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downton wars

Rob James-Collier, who plays Thomas Barrow on Downton Abbey, set out to raise £10,000 to help the Chilterns MS Centre. In order to do that, he released a fairly awesome video called Downton Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Valet in which his “Evil Butler” faces off against the “Phantom Valet” John Cates (Brendan Coyle).

The Downton/Star Wars mashup was so well received that Collier has hit his goal and plans to create Downton Wars: Episode 2 – The Evil Butler Strikes Back!

Maybe if we all donate to the charity on his website, we can get an entire series! I’d be down for that.

Watch Episode One after the break.

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new batmobile

Ah! The new Batmobile! It has guns! And tires! And it’s sleek like a dolphin riding a motorcycle or… a Lamborghini wearing a cape! Okay, I’m not making any sense.

I’m just really excited about this sneak peak video from JoBlo Movie Trailers that gives us a closer look at the new Batmobile from the upcoming Batman v Superman flick.

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A Disney cruise ship called the Disney Dream has a new play area that’s designed to look like the interior of the Millennium Falcon. The play area, which members of Disney’s Oceaneer Club can access (ages 3-12), allows guests to pretend that they’re actually everyone’s favorite scruffy smuggler. From the press release:

Kids will be transported to a far away galaxy at Star Wars: Millennium Falcon, a Force-filled play area inspired by the spacecraft from the legendary saga. Upon entering the spaceship, younglings will join the Rebel Alliance in the epic battle of good versus evil by assisting with the navigation of this powerful space vehicle. Sitting in the cockpit, children can pilot this super-cool spaceship through hyperspace and trigger lightspeed jumps to different locations around the galaxy.

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But the upgrades don’t stop there. The Disney Dream will also add the Jedi Training Academy experience, which includes Star Wars-themed games, crafts and activities.

The new features are expected to debut after the Disney Dream undergoes dry dock Oct. 4-24, 2015, in Freeport, Bahamas.

(via Cnet)

dino trivia

Noah Ritter, who became famous for his repeated and hilarious use of the word “apparently”, has become a bit of a regular on The Ellen Show. In fact, that’s where he recently destroyed Chris Pratt in a game of dinosaur trivia.

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What if the cast from Avengers: Age of Ultron were part of a dark fantasy universe? Artist Daniel Kamarudin answered that question beautifully with these haunting images. Adorned with armor and swords, each superhero looks ready to battle dragons and evil wizards.

In the gallery after the break you’ll see Hulk wearing a skull-laden kilt with blood dripping from his fists and a badass Hawkeye with a magic bow. There’s also Black Widow wielding a pair of short swords instead of pistols. Each character’s traditional look and skill is wonderfully transformed into a world of sorcerers and warriors.

Check out all the amazing art after the jump.

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supermanbatmancafe copy

Daniel Baxter of How It Should Have Ended (HISHE) loves to poke fun at the two top dogs of the DC superhero world: Batman and Superman. In the latest HISHE video, Bruce “Do You Want To Know My Secret Identity” Wayne has a verbal tiff with with the cape-wearing Kryptonian about the first trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

It’s on. So, so on.

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DC Super Hero Girls

Good news for fans that have been frustrated with the state of female superheroes in movies and TV. DC and Warner Bros. have announced the new “DC Super Hero Girls” initiative targeted to an audience of girls ages 6-12. It’s going to include everything from TV specials to toys with a focus on the early years of favorite female DC characters like like Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Harley Quinn.

The call for more female superhero representation in toy lines and entertainment has been growing and this is a way for girls to feel like they’re included in a genre that, for the most part, caters to boys.

I mean, I’d rather there wasn’t a need to divide these things along gender lines. For many female fans, the products made “for boys” are just fine. However, this product line could help other girls jump in who wouldn’t have otherwise.

So kudos to you DC and Warner Bros. I’m impressed.

Check out the full press release after the break.

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The latest episode of Man at Arms has the crew recreating Loki’s Chitauri Scepter from The Avengers. The end features the weapon slashing the usual objects, but with the addition of a Spider-Man pinata, Iron Man mask, and Captain America’s shield. We’d expect nothing less from Loki’s weapon of choice.

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This fantastic TMNT fan art is the work of Alex Redfish who has added a little gif animation to make them really pop. They might still be called the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but they’re looking tough and very grown-up in this images. Michelangelo can’t even eat a pizza without being angry.

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Adam Savage has started a series called “One Day Builds” and it features the Mythbuster building models while hanging out with different guests. This time it’s Battlestar Galactica‘s Chief Tyrol (Aaron Douglas).

Watch the pair build some Cylons after the break…

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