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Most people will agree that the recent Teenage Mutant Ninja Reboot was a flippin’ CG-powered train wreck. But do you know what would’ve made it better? 8-bit graphics. 8-Bit Cinema made a retro NES spoof of the 2014 flick, and it actually seems like it would be fun to play.

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tiny sword

It’s one thing to watch a blacksmith turn a giant hunk of metal into a sword, but it’s something else entirely to watch a nail being turned into a sword worthy of a mouse. Watch as Inspire to Make creates a wee tiny little sword that might not slay any dragons, but still looks ridiculously cute.

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Some dinosaurs are scary and will gore you to death in a second, but not this one. He’s a lovable plush that measures 30.5″W x 74″D x 44″H and all he wants to do is give you a hug. Aw, just look at the cute little dinosaur. It’s certainly a lot cuddlier than this.

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If a narwhal is magical good luck, and a unicorn is magical good luck, then just how much magical good luck do you get when you combine the two?

Such is the question that Los Angeles’s artistic couple Kozyndan set out to answer with this sculpture entitled “Rainbow Magic”.

Crafted in cooperation with Pretty In Plastic, this resin sculpture is a blue and green unicorn inside a clear narwhal with both sharing a single brightly colored horn. You can even buy one for your home if you’re willing to spend $1500. That’s really expensive, but we’re thinking you’re much more likely to hit the lotto if you own it.

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donna noble

As Neil Gaiman recently reminded us, there’s been a dearth of female writers on the modern series of Doctor Who. The last episodes penned by a woman aired in 2008. However, Gaiman also revealed that Moffat was personally reaching out to female writers but was met time and time again with rejection and scheduling conflicts.

Thankfully, Catherine Tregenna was able to take on the challenge, joining Doctor Who’s ninth season. Huzzah! You may be familiar with her work on Law & Order: UK, EastEnders, and Torchwood.

I hope she’s just the first of many women to be added to Steven Moffat’s roster because it wouldn’t hurt the show to be approached from other perspectives.

(via Nerdist)

batman vs darth vader

Imagine a world where Batman and Darth Vader live in the same universe. Vader’s Force powers could go against Batman and his science and logic. They would undoubtedly have an epic battle, and this Batman vs. Darth Vader Super Power Beat Down video from Machinima depicts how it might play out.

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Producer Sue Virtue tweeted the very first photo from the upcoming Sherlock Christmas special which will undoubtedly make fans very happy. But before you get too excited, remember that the special isn’t due to air until next year and Season 4 won’t happen until 2016.

Still, I’m happy just to know that they are on the case—and looking very dapper while doing so.

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batman buddha

3D printing has already reached its zenith.

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We’ve featured Isaiah Stephens before for his incredible artwork. This time it’s for striking new versions of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. These updated Rangers come complete with an entirely new sci-fi style. They’re sexy and badass and will make you wish they’d do a movie with this futuristic version of the Rangers.

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Harry Potter Hogwarts

I don’t often entertain thoughts about returning to the world of education to pursue more degrees, but the fact that colleges are offering courses about Doctor Who and Harry Potter tempt me. “British Culture and Harry Potter” is a part of California State University San Marcos’ study abroad program. The class focuses on learning about the locations that inspired the Harry Potter books and the ones used in the film. Students will travel to places across England and Scotland such as King’s Cross Station, Warner Bros. Studio, Durham Cathedral (Professor McGonagall’s classroom), Alnwick Castle, and more.

The goals of the class:

Explore and experience through travel the cultural and historical locations in England and Scotland that inspired the Harry Potter series

Identify and assess the similarities and differences between the novels and films and the ways in which each drew inspiration from cultural sites in Great Britain

Develop critical thinking skills about complex social issues relating to inequality, race, and gender within the context of contemporary Great Britain.

Who else wants to enroll?

Read more about the program at California State University’s website.