If you’ve always wanted your own obscenely expensive Star Trek pinball machine shaped like one of the show’s iconic shuttle craft, then you’re in luck! Altar Furniture sell an authentic pinball machine coffee table for a scant $15,000-ish.

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dino lamps

Dinosaurs roam the earth once more thanks to a controversial cloning method that involves blending dinosaur DNA with origami and a bag of Skittles. After a heavy blast of radiation, this is the surprising and unholy result.

Seriously though—colorful dinosaur lamps. I want them all. Then I’ll get a giant unicorn light, put them all together and see what happens.

Check out more pics below.

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If you’re a fan of the Fett with very deep pockets, you’ll be happy to know that Sideshow Collectables has partnered with with Tom Spina Designs on this spectacular life-size Boba Fett figure.

This magnificent six-and-a-half foot tall replica is so realistic, you’ll swear he jumped right off the Slave I! Standing confidently on a light up themed base, Boba Fett is decked out from head to toe in an authentic replica of his Mandalorian armor, featuring an articulated helmet with adjustable rangefinder, intricately detailed fabric costume and utility belt, a light-up chest panel, and braided Wookiee scalp accessories. Armed with a blaster at the ready, and another holstered at his hip, the resourceful mercenary is equipped with his signature jetpack and keeps various tools of the trade stashed in his pockets. The Boba Fett Life-Size Figure is the ultimate collectible for fans of the Fett, a truly unique centerpiece in any home theater, mancave or Star Wars display.

Okay, so let’s talk about the price. You can pre-order the replica for a lump-sum of $8,495.00 (tax and shipping NOT included!) or opt for a monthly payment of $764.50.

Yeah, I think this is more my speed.

Even if you can’t afford it, you’ll appreciate the craftsmanship. Check out more pics below.

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Artist Jedediah Corwyn Voltz created these highly detailed miniature treehouses for houseplants that make me want to shrink down and move right in.

With miniature kitchens, tables, and work spaces, the plants look perfect for a fantasy story setting right on your windowsill.

Voltz has created roughly 25 miniature structures in a series titled “Somewhere Small”. The collection is on display at Virgil Normal in Los Angeles starting on April 23rd, but you can check put photos of several pieces below.

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If you liked the N64 coffee table, this project will be right up your alley.

Designed and built by Redditor Edgemeredrive, this GameCube logo shelf measures 35″ x 35″ (roughly 3ft each side) and holds about 180 games. The center cube even comes out, revealing a space to set up your favorite Nintendo console. Or, y’know, some other system.

Check out some more photos of the spectacular build below.

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It’s a little known fact that dragon’s breath smells like cedarwood and cinnamon. The milliseconds before your fiery death are quite intoxicating actually.

The Hobbit Smaug Incense Burner ($99.99)


IKEA hacksman SIN Tchan has built himself this pretty golly gosh darn spiffy custom arcade cabinet using a $50 IKEA desk, a 24″ Samsung monitor and a handful of inexpensive components, all for around $365. Not too bad, eh?

Assuming you already have the console, the additional components include:

– MICKE desk $49.99
– Samsung monitor 24” hdmi with speakers $150
– Arcade stick motherboard $30 (type ”arcade stick pcb” on
– Buttons + joystick (brand Sanwa) $40
– Stainless steel panel $30
– Black stickers $15
– stool $50

Full instructions for the build can be found on SIN Tchan’s IKEA Hackers page. Take a better look at the finished product below.

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A Star Wars superfan built his very own AT-ST – those mini-walkers seen on the forests of Endor in Return of the Jedi – in his backyard. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a build like this, but it’s by far the best.

The walker was spotted by a “Mr. Kernish” who noticed it in the distance when he was doing some work nearby. He took photos then followed up with video showing off the thing. The person who built it prefers not to be named, but it’s a surprisingly robust build, complete with moving turrets, sound effects and a remarkably detailed interior.

So, let’s put all of this into perspective. Apparently, some anonymous genius decided to build a stunning, life-size AT-ST in his backyard, and never planned to tell the Internet about it. He did it solely for his own amusement. Hard to believe in this day and age.

Check out the original photos and the follow-up videos below.

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I mean, he lost weight like Christian Bale in The Machinist for his role as an architectural lamp. That can’t be healthy.

Still, it looks like he totally nailed the part.

R2-D2 Architectural Desk Lamp ($59.99)


Designer Eyal Rosenthal has created a series of Star Wars-inspired light fixtures with “Scandinavian style” that I would love to be able to buy at my local IKEA.

Check out more designs below.

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