Relax in the soothing glow of The Death Star. Instead of obliterating planets, this mood light will obliterate stress. It’s USB powered and the display stand is transparent, so it appears to hover.

A true testament to the original galactic superweapon in every way but one, this majestic sphere of destruction is – unlike the original – impeccably designed. Its resemblance is intricately on point – having a textured, tactile surface and the bumps and crevices of the Death Star are clearly defined – however it’s free of a great gaping thermal exhaust pipe. Meaning the likelihood of sabotage is minimal.

A gloriously nerdy answer to mood lighting – the Death Star Mood Light is the perfect addition to all bedside tables, desks and the like. Allow the milky hues of this weapon of mass destruction to calmingly illuminate your nighttime antics.

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R2 units are pretty darn versatile. I mean, they can hack into moon-sized space stations, pilot X-Wings and even slice open nets with tiny buzz saws. Now, thanks to Dickie from Etsy shop Master Glasster, R2 can even transform into a stained glass lampshade!

While this R2 lampshade is currently unavailable in the Master Glasster Etsy store, it doesn’t hurt to inquire about a custom order.

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Reddit user fetchbeer recently shared this glorious DIY project of a Portal-themed weighted storage cube coffee table. He even drafted 10 pages of blueprints so that anyone with the proper skills can make their own.

The best part is undoubtedly the addition of blue LEDs that give the cube it’s glow. The result looks just perfect and I am basically going to demand he make these for retail immediately.

Check out images from this awesome build and his draft plans after the break.

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Imgur mom pippx made the coolest galaxy ceiling fan for her son, and shared her parenting win with the world.

After dissembling the fan, she spray painted each blade with a black base, then added in shades of purple to “add more dimension to the universe.” Then she made stencils of constellations and painted those on each blade with glow in the dark paint. To finish the look, she used acrylic paint on the inside of the globe to represent North and South America.

Her amazing DIY project looks like Earth among the stars, as if you were standing on the moon looking out. I just love this.

Check out images from her DIY project (along with a photo of the happiest little boy on the planet) after the break.

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This gorgeous custom table pays homage to the classic N64 console with superb craftsmanship and functionality. I would have killed for this as a kid.

Super fan and DIYer, Mark Haggett, built the gaming table of our dreams to honor his favorite console. The wiring and motherboard are embedded directly within the table and he cleverly cut grooves for the controller cables to make the controllers themselves neatly accessible from the couch. The table also includes cartridge shelving, hanging controller storage and warp pipe legs.

His wonderful craftsmanship also afforded the inclusion of an 8-bit wooden block design of Super Mario. It’s really a remarkable piece of nostalgic art.

Check out images from his build after the break.

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shadow boxes

Etsy shop Fairy Cherry hand cuts layers of paper to create fantastically geeky 3D shadow boxes. You can choose from box themes like Batman, Spider-Man, Zelda, Super Mario Bros., Frozen, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and more. Each box is six inches tall by three inches wide and lights up for an impressive nighttime scene. The power plug is a type C plug (Europe standards), so U.S. buyers will need a small plug converter to fit in the A type sockets which the shop can include.

Check out more excellent 3D light box designs after the break.

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You’ll soon be able to have a fully armed an operational Death Star crashing through your wall with this 3D light. Other upcoming releases in the series include R2-D2, C-3PO, and Darth Vader’s gloved hand holding a glowing red lightsaber.

A release date hasn’t been announced yet, but you can expect them to arrive in stores (most notably Target) sometime in the near future.

See more pictures after the break.

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Although for complete accuracy, use of this rug wouldn’t be limited to just putting it at your door. Lord Nermal might use your guests for food and attention before standing on it to send a message.

Product Page: ($60)

For your convenience, Lord Nermal can also tell people off while you’re out and about.

(via Reddit)


We all know that 3D printing is going to bring an avalanche of awesome in the future, but at this point we are just scratching the surface. In this case, American Standard is utilizing a process developed in the 1980s called selective laser sintering that involves using lasers to heat and fuse metal powder. The result is faucet designs that would be difficult or impossible to produce with traditional methods.

The design above is the most interesting, and is described thusly:

..the focus was on designing the experience of water. The water is presented to the user as a stream bouncing on rocks in a riverbed. To achieve this poetic effect, the design team used Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) technology to adjust each of the 19 waterways to achieve the proper effect. The rest of the faucet is extremely pure and simple not to distract from the play of the water.

Although the products are considered to be the first ready-for-market faucets produced by 3D printing with metal, the estimated retail price is an absurd $12-$20,000 – so the technology still has a long, long way to go before its practical for the average consumer. If you aren’t the average consumer, you’ll be able to pick these up for your home sometime in the next 12 months “through an exclusive network of showrooms”.

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elder scrolls basement

We first wrote about comic artist Tyler Kirkham’s amazing Skyrim basement back in 2012, but it turns out that Tyler was far from finished—he’s since made all kinds of cool additions and updates. In fact, as the Elder Scrolls updates roll out, he plans to update right along with it.

What kind of additions? Oh, the usual, secret doors, a full kitchen, even a waterfall shower with ivy growing in it. He even made an alcove for his one year old son to play in.

I want one.

Check out the video after the break.

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