Misc. Nerdiness

Arrow star Stephen Amell’s long-awaited appearance on American Ninja Warrior finally happened over the weekend as part of a special celebrity edition of the show for Red Nose Day. Each obstacle Amell completed was worth $5,000 for charity, and when all was said and done he earned $35,000 towards NBC’s $35 million+ tally for children in need. Watch the spectacular run below (and yes, the salmon ladder was conquered). [click to continue…]

Flipbook animation is cool and everything, but Twitter user shin__geki is taking papercraft animation in creative new directions. We’ve already seen what he can do with paper cups, but the Dragon Ball Z animation featured in the video below is on another level. [click to continue…]

While HBO sorts out the many, many Game of Thrones prequels they have in the works, Wild Wolf Films has already released a prequel of their own—and it’s not just a bunch of fans fooling about. This is an extremely well-crafted short film. [click to continue…]

The Millennium Falcon piano used in the viral Star Wars medley video from Player Piano is currently up for auction on eBay. At the time of writing, there hasn’t been any bites on the $7,500 opening bid (which doesn’t include shipping from L.A.). We’re hoping that some quirky bar or restaurant sees the wisdom in outfitting their cantina band with this fine instrument. [click to continue…]

Mondo has unveiled this stunning Labyrinth poster by Laurent Durieux along with enamel pins from DKNG that include Sir Didymus on Ambrosius, a Fireys and his detachable head, and the Worm.

As is Mondo’s frustrating custom, the poster and the pins will be available on Mondo’s website at a random time today (5/18) and will sell out in a blink of an eye (you’ll want to follow them on Twitter for the announcement). Take a closer look at the posters and the pins below. [click to continue…]

It’s hard to miss.

Indeed, this Rick-shaped Rickmobile is making its way to 40 locations across the U.S. bringing merchandise and social media post opportunities to the masses. It’s already been a major distraction for pedestrians and motorists alike: [click to continue…]

The BBC is continuing the popular celebrity CBeebies bedtime story series with a Chris Evans installment set to air this Wednesday at 6:50 pm. So grab your favorite blanket/cape and teddy, then pour yourself a nightcap, and let Captain America whisk you away to a muscle-y, beard-filled dreamland with a reading of Shelly Becker’s Even Superheroes Have Bad Days. You can check out a preview in the teaser videos below. [click to continue…]

A very disturbing incident took place this past weekend during celebrations for the Pokémon World Festival 2017. The situation was caught on video, which you can watch below. At around the 1:00 mark, the Pikachu at the front of the pack began to deflate. At that point a man rushed the stage followed by several mysterious men in black, who attempted to control the situation. [click to continue…]

Father and Mad Max fan Ian Pfaff works as a director, but in his spare time he likes to make props. For his latest creation, he and his wife Emily modified Cozy Coupe toy cars with random stuff that included everything from old computer parts to to a breast pump. [click to continue…]

Mondo’s next gallery show “Mondo x Cyclops Print Works Present Never Grow Up: A Disney Art Show” kicks off this Friday, April 28th, and they’ve spent the last few weeks teasing us all with glimpses of the spectacular artwork that will be on display. Becky Cloonan’s take on Fantasia caught our eye right away, but there’s plenty more where that came from. [click to continue…]