x-wing rocker 1

It’s never too early to let your child pilot a spaceship. That’s especially true if said spaceship only rocks back and forth and can’t actually launch into a dogfight. This Star Wars X-wing rocker by Steve’s Wooden Toys fits the safety bill, and it’s quite the sight. It’s handcrafted from pine, rimu, and macrocarpa woods and features a removable R2-D2 so your kid can take him everywhere.

It was available for sale as of October to New Zealand residents. If you could get the X-wing rocker and make this AT-AT one, you’d have the coolest toys this side of Tatooine.

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Etsy artist Loft817 has been turning dictionaries slated to be recycled into nerdy works of art. He carefully removes the pages and then prints images right on top of the words. The unique pop art images include everyone from Harley Quinn to Deadpool and even Star Wars characters like Boba Fett.

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Gamers are a messy lot so this classic 16-bit game controller doormat will come in handy for your next games day. It measures 13 3/4″ tall x 30″ across and features a non-skid back so it will stay in place.

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batman meme dry erase board

The Batman slap meme is endlessly funny. I’ve seen it used to shut down just about everything. But what if you could have a template of the meme on your wall that you can update every day? Thanks to Etsy seller Art by Choleena, this dream is a reality. She has a re-creation of the slap meme art under dry erase glass so you can fill in the blanks and make cracks about your roommate and/or family. As she points out, this is ideal for hanging in a common area.

Product Page ($21.82 via Geek Alerts)


Your birthday is a big deal, so it’s got to be upsetting when everyone forgets, which is exactly what’s happened to redditor Katie in the past. She turned 28 last Tuesday and to make up for the oversight, her Best Friend Forever gave her home a Harry Potter transformation. Moaning Myrtle, floating candles, and Hogwarts acceptance letters hanging from the ceiling made this a birthday that no one will forget.

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jaws baby bed 4

Prop maker, RPF member, and doting uncle Joseph Reginella made this one of a kind Jaws-themed bassinet for his nephew, which I’m pretty sure puts him in the favorite uncle category.

Of course, Joseph better get to work on a new one because as he grows, his nephew’s gonna need…a bigger boat.

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tardis bed 1

If you have regular visitors but would like to utilize the space in your guest room when it’s not being occupied, a Murphy bed is the way to go.  But one possible problem: they’re not cheap. When blogger Stubbs of The Stubby Thumb was put off by Murphy bed prices, she decided to make her own and to give it some Doctor Who flair. I mean, the TARDIS is possibly the best choice for a hideaway bed.

She crafted the entire bed herself and while she mentions it’s not an exact match to any of the TARDISes seen in the series, her design had to fit the space available. I think we’ll let any inaccuracies slide on this one. In fact, I hope she expands the Doctor Who theme to include the entire room.

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Who knew there were so many nerdy cats out there? First there was a landspeeder cat bed to keep cat Star Wars fans happy, and now there’s a Batman feeding bowl for cats who love the Caped Crusader. Like the landspeeder, this comes from Roxy’s Dream. It holds three bowls in a feeding station that looks like the Bat symbol. I don’t think Catwoman is going to approve.

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death star fire pit

This is what redditor Bandia5309 got from his grandfather for Christmas this year. Word is that they have him working on one that looks like Vader’s funeral pyre.

batman wreath 1

Last year, Kat and Cam of Our Nerd Home posted instructions for a wonderful DIY multi-fandom wreath for the holidays. They made another wreath this year, and they were inspired by ThinkGeek’s Batman wreath t-shirt. Behold, the Bat-Wreath! The relatively simple build was made from garland (it’s going to be on sale at this point in the year), a cardboard Batman symbol template, glue, and a few other basics. The finished wreath looks awesome and might scare away anyone with ill intentions.

Get complete instructions at Our Nerd Home.