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iron man armor suitcase

Iron Man 2 isn’t one of the best Marvel movies, but it did have plenty of eye candy. The scene on the race track where Tony Stark’s armor springs to life from a suitcase is the most memorable of the film, and you can almost re-live it with this prop replica. The Mark V armor suitcase fuel cell is a 1/4 scale replica, and it was made from official Marvel references such as the original prop and 3D digital files.

Besides looking spectacular, the suitcase serves as a power supply to keep your phones, mobile devices, and gaming consoles charged and at full power. Tony Stark would appreciate both the look and function.

Pre-order now for an estimated ship date of April.

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It may have taken you hours to get the hang of solving a Rubik’s Cube, but the Cubestormer 3 can do it in a world record setting 3.253 seconds. The record was set over the weekend at the Big Bang Fair in Birgmingham, UK by a robot built by
David Gilday and Mike Dobson.

The robot is composed of a Samsung Galaxy S4 brain with an Exynos octa-core processor, along with four Cortex-A15 and four Cortex-A7 processors controlling the eight Lego Mindstorms actuators. All of it moves so fast that the human eye can’t even track the motions.

The previous record of 5.27 seconds was held by Cubestormer 2. As for humans, we don’t do so well. The human record is a comparatively slow 5.55 seconds which was set last year.

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Yes, you read that right. You’re looking at a USB charger that is designed to look just like Darth Vader’s lightsaber. This is an officially licensed product with a 2800 mAh battery capacity and it even comes with a micro USB cable. There are also red LEDs to replicate the blade and four along the handle to show the current power status.

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Sure, it’s just one but you know his brethren are just lurking in the shadows ready to exterminate us all. This Dalek was built by car speaker company Massive Audio for display at their CES booth this week and is actually a giant speaker. He measures 6′ tall and was built from 32 woofers on the bottom, a big subwoofer in the head and 5,000 watts of amplifiers.

It also works. No, it doesn’t exterminate people. Instead it plays music streamed through your smartphone or tablet. The whole thing weighs 926 pounds, cost $25,000 to construct and will be auctioned off on eBay for the BBC’s children’s charity sometime this summer.

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Business cards are often the kind of thing that get handed out and never thought of again, but that won’t be the case with Saar Drimer’s. The Engineer’s Emergency Business Card comes packed with all sorts of stuff that an engineer could use to fix things on the fly. It also lights up when electricity is applied.

When all hope is lost, the MacGuyver engineer could snap out one of the components and save the day. Recall the countless times you desperately needed a 1 KOhm resistor to fix an amplifier at a party, only to see the girl you were trying to impress slip away with an OCaml programmer? Never again with this little kit. You even have 2 cm of solder in there to make sure the connection’s electrically solid!

MacGyver wishes he was lucky enough to have something like this in his back pocket.

(Hack a Day via Neatorama)


This officially licensed R2-D2 USB Car Charger fits snugly in your cup holder to keep your gadgets charged while you’re on the move. He even makes happy little droid sounds, his dome spins and he has a projection light that glows blue or red to show the USB port power status. The sassiest droid in the galaxy has two USB charging ports that each put out 2.1 amps which is enough for a smartphone or tablet.

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Who knew that Thor’s battle hammer Mjölnir was so versatile? Aside from being able to smash foes into oblivion, the hammer can also charge a cellphone too!

Well, quick correction: I’m not sure if Thor’s hammer can do all that, but this new Thor-themed hammer features a battery hidden inside the head that’s designed to charge almost all of your standard electronic devices.

The hammer features two hidden USB ports that can provide 2.1A of charging power for your phone or iPod. When you swing the hammer it also mimics Mjölnir when it’s in action: LEDs embedded in the head light up and a speaker pumps out a pretty impressive thunder noise that will surely scare anyone away from your cubicle or office.

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Gentle Giant Ltd. announced their new items and we saw a couple we knew we wanted to share right away.

The first item is the Rebel Seal Bookends, which are a companion piece to the Imperial Seal Bookends.

They also announced a Captain America Shield Bookend which is made to partner with the Thor’s Hammer Bookend that we wrote about a few months back as part of their series of Marvel Bookends.

In all, they announced ten new items from licenses like Star Wars, The Walking Dead and the newly acquired 300: Rise Of The Empire.

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Kick back and watch a flick on your computer in style with these cool, hand-painted headphones. The designs on the headphones are inspired by video game culture, and feature images from such classics as Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros., Portal and more (TV shows like Adventure Time and Doctor Who sneak in from time to time too).

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nycc walking dead car

There are some cool cars in the world of pop culture and a bunch of them are on display at New York Comic Con this year! Hyundai debuted their new Santa Fe Zombie Survival Machine and even had it opened up so you could sit inside, spin the gun turret, and take a photo.

The biggest display came from Chevy who had a little fleet of cars wrapped with images of your favorite comics. I particularly liked the one themed to Adventure Time because who wouldn’t want to drive around with those cuties on their car?

Oh, and Lola was there, too and she was beautiful. I tried to get a closer picture but there were those ropes in the way and, although Agent Coulson was nowhere to be found, I didn’t trust that there wasn’t some invisible field that would zap me back to the Dark Ages if I dared come t0o close.

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