Of course I love my cat, but holy sh*t get off my laptop already! Thankfully, there’s this kitty friendly laptop complete with a scratching board. The cardboard laptop comes with “pre-installed” stickers, hi-res wallpaper image (which can be swapped out for your own), tethered mouse, and a scratching board in place of a keyboard. Hopefully Mr. Kitty won’t get wise to the lack of scrolling so I can get back to scrolling working on my laptop.

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Cast in resin, this creepy tentacle will hold toilet paper while you release the kracken. It can also hold earphones, jewelry and, possibly, harvest your soul. I’m assuming Cthulhu is on the other side of that octopus arm, of course.

Etsy shop TeptecStudios makes the tentacle from durable resin infused with metal powder and then hand paints each piece to resemble a bronze statue. There’s actually quite an amount of detailing for such a novel item, and it’s definitely a conversation starter.

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The futuristic Lifestyle Home Elevator from England-based Terry Lifts definitely looks like it could beam you up. According to their site, the lift is designed to carry up to 550 pounds at once and can be customized to fit any decor. And it totally beats those granny chair lifts.

“We have combined luxury with the latest technology to bring you an innovative high end home elevator, ergonomically designed and created specially for your home.”

If I could customize it to make the materialization sound then I’m sold. Check out the video of the fancy lift in action after the break.

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You’ll look forward to taking a dirt nap. Journey to the center of the bed. It goes on and on and on.

Prepare yourself for a journey unlike any other. Well, this adventure actually just involves sleeping in this exclusively designed geology bedding. The quilt features a multi-layered cross section of the earth’s interior, with each layer made from a different material. The result is a unique mixture of patterns, colors and textures.

Geology bedding is available in twin and full/queen sizes and those awesome shovel and volcano pillows are extra. They’re essential as far as I’m concerned. All they need now is a dinosaur bones version.

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Make all your neighbors jealous with this unicorn head squirrel feeder. You could even pretend you’re a powerful wizard that taunts the woodland creatures with head-morphing spells.

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I cannot stop laughing. Go on without me and see a hilarious action shot after the break. I’m dead. Bye.

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Coolest Dad ever Kyle Gilbert created this awesome replica of the Millennium Falcon Cockpit for his Star Wars fankids. The project only took a weekend to build, using a few inexpensive materials (like PVC board, MDF, tons of glue, and a few other odds and ends). The cockpit itself is pretty detailed with fake light-up control panels and a flight dashboard with working buttons and switches.

See Also: I’m So Jealous Of This Kid’s Millennium Falcon Bedroom

Check out the inside of this fantastic Falcon playhouse after the break.

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lightsaber lamp

With a lampshade featuring art from acclaimed Star Wars artist Steve Anderson, this 18-inch lamp also includes a hand-sculpted and hand-painted base that showcases three lightsabers and the Star Wars logo. The lamp gives off a soft light until you flip a second switch on the base, which lights up the lightsabers in blue, green and red.

Best. Lamp. Ever.

Product Page ($199.99)

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alien stone main

Xenomorphs are scary. Xenomorphs with a mouthful of fire? Terrifying.

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Why use an ordinary oil diffuser when you can use these very cool Star Wars Aroma Ornaments? They’re made of ceramic and designed by Kotobukiya, so they look good and they smell good.

Each one comes with a 5ml bottle of lavender oil (the scent will surround you, penetrate you), but you can also use your own scents. Designs include the Death Star, the Millennium Falcon, and R2-D2.

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These Frankenstein light switch paddles are perfect for your basement laboratory. I would scream “It’s Alive” every time I turn the lights on.

Etsy shop 3D Printing Egg makes each light switch by request for single, double and triple setups, although the multi-switch plates look way more ominous. The ABS Plastic plates are shipped unpainted so you can color match your room perfectly.

Product Page ($9.99-$19.99)