Predator fans, you’re going to want to start packing now so you can move into this house in Kalmar, Sweden. On the outside it looks like a normal house, but inside there is Predator stuff everywhere. From masks on the wall and a full-size statue at the entrance to a home theater that looks like a spaceship—this house has it all.

If that theme isn’t odd enough, the place also has a disco room in the attic (because the Predator loves to dance). You can buy this house right now for about $320,000.

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firefly ornament

Make your holidays a little more shiny with this Firefly Serenity Ship Christmas Ornament.

Measuring 6-inches long x 3 1/2-inches tall, you can hang Serenity from your tree or buy several and make your own Firefly class fleet.

She’s available for pre-order now and is expected to ship in December.

Product Page ($17.99)


This amazing Fallout vault comes from Redditor VaultoftheSix who decided to make it to celebrate his 30th birthday/Halloween. Both the exterior and the interior of the garage included all sorts of nods to the video game.

After the work was complete they held a party in the vault complete with themed cake and fog machine to set just the right mood.

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Hall of Heroes poster

Women may not get equal representation in film and television, but there are plenty of wonderful characters who should be admired. Artist Scott Park rounded up 80 (!) of them to feature in his Hall of Heroes print. The awesome art features the clones from Orphan Black, women from Game of Thrones, witches from Harry Potter, and many more. I’m happy to see many of my favorite franchises included, but mostly, I’m glad to see the diversity in personalities depicted on the poster.

Product Page ($18 and up via BuzzFeed)


All manner of evil lurks in the average garden which is why you need something more than an ordinary garden gnome to keep watch. Bat Gnome, Super Gnome, and Captain Gnomerica are on the job to keep your yard safe!

Each 9″ tall gnome is made of polyresin and hand-painted to look like either Batman, Superman, or Captain America. You can use them in your garden, or bring them inside where they’d look great standing guard on your mantle.

Product Page ($74.99 via GeekAlerts)

weeping angel christmas topper

Halloween is behind us so if you really must start planning for Christmas, you may as well go ahead and think about what you’ll put on top of the tree this year. ThinkGeek has one option for you: a Weeping Angel! You won’t be able to blink for the entirety of the holiday season, but that’s a small price to pay to have a touch of Doctor Who upon your tree.

Product Page ($19.99)

ufo soap 1

Your bathroom is about to become a place worthy of an episode of The X-Files thanks to this design by Duncan Shotton. The UFO soap pump/dispenser displays an alien abduction in progress. The aliens are stealing either a human or a cow, but your hands are probably safe from extraterrestrial experiments. We’re not so sure about other parts of your body though. You’ll have to scrub pretty hard to forget about all the probing.

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trex replica

Don’t be the only billionaire on the block that DIDN’T get his kid a full-size T-Rex skeleton for Christmas this year. Yes, this is actually being sold by Hammacher Schlemmer (naturally) and the details are as follows:

Spanning 40′ from tail to snout, this is the life-size replica fossil skeleton of Stan, a Tyrannosaur first unearthed in South Dakota’s Black Hills in 1992. Found in a disarticulated state (each bone was separated from the others), Stan’s skeleton fossilized over millions of years with little-to-no distortion or crushing, making him the most complete (190 bones) male Tyrannosaurus rex ever found. This museum-quality replica is expertly crafted using GI-1000-grade silicone molds that impart stunning, authentic detail to the polyurethane resin casts that faithfully preserve the healed injuries Stan suffered during life, including a broken neck and ribs as well as puncture wounds in his skull and lower jaw. Supported by a cleverly concealed steel structure, Stan can be customized into any anatomically possible pose desired by a complimentary assembly crew, whether vertically at 15′ tall as if surveying the landscape or horizontally at 12′ tall as if lunging for prey.

It costs $100,000, but that figure includes and assembly crew that will pose it however you like. Personally, I would want to buy a giant Optimus Prime sculpture and recreate this tattoo.

Product Page ($100K via Gizmodo)

The level of squee that happened when I saw this Firefly Magnetic Poetry by ThinkGeek would likely be considered embarrassing if it was seen by the public.

Magnetic poetry is already fun, but Firefly magnetic poetry with the Firefly font and words like gorram and ruttin’? I may paint a wall of my house with magnetic paint!

The set contains 428 words (and suffixes) from the show and even has a a magnet of Serenity and the Firefly logo.

I know I’m gonna get one. How about you?

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If you’re hoping to bring a little extra light to your bedroom, consider picking up one of these Transformers 3D Deco Lights.

These LED lights can be mounted directly to a surface, and they can also be mounted on top of a “crack” sticker that’s included–it makes it look like an Autobot or Decepticon is crashing through your wall! You can preorder these lights from Big Bad Toy Store, and they have several different variants, including the Autobot Logo, Bumblebee, Grimlock (pictured above) and Optimus Prime.

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