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John Marshall recently spent a month living by himself on an island in Maine, and he had a little bit of free time on his hands. He may also have gone a bit crazy.

So what did he do? Well, he used cardboard, scissors and his impressive sense of humor to create a photo series he calls, “Sunset Selfies“. With the sunset as a backdrop, he used cardboard cutouts to create some amusing (and often nerdy) scenes.

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A new trailer for the upcoming Sherlock special has dropped and it is maximum Victorian and mustach-y awesomeness.

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angelarium top

With a background in the gaming industry, artist Peter Mohrbacher’s ‘Angelarium’ collection features surrealistic images that evoke memories of dreams. His imagination appears to be limitless.

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draghand_ball_Z copy

When it comes to solving a dispute between roommates, there’s only one honorable option: a “Draghand Ball Z” battle! These guys dressed up their hands to look like Goku and Frieza, and the resulting Dragon Ball Z-style finger puppet battle became the most hardcore thumb war in history.

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rebels press day

With season 2 of Star Wars Rebels coming up on October 14th, I had a chance to sit down and talk with Dave Filoni and Freddie Prinze, Jr. about what’s coming up for Season 2 and to ask a few other questions that have been percolating in my mind.

Not only were both of them were amazing to talk to and incredibly nice, but they shared some really cool tidbits about things like Sabine’s backstory (we’re going to get a deeper look at Mandalore) to Kanan’s strength and weaknesses as a Jedi, to the specific look of Star Wars Rebels and just how it’s connected to the Original Trilogy.

Between Freddie’s ability to connect Kanan Jarrus to Bruce Lee and Dave’s take on just what being a “director” means, there’s a lot here for fans of both Star Wars Rebels and The Clone Wars to enjoy.

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Earlier this year, a group co-workers who were tired of their drab office decided to cover the walls with a superhero mural made from over 8,000 Post-It notes. Four months later they decided it was time to reclaim the wall and get back to work, so they used a leaf blower to quickly destroy what to oodles of hours to create.

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disney star wars

PistolShrimps took the trailer for the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens film and went full Disney with it. My personal favorite has to be the hyenas. I don’t think I’d mess with a blaster-carrying hyena.

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rick burps

The following video is a compilation of all the burps from seasons one and two of Rick And Morty. It’s also an appetite suppressant that makes you laugh. Genius!

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minimalist batman top

As part of a special collaboration with French Paper Art Club and Geek-Art, French artist Qui Be created four minimalist, Batman-themed mini prints using a single, continuous line.

The limited-edition prints feature some of the most popular characters from Gotham, including Commissioner Gordon, Catwoman, Robin and the Dark Knight himself. The illustrations were on display at the French Paper Gallery this past weekend.

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Halloween is the best time for DIY prop crafting, and these glowing masking tape mummy hands from wholesalehalloweencostumes.com are a cinch to make. Using household items including scissors, a straw, masking tape, and a glow stick, this creepy mummy hand is sure to look awesome in the windows or on the lawn.

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