This severed unicorn head (no actual unicorns were harmed) can mount easily to your door and lights up using magic. Well, actually it lights up using a few batteries and an internal motion sensor, which is invisible so it’s like magic.

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It will light up your path and you can hang your coat, keys, or scarf upon its horn. It’s kind of like a butler unicorn. But it’s less expensive that a butler and definitely more adorable.

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Literally every square inch of this short-term apartment is decorated with Super Mario Bros.-themed accessories. Every. Square. Inch. There’s question block lights, mushroom tables, pictures, toys and accessories everywhere you look.

A guy named Parker owns the apartment, and he really poured his heart and soul into decorating the space. He registered the space with the independent travel lodging company AirBnb, and he has a ton of 5 star reviews.

“This apartment embodies the spirit of an iconic Japanese video-game character with geek chic without falling into a “kids bedroom” cliché. This is not a cheap, second-hand apartment made for cynical reasons, it’s a piece of art from the heart. I made a lot of the items you see by hand, and painted quite a few too.”

The apartment is available for rent for only $77 a night in the great downtown area of Meguro in Tokyo. And the luscious space provides two bedrooms, a pull-out couch, full kitchen, bathroom, and even laundry facilities. Seriously, I don’t know why I’m not living there already!

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Meet Uni, the Unicorn Night Light.

“Here’s a magical unicorn-shaped ambient light that’ll illuminate your mystical night time adventures. Namely toilet visits and trips to everyone’s favourite haunt, Facebook.”

Wireless (just like a real unicorn) this sweet friend only requires a few batteries to power the LED light. It also comes in three enchanting colors.

Check out the even cuter pink and yellow unicorns after the break.

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Imagine if Westeros was a place you could actually visit? You might plan that road trip on Google Maps, and this is what that experience would look like. While you can’t zoom in and navigate, the design is certainly convincing. Etsy seller MongoLife is even selling it as a framed print so you can hang it on your wall.

Product Page ($21 via Mashable)

pokemon bed

This duvet is a giant collage featuring all 721 Pokémon characters squished into a bright, all-over print. It’s available in twin, queen, and king sizes and each is made to order. It takes about three weeks to create before it’s shipped to your door.

Product Page ($124.84-$199.84)


This tribute to Chain Chomp from Super Mario Bros. is the work of Catastrophicreations (who also make an awesome Indiana Jones cat bridge). While Chain Chomp is a cat bed, the box he’s attached to is for storage.

The whole piece (other then the wooden box) is made from hardened styrofoam, including the chain. It’s a multiple of layers of Epoxy and another product with a cement texture used over the the Chomp’s body to make it look like metal. It’s body is matte, and the inside of the mouth, teeth and eyes are gloss to give them a wet look.

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Today in things we’d all love to own the second we win the lottery, check out these amazing 3D epoxy floors by a company in Dubai (of course) named Imperial.

These are still a fairly new invention and have been used in more commercial and retail businesses, but Imperial is looking to branch out into home design and the results are breathtaking.

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A still-life painting would look handsome hanging on the wall of your dining room, but the astute observer will notice that this one contains mushrooms, turtle shells, power flowers, and gold coins. It’s a classical painting Super Mario Bros. style.

Etsy shop owner Lizustration takes some of your favorite fandoms and uses them as inspiration for museum quality still-life portrait prints. Her works of art include arrangements from The Legend of Zelda, Katamari, and Mega Man.

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This incredibly detailed relief is made from hundred of pieces of laser cut wood which are meticulously layered into beautiful scenes. The piece above depicts the famous bathhouse from Spirited Away by Studio Ghibli. Artist Martin Tomsky has an amazing eye for detail and perspective coupled with an amazing level of patience.

“My childhood was spent surrounded by books – relics from my parents’ past as Czech publishers and book smugglers. Amidst the chaos of a large family, my drawing habit grew unchecked until it developed into a full blown addiction.”

His brilliant art work is also inspired by H. P. Lovecraft, Game of Thrones and Neil Gaiman to name a few. He sells his work on Etsy, but art of this caliber doesn’t come cheap. Check out more examples after the jump.

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Imagine the awesome dreams of space battles and Wookiees that must fill this kid’s head while sleeping in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon.

Ed Mcgowen works for a design studio with his brother and they decided to use their incredible skills to make a dream bedroom for Ed’s nephew. A year ago he posted the Falcon on Reddit in the beginning stages of construction, and now we can all marvel at the amazing finished product.

The brothers added a ton of extra Star Wars features to the bedroom: the base is an AT-AT leg, the wing is a desk and the window to the side looks like a hangar door when closed. The fan is even rigged to blow air into the bed for a perfect, comfortable flying/sleeping temperature.

Check out the original pic of the build in process after the break…

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