Looks like the space shuttle’s number one fan lives in China. This replica of the space shuttle was built by a 60-year-old farmer in Quangdong province and sits proudly on top of his roof. The model is covered with tiles and even has an American flag logo on the side. Bet no one ever has any trouble finding his house.

Photos via Xinhuanet and PCOnline.

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cardboard iron throne

Forget turning to bloody wars and deadly battles to win the Iron Throne of Westeros – just use a cardboard version to make any chair the most important one in all of the land! NOW TV and The Telegraph made the faux “throne of swords” pictured above, and it can be attached to any seat you wish with minimal effort. They hosted a giveaway to bequeath the throne upon one lucky person.

Sadly, that means you can’t buy one. If you wanted to acquire the fake throne in true Game of Thrones fashion, you’d find the winner and steal it, but it might be easier to buy some cardboard and get to work on your own.

(Dorkly via GAS)


Your garden will surely be safe with this little guy standing guard.

This is Ned Bark, Lord of the North of Grassteros. He sits on the Throne of a Thousand Shovels in King’s Lawnding to do is Kings will. The gnome realm is in disarray and with the threat of the zombies from Cannibal Rock we can only hope Ned is ready for what’s to come. This is the Game of Gnomes.

He’s made of a proprietary cement, hand casted, hand painted, and then sealed in outdoor weather sealer to protect the paint. Spring is coming and with this guy, your garden will be ready for anything.

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This Thwomp pillow might look fierce but it’s not going to hurt anyone. It’s an officially licensed Nintendo product with an embroidered face on the front and the Super Mario logo embroidered on the back. The pillow measures 12″ square and is 4″ thick.

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papercraft elsa

As much as I love buying prints and posters, I’m always on the lookout for different kinds of art to put on my walls. I like variety, and these incredible papercraft designs by The Paper Pony blew me away! The Etsy shop features intricate paper art inside shadowboxes, and they are highly detailed and so very, very pretty. I especially love the use of different textures. Their work features characters from Frozen, Game of Thrones (Daenerys and her dragons!), Doctor Who, Legend of Zelda, and many others. You can even commission a design if you don’t see your favorite franchise represented in their shop.

Each piece is made by hand so there will be slight variations – which I think makes this art even cooler. Turnaround time is 3-4 weeks.

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This handmade mirror will turn you into a Vulcan every time you check your face. It’s made in the Tiffany style with black stained glass hair and flesh-colored ears with painted Vulcan eyebrows. The mirror measures 10.5″ by 7 1/2″ and will take about 1-2 weeks to arrive on your doorstep.

Product Page ($49 via technabob)


Dragon Quest fans will soon be able to buy floor mats which feature graphics from the classic games. The mats, which will be released soon by Square Enix, are made form acrylic fiber and come in three versions: journey, staircase and poison swamp (sounds friendly).

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Geeky welcome mats 1

If you’re a fellow geek, you’re probably regularly looking for ways to incorporate your favorite fandoms into your home decor. Our Nerd Home has a fantastic and simple suggestion for you: add some nerd to your welcome mats! All you need is a plain welcome mat from places like Ikea or Target, a stencil, pins, and spray paint. They opted to go with the Star Trek symbol and a Triforce pattern for their first two mats. I can’t wait to try this out.

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sarlacc toilet 1

Would you like to make your toilet more menacing and amusing at the same time? I thought so. Robbie Rane can help you out with his epic Sarlacc toilet design. The Toilet Sarlacc came about because Rane was joking about poop with a friend (like you do) and someone cracked a quip about dropping Boba Fett down the Sarlacc pit. Rane worked with others and eventually came up with a fabulous sticker set that turns your bathroom throne into a pit of despair. I freaking love it.

Installing it is a little tricky because you have to remove all the water currently in your toilet, but I think it’s a worthwhile endeavor. If you’d like to get your hands on a Toilet Sarlacc sticker set, you can contact the creator.

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the minion chair

Etsy seller DesignsByMeganAlyss has a Minion kid chair just for you.

She offers them custom made to order and, because she personally upholsters each chair to your specs, she can make them look like your favorite minion.

If your kid likes Despicable Me, I’m pretty sure they’re gonna love this. I just wish she made them in adult sizes!

Product Page ($160 via Homes and Hues)