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peek a boo robot

Alonso Martinez, a technical director with Pixar, developed what might be one of the cutest robots in existence. Her name is Mira, and she’s designed to be a sort of “desk companion.” She uses a facial tracking system to interact with users, and she thoroughly enjoys playing “peek-a-boo”.

Unfortunately, while Mira is pretty flippin’ cute, there isn’t any word just yet concerning if and when the robot might be made available to the public. The good news is that development is ongoing, so there’s hope.

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At a whopping $18,400+, the MusicMachine 3 just sounds like debt to me.

With an obvious passion for sci-fi, watchmakers MB&F created a TIE fighter-themed music box with an over the top level of craftsmanship. On either side there is an over-sized roller dotted with over 1,400 tiny pins that have each been assembled by hand into 1,400 tiny drill holes. The precision-tuned 72-tooth comb made from special steel alloy plays six distinct tunes including the themes from Star Wars, James Bond, Mission Impossible, The Godfather, Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, and The Persuaders.

To celebrate its tenth anniversary in 2015, MB&F only issued 99 of these limited edition music makers with the tagline “A creative adult is a child who survived.” And I hope that creative, surviving child of their target market is also a rich one.

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flying r2

Otto Dieffenbach of Flyguy Promotions has thrilled our inner child once again with his R2-D2 quadcopter.

Dieffenbach will be showcasing his wild collection of quadcopters at SDCC, including the flying Snoopy Doghouse we featured earlier this week.

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star wars car chargers

Say what you want about the Empire, but they embrace technology.

These Darth Vader and Stormtrooper USB chargers plug into a standard 12V socket (cigarette lighter) and feature a pivoting arm so you can better position it in your vehicle. Naturally, it’s compatible with anything that charges via USB.

Product Pages: Darth Vader / Stormtrooper $19.99


First it was the Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger and now Think Geek has unveiled a K.I.T.T version. What a lovely day!

The Knight Rider KITT Car USB Charger has two USB ports, each capable of charging almost any USB-powered device (both put out 1.0 Amp). But it also has that signature light sequence from KITT’s voicebox we all know and love, synced to respond to 10 different audio phrases from the TV show. And in case you ever need less 80s, there’s a switch to turn the whole thing off or mute him. Possibly so your smart-mouthed car doesn’t speak to the nice officer.

The phrases include:

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shadow boxes

Etsy shop Fairy Cherry hand cuts layers of paper to create fantastically geeky 3D shadow boxes. You can choose from box themes like Batman, Spider-Man, Zelda, Super Mario Bros., Frozen, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and more. Each box is six inches tall by three inches wide and lights up for an impressive nighttime scene. The power plug is a type C plug (Europe standards), so U.S. buyers will need a small plug converter to fit in the A type sockets which the shop can include.

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kit 3

Okay, this one got me in the feels. UK mom Sarah Ivermee has a son who wears a cochlear implant. While Freddie’s totally happy with his hearing devices as is, Sarah’s met other moms whose kids dislike wearing them because doing so makes them feel different from their peers. After successfully suggesting to one mom that she decorate her child’s hearing aid with nail stickers, Sarah got the idea to create a company that makes decorating kits for hearing devices called Lugs.

The kits come for both Cochlear implants and hearing aids, and they feature Star Wars, Marvel and Disney characters, plus all kinds of other fun stuff.

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There’s a brand new Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote debuting at San Diego Comic-Con on July 8, 2015 at the BBC AMERICA shop (booth #4129), and it’s been updated to reflect the changes made to the 12th Doctor’s Sonic. It even includes the long-awaited “flick to extend” feature.

“The keen-eyed Whovian will notice subtle differences between the Sonic Screwdriver favored by the Eleventh Doctor and the one currently used by the Twelfth Doctor. We listened to fans’ requests and have evolved the design to match what’s onscreen, including the fun flick-to-extend feature,” said Chris Barnardo, co-founder of The Wand Company.

Features include:

The 1:1 scale Sonic Screwdriver can store up to 39 remote control commands, is equipped with 12 authentic Sonic Screwdriver sound effects and a customizable personal lock code, and has 12 secret Morse code phrases from the Twelfth Doctor to decipher. Die cast in hand-polished, copper-plated metal, with a new stand that allows the Sonic Screwdriver to be displayed vertically, this device is not only a serious prop that will delight collectors, but with its host of authentic sonic sounds, it is also a cosplayer’s dream come true.

See Also: Hands On With The Eleventh Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote

To top it off, the Sonic Screwdrivers sold at Comic-Con will each come with a signed certificate of authenticity, and will be a limited edition only available at the BBC AMERICA booth while supplies last. If you wont be attending SDCC, remote will be sold by select retailers later this summer.

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Psyduck Scream

psyduck scream

This…this is a masterpiece.

(via Reddit)


Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce Howe and Howe’s Ripsaw EV2 Extreme Luxury Tank.  This vehicle looks like it’s straight out of the movie Mad Max: Fury Road. Actually, the tank Peacemaker used in the movie was a modified Ripsaw.

“The Ripsaw EV2 is a handcrafted, limited run, high end luxury super tank, developed for the public and extreme off road recreation.   These vehicles take up to 6 months to fabricate and can cost well into the 100s of thousands depending on desired luxury and performance packages.  “

Although there’s limited details on the technologies used inside this beast, we do know that the Ripsaw EV-2 has a power winch, gull-wing doors, a high-intensity light bar, 12 inches (30 cm) of suspension travel, and a diesel engine that puts out over 600 hp. I wonder if it’ll fit through a drive-thru lane?

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