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As far as gizmos go, this Star Wars R2-D2 Virtual Keyboard is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while. Instead of projecting a hologram of Princess Leia, this R2 unit projects a virtual keyboard onto any flat surface. It also boops, beeps and whistles just like R2 when you turn it on, turn it off, crank up the volume or adjust the brightness of the keyboard. It even makes sounds as you type. This little guy will be available this September and if you’d like to see how it works, watch the video after the break…

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jedi bride

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Talk about a trip down memory lane! This new LEGO set, officially called the Fairground Mixer set, premiered over the weekend at the Sydney Brickshow in Sydney, Australia, and pays homage to that childhood wonder we all loved: the traveling carnival. Dangerously rickety rides, sketchy carnival workers, imposing eighteen wheelers and, of course, tons of vomit—it’s all been magically transformed into awesome LEGO!

There are over 1,700 pieces (as well as 12 Minifigs, including one that has a special “vomit face” look) that come with the set, and it even includes a hand-cranked “mixer” ride—which, if you’re clever and handy with machines, you could probably hook up to an electric motor. The price for this set is a little steep: $149.99. But, come on, the nostalgia factor alone is totally worth the price!

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3D printers can print just about anything these days, even pizzas. But now, thanks to a program called Mineways, 3D printers can print actual Minecraft worlds. Dave Russell is a hardcore Minecraft fan, and he used the open source 3D program to bring his digital creations to life.

Photo Credit: Eric Haines (Mineways, Flickr)

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Apparently, Ma-Ti wasn’t useless after all.

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Sure, The Doctor may have his sonic screwdriver, but we 21st-century humans have something almost as good: smartphones! The only drawback is that you have to charge them frequently. But now Doctor Who fans can charge their smartphones, especially their iPhones, with this cool Doctor Who TARDIS iPhone Stand. It’s laser-etched, and is made from blue acrylic. It also holds a notch for a charger. Added bonus: you don’t need The Eye of Harmony to power this TARDIS! You’re welcome.

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In celebration of MacGyver’s birthday on March 23rd, the folks at iFixit came out with this Action Hero Tool Kit that has everything you need to fix, well, everything. You’ll get such must-haves as a bobby pin, a strike-anywhere match, a rubber band, a piece of bubble gum, a birthday candle, a paper clip, a shoelace, a one-cent stamp, and a small piece of duct tape.

Clearly, this kit is all any human needs to survive whatever life throws in their direction. If you’re MacGyver, you probably only need half of this stuff and scoff at those of us who need the whole kit.

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iron man armor suitcase

Iron Man 2 isn’t one of the best Marvel movies, but it did have plenty of eye candy. The scene on the race track where Tony Stark’s armor springs to life from a suitcase is the most memorable of the film, and you can almost re-live it with this prop replica. The Mark V armor suitcase fuel cell is a 1/4 scale replica, and it was made from official Marvel references such as the original prop and 3D digital files.

Besides looking spectacular, the suitcase serves as a power supply to keep your phones, mobile devices, and gaming consoles charged and at full power. Tony Stark would appreciate both the look and function.

Pre-order now for an estimated ship date of April.

Product Page ($99.99)


It may have taken you hours to get the hang of solving a Rubik’s Cube, but the Cubestormer 3 can do it in a world record setting 3.253 seconds. The record was set over the weekend at the Big Bang Fair in Birgmingham, UK by a robot built by
David Gilday and Mike Dobson.

The robot is composed of a Samsung Galaxy S4 brain with an Exynos octa-core processor, along with four Cortex-A15 and four Cortex-A7 processors controlling the eight Lego Mindstorms actuators. All of it moves so fast that the human eye can’t even track the motions.

The previous record of 5.27 seconds was held by Cubestormer 2. As for humans, we don’t do so well. The human record is a comparatively slow 5.55 seconds which was set last year.

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Yes, you read that right. You’re looking at a USB charger that is designed to look just like Darth Vader’s lightsaber. This is an officially licensed product with a 2800 mAh battery capacity and it even comes with a micro USB cable. There are also red LEDs to replicate the blade and four along the handle to show the current power status.

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