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Who knew that Thor’s battle hammer Mjölnir was so versatile? Aside from being able to smash foes into oblivion, the hammer can also charge a cellphone too!

Well, quick correction: I’m not sure if Thor’s hammer can do all that, but this new Thor-themed hammer features a battery hidden inside the head that’s designed to charge almost all of your standard electronic devices.

The hammer features two hidden USB ports that can provide 2.1A of charging power for your phone or iPod. When you swing the hammer it also mimics Mjölnir when it’s in action: LEDs embedded in the head light up and a speaker pumps out a pretty impressive thunder noise that will surely scare anyone away from your cubicle or office.

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Gentle Giant Ltd. announced their new items and we saw a couple we knew we wanted to share right away.

The first item is the Rebel Seal Bookends, which are a companion piece to the Imperial Seal Bookends.

They also announced a Captain America Shield Bookend which is made to partner with the Thor’s Hammer Bookend that we wrote about a few months back as part of their series of Marvel Bookends.

In all, they announced ten new items from licenses like Star Wars, The Walking Dead and the newly acquired 300: Rise Of The Empire.

Check out the Captain America shield bookend after the break…

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Kick back and watch a flick on your computer in style with these cool, hand-painted headphones. The designs on the headphones are inspired by video game culture, and feature images from such classics as Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros., Portal and more (TV shows like Adventure Time and Doctor Who sneak in from time to time too).

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nycc walking dead car

There are some cool cars in the world of pop culture and a bunch of them are on display at New York Comic Con this year! Hyundai debuted their new Santa Fe Zombie Survival Machine and even had it opened up so you could sit inside, spin the gun turret, and take a photo.

The biggest display came from Chevy who had a little fleet of cars wrapped with images of your favorite comics. I particularly liked the one themed to Adventure Time because who wouldn’t want to drive around with those cuties on their car?

Oh, and Lola was there, too and she was beautiful. I tried to get a closer picture but there were those ropes in the way and, although Agent Coulson was nowhere to be found, I didn’t trust that there wasn’t some invisible field that would zap me back to the Dark Ages if I dared come t0o close.

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chevy black ops truck 1

The end of days is a hot topic right now. You’ve got TV series like The Walking Dead, Revolution and Falling Skies, and games like Last of Us. Be it from zombies, aliens, or a virus – everyone seems to think the world is going to crash and burn. If the apocalypse comes, a well-equipped and sturdy vehicle could save your life. Luckily, Chevrolet’s Silverado Black Ops concept fits the bill.

Chevy unveiled the concept recently at the State Fair of Texas. It has body armor for goodness’ sake. Besides that key advantage, it has raised suspension and the bed comes packed with a tough storage unit that includes a solar power pack, gas masks, gloves, a military issue First Aid kit, a folding shovel, and rope. Whew. Oh yeah, and there’s room above the storage unit for a generator, fuel, food, and water. It’s an apocalypse survival kit on wheels. I bet it could roll right over the undead.

The formidable truck is just a design for now, but hopefully it gets to production before it’s too late.

See close-ups of the bed of the truck after the break (gotta have Twinkies and Ramen!).

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lightsaber duel

Yes! This is the news I have been waiting for since I was six and first saw Obi-Wan and Darth Vader cross blades on the big screen. Harvard physics professor Mikhail Lukin and MIT physics professor Vladan Vuletic were experimenting with photons, and found that when the photons clumped together they formed a new type of matter similar to lightsabers.

“It’s not an in-apt analogy to compare this to lightsabers,” said Lukin in a press release. “When these photons interact with each other, they’re pushing against and deflect each other. The physics of what’s happening in these molecules is similar to what we see in the movies.”

It’s a phenomena that’s called Rydberg Blockade which apparently has nothing to do with that blockade above Naboo. The pair aren’t planning on making weapons, but instead hope that the discovery will help in building quantum computers.

(PhysOrg via Gizmodo)

mario music

Wanna see something cool? This player piano and a couple of robot percussionists are playing Nintendo music and sound effects while the game is played. Yep, this isn’t synced. It plays the sounds as you play.

The YouTube description explains thusly:

This system allows for Nintendo gameplay audio to be played through an acoustic player piano and robotically controlled percussive instruments. The piano and percussion play live during actual gameplay, mirroring the sounds that would normally be created electronically. All audio, including music and sound effects, is translated in realtime so that it is produced by the instrument most closely resembling the characteristics of the original electronic sound.

Neat, huh? Check out the video after the break.

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fire breathing dragon robot

The largest of everything can be found in the Guinness World Records, but this one threw me for a loop: the largest walking robot. Who knew that category even existed? It gets cooler though! In this instance, the world’s largest walking robot happens to be a 30 foot fire-breathing dragon named Tradinno. The German creation was made for a play called Drachenstich. He’s weighs 11 tons, but that doesn’t stop him from moving and flapping his wings.

I’m amazed not only by the size but the realism. When the dragon has to travel, he’s moved on a trailer – I’d be terrified if I saw him coming down the road.

See the dragon in action after the break.

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Too bad steampunk wasn’t really a thing when those Next Gen guys were doing all their time travel stuff back to the 19th century, because I could totally see Data rocking one of these steam-powered tricorders.

Artist Flo Svensson packed a whole mess of detail in each of his steampunk Starfleet away team gear (which includes a tricorder and a phaser!). Don’t you just love all the fancy brass fixtures? It ain’t steampunk without lots of brass!

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sirs and elmo

These guys are the best thing about the internet.

But dammit Patrick, shouldn’t you be on your honeymoon right now? Nah, nobody can come between these two.

(via Geekosystem)