You know those D20 string lights we featured over the weekend? These dragon ornaments from Etsy seller Aelia Petro would be a perfect match…if she had them in stock. Hopefully she will replenish them sometime soon because I’m fully committed to doing a fantasy-themed tree next year.

Check out more designs below. [click to continue…]


Some Harry Potter fans like to decorate their Christmas trees with a couple of Potter-themed ornaments—but not Kathryn Burnett. This superfan created an entire Harry Potter-themed tree, complete with a sorting hat on top. This is the second time that Kathryn’s decorated a tree like this. I wonder how she’s going to top it next year?

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For a feline buddy named Dinni, Prefabcat designed and built this cardboard tower dubbed the “Cat Ark”.

The project involved the use of heavy duty cardboard, a hot glue gun, and bread and craft knives. The result boasts ramps, pull-out stepping shelves, windows and a monster head balcony.

The video below confirms that Dinni is using the new structure, though he is probably perturbed that his ark can’t sail away on adventures. [click to continue…]


Crispin Young Wilson describes herself as a “part time artist, full-time computer healer”. Personally, I think she should add “magician” to her resume.

See, Crispin paints invisible murals. Really, really, really cool ones based on the night sky.

Over the weekend, Crispin painted a bedroom for her friend’s son. Apparently, the kid had a hard time adjusting to his new room, so his dad hoped the mural would make him feel more comfortable. Of course, when he first went into the room, he had no idea there was a mural.

Then his dad turned off the lights.

Crispin recounted the story (which is adorable) on Twitter so I went and tucked her tweets about it below. [click to continue…]


A few friends got together for some beers, and by the end of the night they had come up with a concept for a Hipster Nativity Set. Hey, these things happen.

Unlike most drunken brainstorms, they actually followed through on the idea and formed the company Modern Nativity. Apparently, a nativity in 2016 would involve Segways, Amazon Prime, lattes, and selfies with the baby Jesus. It’s sacrihilarious—which is why they are selling over 500 sets a day at $130 a pop. Best get yours while you still can.

Check out more pics and a video below. [click to continue…]


Given the loss of Alan Rickman this year, I don’t know if I could handle this decorative Snape’s Patronus lamp. I mean, I would rather not get choked up every time I entered a room. The Triwizard Cup lamp is more my speed right now. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


If Tim Burton were to ask me where he could get some awesome custom furniture, I would say “check out Rebecca DeGroot“.

Or maybe this guy.

She tells Make:

“I don’t like spiders, but I’m intrigued by the way they move and I’m constantly analyzing the mechanics of creatures.”

Indeed, much of her extraordinary work appears to be inspired by insects, and I’m just blown away by the forms she’s able to create. Check out more of her work below. [click to continue…]


Yep, less merry, more menacing.

The Star Wars Death Star Tree Topper features the iconic Imperial battle station as a tree topper. With the included remote you can have the Death Star itself light up blue or red with a green laser dish. Spice up your traditional holiday classic carols with the Imperial March or the classic Star Wars theme. Connect to the included universal adapter for continuous lighting effects. For safety, keep at a safe distance from Alderaan.

The glowing was ominous, but I tried not to think about it. Then I brought out the turkey for Christmas dinner and my tree topper blew it up. My house is now the property of the Empire. [click to continue…]


Collectible lamps? I can’t fathom how that might become problematic.

Peripheral maker PDP has unveiled Pixel Pals—a line of AAA battery-powered pixel art lights that are downright irresistible. So far, the line features three characters—Mario, Vault Boy, and Mega Man with the promise of more to come. Yeah, just imagine what would happen if each of your Funko Pops was a lamp.

Pixel Pals are available to pre-order now for $14.99 with a release date slated for November 30th. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


If you aren’t quite convinced that the world has gone mad, I present to you Unicorn Gold, a bathroom spray that uses gold particles to “slay your poo-stink with the golden fart of a mystic unicorn”.

I know someone who is very excited about this.

Anyway, the product comes to us thanks to Squatty Potty, who have produced yet another bizarre video featuring the handsome prince spokesman and his unicorn sidekick. Watch it below. [click to continue…]