hulk 1

If you have access to scrap metal, why not give it a second life by turning it into art? That’s just what Old Steel Art in Thailand does, and they’ve created everything from Transformers to Thor to this amazing Hulk from leftover metal pieces. I can’t get over how detailed the Hulk sculpture is – there are folds in the fabric and you can see muscles and veins on his skin. He looks gigantic, and I can’t imagine how he’ll be moved when/if he’s sold. Maybe they can build a Helicarrier to transport him.

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You’d think you could sit in this chair and relax—that is until you see the shadow it casts. It was designed by Yaara Derkel and it’s called the “Coppelius” chair. The idea was to make a chair in the design of cabinet maker Michael Thonet who created furniture during the industrial revolution. His works looked ordinary until the they were lit just the right way when they’d suddenly take on a whole new character. This chair definitely fits the bill, and there is no way I’m sitting in it ever.

(Kadrey via Boing Boing)

atari cat scratcher

Cats deserve the best, and sometimes the best means giving them a fandom themed scratching post. If Industries has come up with some concepts that are purrfect, and it’s not surprising since they’re the folks who came up with the Bag End litter box idea. Their latest designs include a Catari, a scratching post that looks like an Atari joystick, and Ninelives, a scratcher that resembles a retro Nintendo controller.

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Adventure Time fans, you are going to want all of these posters to decorate your walls. They’re the work of Joe Hogan and Mike Vasquez who’ve taken on everything from Star Wars to Game of Thrones to the Disney princesses. Each has been redone with Adventure Time characters in the style of the animated series and they’re amazing.

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This wallpaper is something of a tribute to games of old featuring row upon row of vintage game cartridges. The images are intentionally pixelated so that you can’t identify the actual games, but there’s no mistaking the old school cartridges and their delightful, nostalgic vibe.

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light saber keys

You can finally open a door with a lightsaber and not melt the lock!

These lightsaber keys come in a number of Kwikset, Schlage, and Weiser key sets and, once they send you the blanks, you can get your keys cut.

Right now it looks like they have the red and blue Lightsaber keys, but other product pictures hint that a purple and and green are on the way.

They also have lots of other cool styles, so if you like fun shaped or branded keys, you’re going to want to check them out.

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tom baker scarf 1

Tom Baker’s colorful scarf makes the perfect addition to the decor of any home, and the creative folks at Our Nerd Home applied the design to a rug. They got the runner carpet at Home Depot and used acrylic and latex paints to add the stripes; they finished the ends by crocheting on yarn fringe. It’s simple and rather perfect for any Whovian, especially Fourth Doctor fans.

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r2-d2 burner 1

Incorporate the droids everyone is looking for into your backyard with a handy Instructable from doddieszoomer. He transformed an old, empty gas bottle into R2-D2.

Basically, he cut the bottle to modify it and added legs with “5mm box section.” The rest of the astromech’s pieces were welded on and eventually handpainted. And guess what? If you don’t have the Force powers or tools necessary to make your own, you can bid on this one on eBay.

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This might look like some sort of temporarily erected set, or even an amusement park, but it’s actually a real apartment complex currently under construction in Japan. It’s located in Hamamatsu amid a bunch of regular homes and is slated to open next year. The goal was to create something with a fairy-tale vibe, and they’ve managed to pull it off and create the world’s best place for celebrating Halloween.

Top Image: Asahi

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You’ll have nothing but sweet dreams about The Doctor with your very own TARDIS headboard. It’s primarily built out of wood with the addition of dry erase boards for the windows and some vinyl letters. And this is even bigger on the inside, as the doors actually open to display a series of shelves for storing your books, a sonic screwdriver, and maybe even a fez.

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