!

The adults’ treehouse is fully furnished to be a spectacular venue for treetop dinner parties and a large and comfortable living area for entertaining. The adults’ retreat also features a kitchen and a toilet, giving the owners the ability to host their guests from start to finish in their impressive treetop venue.

The two treehouses are connected by a dramatic canopy walkway which takes the form of several interconnecting rope bridges that weave between the trees and look out over the beautiful surrounding scenery.

As well as gazing out over the dramatic vistas of the garden, the decks also lead to a raised assault course. An eighty-yard zip wire descends from a crow’s nest that sits above a balcony and leads down to an exciting adventure trail.

No word on how much this cost, but I’m sure it was worth it.

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Every gamer dreams of having an awesome game room, but this guy actually made his dream come true. It took 6 months for Grand DM and his wife to build their Game Tavern and it is just stunning. I could spend all day down there.

There’s even a hidden closet built into one wall where a disguised set of doors opens to reveal storage shelves for all their games. Color us jealous!

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