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Bring the moon into your home or backyard with these Luna lanterns by Acorn Studios. Not surprisingly, these gorgeous lights are killing it on Indiegogo .

Not only are they beautiful, but they offer a range of luminosity from LUX1 to LUX5, so you can adjust to your preferred mood. They come in seven different sizes from 3.2″ to 23.6″ and are estimated to retail from $75 – $875.

I want one. A BIG one.

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3DLightFX is adding to their range of 3D wall lights with a Millennium Falcon model that bursts into your room with flames in its wake. All you need are a few batteries to keep the LEDs glowing.

It’s as badass as night lights can get.

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The Napmobile Is Pure Genius

9 Super Powers of New Moms

Start-up mattress company Casper is quickly gaining recognition with a brilliant marketing stunt that involves letting weary-eyed folks take a snooze in their traveling Napmobile. This modified trailer boasts four compact sleep pods featuring shaded windows, plush pillows, and a phone to hear bedtime stories.

I’ll bet you’re wishing really hard that this thing would pull into your office parking lot right now.

Their official Nap Tour (I’m going to be a mattress groupie) is traveling the East Coast offering free naps, stopping in seven cities from Boston to Miami. Check out more images of the dream machine on wheels after the break.

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Does this underground garage look familiar?

The massive residential renovation project was appropriately dubbed “The Wayne Residence” as the design was inspired by Bruce Wayne’s lair in The Dark Knight.

In order to maintain the integrity of the mansion and surrounding landscape, Australia-based architecture firm Molecule created an underground garage that looks just like the movie set. A hydraulic ramp hidden near the tennis court is used to access the garage while a gorgeous glass ceiling staircase connects to the historic building. On their site, Molecule describes the inspiration for the project:

“The secrecy of the underground world introduced notions of an architectural alter-ego, an alternative character that could offer the project its modern-day relevance. The indelible image of Bruce Wayne’s garage in The Dark Knight became a totem of the design approach, sponsoring the Batman-inspired naming of the project as the Wayne Residence.”

The underground lair also conceals a 12-seat theater that’s perfect for entertaining fellow superheroes. Check out more images of Batman’s pad after the break.

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zelda decor

Don’t get me wrong, I really like what redditor McPhage has done here. Combining the Zelda series with custom 3d printed mounts does make a pretty spectacular wall decoration.

But part of me thinks it’s a pity that these games won’t be played.

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Made by Richard Riley of Tom Spina Designs, this spectacular Millennium Falcon Asteroid Chase Coffee Table was a custom commission for a fan who plans to put it in their screening room (ugh…so jealous). Still, if you want to get something similar made, you now know where to go.

Of course, you’ll probably have to set this coffee table up in the woods because that’s where you’ll be forced to live after spending all of your savings.

Riley made the table using a licensed Hasbro Millennium Falcon and a Tie Fighter model kit, then added his own paint work and built the asteroid fields diorama to create a five foot wide, three foot deep, and almost 2 foot tall base. Top that with custom oval glass and, voila, a table that looks like a movie still.

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zombie flamingos

Turns out that the zombie apocalypse we all feared didn’t start with humans. The flamingos have turned!

If you live in Florida or have a weird, tacky neighbor you had better get your bug out bag and start running.

Product Page ($19.99)


Keti Sidamonidze had a vision for her fairy tale bedroom mural and enlisted the help of artist Giorgi Makharashvili who “was not afraid to experiment with the paints of this ultraviolet magic world.”

Keti talked of city lights and moon cats and, somehow, Giorgi’s made her vision happen. The mural looks like a whimsical town with a cat starting off into the distance during the day. And at night, the mural becomes a spectacular Tim Burton-esque dreamscape.

Check out all the amazing artwork in both daylight and black light after the break.

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joker ground breaker

The Death Of The Family arc was one of the best Joker stories ever told. But the story is far from over my friends.

The Joker is back (again) and, oddly enough, the story starts in your flower garden with this Joker Ground Breaker. This time he’s all about making trick-or-treaters pee their pants.

Clearly, the Joker has set his sights a little bit lower in this arc.

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Bring Hayao Miyazaki’s Castle in the Sky into your home with this hanging planter. The planter features features the details of the castle itself, but the top of the castle is yours to create.

It’s also designed to hang instead of sitting somewhere in a garden or on a counter. This castle, like the one from the film, is made to live in the air.

The planter will sell for 4,000¥ (approx. $33 USD) in Japan later this month.

(via Rocket News)