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We love a good crochet project, and here’s another for you to try: a Pokemon Bellsprout in a Poke Ball pot. [click to continue…]

Stranger Wars

Artist Michael Maher Jr. created this fantastic Star Wars mashup featuring the kids from Stranger Things. You may have heard that Millie Bobby Brown has expressed a desire to play a young Leia—and this illustration definitely supports that idea.

However, Gaten Matarazzo as Chewbacca is the star of the show here. Some might consider that insulting, but the fact is that Dustin and Chewie are both lovable, awesome and steal pretty much every scene they’re in. [click to continue…]

We haven’t featured The Slingshot Channel’s Joerg Sprave and his crazy DIY weaponry in quite some time, but he’s gone and fulfilled his dream of a full auto crossbow. Needless to say, he has our attention. Plus, we missed the laugh. [click to continue…]

This steel rod and river rock dragon sculpture by Ryan McCallister of McCallister Sculpture stopped me in my tracks. It’s just so stunning and incredibly unique.

Unfortunately, adjectives like that are usually accompanied by the word “expensive”, and that is definitely the case here. Ryan mentioned that a project like this would run around $20K which, to be honest, seems about right given the skill and effort that went into it. [click to continue…]

When Mark Hamill first read a Donald Trump Tweet as the Joker we were optimistic that more would follow. We were not disappointed.

As you’ll see, the world’s supervillians have a common enemy: Meryl Streep. [click to continue…]

New mom Katie Stricker Curtis recently took the Chewbacca mask made famous by Candace Payne to the next level by wearing it during labor. Yes, it’s a bit derivative, but we have to give her credit for having fun while enduring excruciating pain. Besides, as you’ll see in the video below, Chewie’s cries really fit the situation. [click to continue…]

Trump continues to hand his “many enemies” the fuel they need to ridicule him thanks to his obsession with Twitter, but none compare to the perfection that is Mark Hamill dubbing them as the Joker. [click to continue…]

Meet Sanrio’s new character Aggretsuko! She a cute red panda that works as an office associate at a trading company in Tokyo. She may also be an alcoholic with a violent temper that’s about to snap and kill everyone she works with. [click to continue…]

Todd Is Just The Worst

Friggin’ Todd.

(via Reddit)

Last summer at the ChinaJoy gaming expo, a massive Evangelion Unit-01 statue was unveiled as part of a promotion for Chinese software developer Heitao’s Evangelion mobile game. The statue was then moved to another location in Shanghai, and it debuted officially this passed Tuesday. [click to continue…]