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So here’s something South Korean artist Kim Jung Gi did – he combined elements of the Star Wars movies with aspects of feudal Japan.

This is, of course, an inspired combination. As you may know, Star Wars was in part inspired by Akira Kurosawa’s samurai movies, so mashing the two together is something of a no brainer. What’s more impressive, though, is the talent that made it happen.

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See, Kim studied art at Dong-Eui University in Busan before serving two years in the South Korean army. Between those two disciplines he developed a very keen eye and a knack for memorization—skills he put to use in October when he spent three hours drawing this beautiful blending of worlds.

Kim’s work is absolutely stunning. And, if you continue on, you can watch the video of him drawing this amazing piece from memory.

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Photographer AnaHell describes her approach to photography thusly:

I am a photographer who plays with the ordinary and deconstructs it to reveal another perspective.

I take advantage of the immediate surroundings, often photographing close friends and family members in their own living spaces.

The result, in this case, is drawing faces on people’s backs and having them contort so they look like “strange and wonderful creatures from another world”.

Strange? Yes. Wonderful? Sure. Amusing? Definitely. After viewing the additional examples below, you may agree that “terrifying” is another adjective that might apply here.

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il_570xN.915722989_l68kEtsy seller Lenny Mud has a love for all things ceramic. This includes, mugs, bowls, pencil holders, tea sets, and these adorably nerdy yarn bowls for those who enjoy knitting and crochet.

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Since its been on the air forever, The Simpsons has been able to assign humor to pretty much every life experience. Sean Schulte, Paul Kehrer and Allie Young have harvested this data for maximum meme efficiency with their new Frinkiac search engine. Just type in keywords to pull up just the right screenshot for your specific situation (limited to the first 15 seasons). Turning that screenshot into a meme can be done with the push of a button.

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book recommendations

Looking for something awesome to read? We’ve compiled a list of some of our recent favorites, along with some nerd-friendly new releases for February 2016.

Check them out below.

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Some people will go above and beyond for the people they love. In the case of Redditor Gen4200, that involves constructing a full-size, solar-powered lamp post at 8,400 feet just so his girlfriend can experience a little magic.

Gen4200 hauled most of the components up the mountain in a hiking daypack and carried the top part of the lamp in his hands as he hiked. He drilled a hole in the ground, and built the lamp post to recreate the magical arrival point in C.S. Lewis’ Narnia books. In the first book, the children enter a wardrobe in their uncle’s house and emerge into the snowy forests of Narnia, where they are greeted by a Faun named Mr. Tumnus underneath a street lamp.

(Fun fact: Lewis wrote the street lamp into the books as a gentle dig at Lord of the Rings author J.R.R. Tolkien, who said that no street lamps had no place in a proper fantasy story. Ha!)

Gen4200 wasn’t able to recreate Narnia in its entirety – erecting a street lamp at 8,400 feet is one thing, but pulling together a Faun, talking beavers and a messianic lion is considerably more difficult. I mean, think of their hourly rates, for a start.

A photo gallery of the build process can be seen in the gallery below.

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disturbing snowman

(via Mark Alan Miller)

harry potter nordic top

Now that J.K. Rowling has announced a bunch of new magic schools within the Harry Potter universe, it’s a perfect time to show off these character portraits by Blizzard artist Even Amundsen.

Amundsen has been creating a Nordic myth and magic school called Vølurheim and, by the looks of the teaching staff, you probably wouldn’t survive past the first semester.

Check out the series below.

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rey-and-bb8 copy

Sibylline is a french freelance illustrator with a real love for geeky pop culture. She posts a lot of her nerdy artwork on her Instagram, which recently included some illustrations of Rey from The Force Awakens. As you’ll see, many of her pieces have a lighthearted retro vibe that’s really fun.

See more examples below.

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These days, coloring books aren’t just for kids. For adults, they’re a great way to relax, relieve stress and be creative. That having been said, spectacular new Harry Potter coloring books are available now and there are more on the way.

The original Harry Potter Coloring Book was released in November of 2015 and a new Harry Potter Magical Creatures Coloring Book was released this week. Upcoming editions are available for pre-order and include Harry Potter Magical Places & Characters and Harry Potter Postcards (March 2016), along with Harry Potter Artifacts (June 2016).

Postcards is 40 pages, but the other four books are all 96 pages full of gorgeous Harry Potter-themed art for you to color as you sip wine and hang out by the fire.

See more pics below.

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