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It’s never to early to get kids involved in science, tech, engineering and math. To that end, Amazon has started a subscription service called STEM Club that delivers a science, tech, engineering, or math toy from “top trusted brands” once a month (please let one of the toys be those cool crystal building kits).

The boxes are made for ages 3-4, 5-7, 8-13 and cost $19.99 monthly with free shipping. The service is currently available in the US only.

(via Engadget / Top Image: Martin Cron)

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First is was the live-action trailer, then it was the Funko Pops, but it appears that Beauty and the Beast madness is just warming up. In the video below, Beyond the Brick speaks with Kevin Hall about his LEGO Beauty and the Beast Castle at Brick Live Birmingham 2016. It measures 7.2 feet tall and contains an astounding 500,000 LEGO bricks. [click to continue…]


It’s been a little over a year now since we first heard of the Ned Flanders-themed metal band “Okilly Dokilly”. It’s been quiet since then, but now they have a music video for the song “White Wine Spritzer” which appears on their upcoming album Howdilly Doodilly (they could throw these references at you all day).

At any rate, It definitely isn’t quiet now. Watch the video below. [click to continue…]


If this Kickstarter campaign is successful, you may soon be able to create a miniature fire tornado on demand in the privacy of your own home (without unleashing hell upon the neighborhood).

The “Flameflex” utilizes a USB or battery-powered mesh cylinder which spins, creating an area of low pressure and a foot-long firenado. The fire itself is fueled by a bioethanol divided into two cells inside the device.

Needless to say, the Flameflex shouldn’t be used around kids or pets, but is said to be about as safe as a candle when used properly. A number of material options are available, including wood, copper, aluminum, and brass with prices ranging between between $66 and $78. Initial shipments are slated for January 2017.

See Flameflex in action below. [click to continue…]


Wonder Woman goes to war the new trailer for her standalone film. Watch the hell out of it and check out three new posters below. [click to continue…]


If you’re a Harry Potter fan with an Android phone, you’ll love this – as a promotional tie-in for Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, Google has partnered with Warner Bros. to add a dash of magic to your device. [click to continue…]


What do you get when you cross a drone with an old Halloween decoration? Brilliance, that’s what.

Inspired by his daughter’s love of Harry Potter, 50 year-old Michael Irvine created this remote-control Dementor with the aid of some fishing wire, allowing him to terrorize his neighbors from the comfort of his own porch.

The Internet was quick to confirm his genius. When his nephew tweeted photos of the thing they went viral. Also, his daughter posted some videos of the drone in action that you can check out below. [click to continue…]


Somewhere inside that Wind Waker-style Legend of Zelda chest is a working NES. It even has a custom controller to match. However, the really interesting thing about this build is undoubtedly the Triforce that actually levitates thanks to “an electromagnetic levitation technology, and a ‘near-field’ wireless transmission of electricity”. Or so Spain’s MakoMod says—the video doesn’t really show you the space between the Triforce and the chest. Either way, it’s awesome. If you agree, you might be tempted to bid on this one-off mod on eBay.

Check out the video and additional images below. [click to continue…]


Tiny Han Solo is one hell of a pilot. He can dock the Millennium Falcon’s Micro-USB with your smartphone every single time. Okay, maybe there’s that one time he tried to dock upside down. Okay, several times.

This Millennium Falcon charger comes with a 34″ long cord illuminated by a blue light strip that animates when charging. There’s a micro-USB plug built into the front of the ship, and thrusters on the back of the Millennium Falcon light up when you’re charging your device from any standard USB port. Just remember, you cannot use the Falcon to charge the Falcon. You plug this into that Quadex power core, and Rey’s gonna have to fix it again.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Micro-USB Charging Cable ($19.99)


Time was, if you wanted a Frappuccino you’d have to pay for it with your credit or debit card like an animal. And don’t get me started on cash. Fortunately, muggles have evolved to the point where we can pay for things with our smartphones. It’s almost like magic, but not quite. For real magic, you need a wizard.

You need a wizard with an Ollivander19.

The Ollivander19 is a wizarding wand with an RFID chip that can be scanned by most tap-and-go payment points. Just remove your wand, wave it on front of the scanner, and voila! Your payment is made, and you only looked slightly silly doing it. Alas, there are only eight of these wands in existence, and the only way to get one is to sign up on Card Cutter’s website and hope you’re one of the lucky few who are chosen.

Of course, reaching into your pocket (or robe) and pulling out a large stick may represent something of a new frontier for store security, but I’m sure they’ll be reasonable if you explain that you are a well-to-do wizard in desperate need of a large coffee and pan au chocolat. Check out a promo video for the Ollivander19 below. [click to continue…]