Let me introduce you to the awesomeness that is Hero Lights.

Each Hero Light is made to order with laser cut and engraved acrylic, RGB LEDs, and a hand-cut pine base. The LEDs give you the option to not only vary your color combinations, but control flashing, strobe, and dimming or fading.

In other words, you could get a few and have one heck of a nerd party.

Check out more examples below.

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Harry Potter fan Meredith McCardle had a brilliant idea for decorating a wall in her home.

Did I mention that she’s an author? Because that fact begins to put this project into perspective.

Using a projector she borrowed from an elementary school, McCardle traced the first page of Harry Potter on her wall then painted each letter with a high quality paint so she wouldn’t have to do a second coat.

Simple. Genius. I love everything about this idea.

Check out more pics below.

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death star fire pit

We’ve seen Death Star fire pits before. The idea appears to have originated with the folks behind KGFirePits on Etsy. You can purchase the original design there, but the version pictured here was produced by a high school welding class—and it has an awesome, upgraded look.

I once made a toolbox in high school…and a plaque. Clearly I attended the wrong class, in the wrong school, in the wrong decade.

To further stoke the fires of my jealousy, this project was auctioned off and the winner GAVE it to Redditor alphacodemonkey as a gift.

Nope, didn’t sell it for thousands of dollars—just GAVE IT AWAY. It’s like “Hey, you want a Death Star fire pit? I don’t have room for this in my backyard. I need to make room for a boring patio set.”


Anyway, check out more pictures of this glorious creation spewing flames in the gallery below.

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Esty seller QuantumPrints is offering a great poster collection featuring a different blueprint of an iconic Star Wars vehicle. A set of six posters is “printed using high quality archival inks on heavy-weight archival paper with a smooth matte finish” and can be had an affordable $29.85-$74.63 depending on size.

Plus they’re available in several different colors. Check out more examples below.

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When Ariel’s sisters were first introduced in The Little Mermaid, most of them sat upon cushions inside of giant shells as they readied themselves for the day.

Now, for the littlest merfolk in your life, that luxurious fantasy can come true. The Mermaid Bed is the brainchild of Portuguese furniture company Circu and features fiberglass construction with purple lighting to give it a magical underwater vibe.

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Are you a supervillain in need of the perfect throne? Does your lair have really large doors? If the answer to these questions is “yes”, read on.

This massive chair is made from the engine cowling of a Boeing 737 by Fallen Furniture and features a sturdy, polished aluminum base and gorgeous black leather upholstery. It will dominate the space in even the most cavernous of volcano-based control rooms.

Check out more product photos below.

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Build your cat the fort he/she deserves with Box Kitty, “the ultimate modular cat house”. These rugged cardboard pieces come in several different shapes and can be fit together with velcro to create fun designs.

Check out the box in action below.

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If you’ve always wanted your own obscenely expensive Star Trek pinball machine shaped like one of the show’s iconic shuttle craft, then you’re in luck! Altar Furniture sell an authentic pinball machine coffee table for a scant $15,000-ish.

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dino lamps

Dinosaurs roam the earth once more thanks to a controversial cloning method that involves blending dinosaur DNA with origami and a bag of Skittles. After a heavy blast of radiation, this is the surprising and unholy result.

Seriously though—colorful dinosaur lamps. I want them all. Then I’ll get a giant unicorn light, put them all together and see what happens.

Check out more pics below.

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If you’re a fan of the Fett with very deep pockets, you’ll be happy to know that Sideshow Collectables has partnered with with Tom Spina Designs on this spectacular life-size Boba Fett figure.

This magnificent six-and-a-half foot tall replica is so realistic, you’ll swear he jumped right off the Slave I! Standing confidently on a light up themed base, Boba Fett is decked out from head to toe in an authentic replica of his Mandalorian armor, featuring an articulated helmet with adjustable rangefinder, intricately detailed fabric costume and utility belt, a light-up chest panel, and braided Wookiee scalp accessories. Armed with a blaster at the ready, and another holstered at his hip, the resourceful mercenary is equipped with his signature jetpack and keeps various tools of the trade stashed in his pockets. The Boba Fett Life-Size Figure is the ultimate collectible for fans of the Fett, a truly unique centerpiece in any home theater, mancave or Star Wars display.

Okay, so let’s talk about the price. You can pre-order the replica for a lump-sum of $8,495.00 (tax and shipping NOT included!) or opt for a monthly payment of $764.50.

Yeah, I think this is more my speed.

Even if you can’t afford it, you’ll appreciate the craftsmanship. Check out more pics below.

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