Who needs a replica of Mega Man’s helmet for their desk? Basically everyone. This version of the hero’s helmet is miniature, and it’s the first detailed replica on this scale. The limited edition collectible even lights up with four USB-powered LEDs. You can display the helmet on or off the stand, but the stand really does complement it.

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batman statue 1

It’s time to stop worrying about shelf space and start worrying about wall space. This new Batman wall mounted statue from Pop Culture Shock (PCS) is the sign of things to come. This polystone statue looks quite detailed, and PCS states these new collectibles have the same quality and craftsmanship as their shelf-based sculpts. The wall mounted piece comes with a LED light and stands at 15 inches tall.

You can pre-order the Batman statue now for an estimated ship date of November 2015. It sounds like this is just the first of the DC wall statues PCS will be offering.

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lego arcade christmas ornament

LEGO artist Chris McVeigh is skilled at coming up with plans for small and geeky Christmas ornaments. He also is generous enough to make those plans free to download. He’s designed ornaments such as the TARDIS, the Death Star, and the Millennium Falcon in the past, and he’s come up with a vintage arcade machine ornament for this year.

You can download the PDF for the little LEGO machines – as well as McVeigh’s other ornaments – at his website.

(via Laughing Squid)


These beautiful handmade blown glass ornaments put each of the planets in our solar system on your Christmas tree. From the product page:

Blown glass Christmas ornaments. A Saturn that actually LOOKS like Saturn, with Cassini data used to etch the rings! A Sun with sunspots! Earth and Mars with clouds and polar caps, Jupiter with a red spot, and I include Pluto, just because! Very cool!! And with a loop on the top to hang on your tree. I like to hang these in the window during non-Christmas months. The sunlight coming through them is amazing! I hand blow these ornaments myself. Ornament size is about 2″ for the small ones, up to 4 inches, and Saturn has the rings about 4.5″. With the rings, the ornament is heavier than my others and may be too heavy for little trees. All of the ornaments are thicker than cheap breakable ones, and have been crash tested by my cats to be able to withstand normal handling and last a lifetime as heirloom pieces.

The ornaments are so pretty, you’re going to want to find a way to put them on display all year long.

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hp tree 1

Jen of EPBOT and her husband John are applying some Harry Potter magic to their Christmas tree this year. We saw the golden snitch ornaments they made, and now they’ve come up with a way to replicate the look of the floating candles we see in the Great Hall in the films.

They bought battery operated candles from The Dollar Tree and removed the tops and bottoms, added faux wax drips with hot glue, painted and aged them, and attached them to the ceiling with clear fishing line. The result is so pretty that I’m considering inviting myself to their home to see the candles in person. Or I guess I could make my own.

The craziest part? This beautiful Harry Potter themed tree is still a work in progress. What else will they add?

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hobbit cottage 1

If you live in Los Angeles and can afford $2,595 a month for rent, you could live in a cottage that looks like it’s right out of a storybook. This cozy home was created by Disney artist Joseph Lawrence and is known as “The Hobbit’s House.” It’s listed on Craigslist with plenty of photos and has features such as a stone fireplace, stained glass windows, ponds, and a bar. It doesn’t look huge (it’s just two bedrooms and one bath), but it’s oozing with charm.

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Groot is a tree-like creature so it makes perfect sense that he’d become a great Christmas tree decoration. DeviantArt user witchcraftywolfen crafted this awesome Groot tree topper from a CD spool cover, foam, plastic eyes, Crayola Model Magic, pipe cleaners, and acrylic paint. Whew. Because Groot can’t be without his pal Rocket, she also made a Rocket Raccoon plush to hang out on the tree with him. Both decorations are creative and awesome.

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frozen snowflakes 1

Frozen hit theaters at this time last year, and the animated film is still insanely popular. If you’re embracing Frozen fever, you might want to let it go and cover your tree and/or home in paper snowflakes featuring Olaf, Anna, Elsa, Hans, Kristoff, Marshmallow, and Sven! These beauties were designed by Anthony Herrera, also known for being the creator of these amazing Star Wars paper snowflakes.

You’ll need a sharp X-acto knife, patience, and a printer to create these chilly pieces of art. However, the pattern is completely free to download.

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baymax light 1

Baymax doesn’t exactly fit into the armor Hiro makes for him in Big Hero 6. His belly sticks out, and 3D Marketplace 3Denovo saw Baymax’s stomach differently than most of us. They pictured the belly as a light bulb. So, they 3D printed the armored Baymax as a single piece and designed it so that the robot can fold in the middle, leaving room for the light bulb.

It’s a cute idea except for the part where the light bulb protrudes from Baymax’s back. That just makes it really, really weird.

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millennium falcon rug

This Millennium Falcon rug will put the ship that did the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs right on your living room floor. It measures 59″ x 79″ and is an officially licensed Star Wars product. Made of 100% polyester.

Product Page ($100 via 7 Gadgets)