Misc. Nerdiness

Last summer at the ChinaJoy gaming expo, a massive Evangelion Unit-01 statue was unveiled as part of a promotion for Chinese software developer Heitao’s Evangelion mobile game. The statue was then moved to another location in Shanghai, and it debuted officially this passed Tuesday. [click to continue…]

Odds are you are familiar with the art of Simon Stålenhag as his work has been all over the Internet for years now.

He has books and an upcoming RPG but, seriously, somebody needs to contact this guy about a movie.

At any rate, he’s released some new pieces on his Tumblr page, and they are spectacular. Check out more below. [click to continue…]

Granted, most of us probably don’t possess the skills or equipment to actually build this guitar, but imgur user DarrynStead did provide a decent overview of the process for anyone that’s interested. The rest of will have to be content with admiring his handiwork in the images below. [click to continue…]

We Hear You Opus [Comic]

Berkley Breathed delivered a simple but touching tribute to Carrie Fisher in a recent Bloom County comic. We couldn’t agree with you more Opus. Check it out below. [click to continue…]

AWE me has been making fan’s dreams come true for a while now with their Super-Fan Builds series, but goddamn….this Dungeons & Dragons table is something special. Check out all of the features and see how it came together in the video below. [click to continue…]

Back in July we posted a teaser for a live action Futurama fan film entitled Fan-O-Rama, and it looked incredible. Then we were mesmerized by the live-action Hypnotoad. Now, we have a final product that runs about 18-minutes in length (not including some bonus material overkill after the credits). [click to continue…]

Rick and Morty is surprisingly deep for a show that damn funny. Season 3 looks like it will have more startling revelations, including a close call that has Rick and Morty questioning the future of their intergalactic adventures.

The sneak peek comes to us from an Adult Swim livestream that featured raw, uncensored (NSFW), storyboard footage of an upcoming episode. Check it out below along with a bonus fan theory that provides a possible reason why Rick is so depressed. [click to continue…]


Nerdy yule logs aren’t just for Christmas! This Eye of Sauron yule log will make everyone in your house uncomfortable (but weirdly cozy) throughout the winter. Five hours of this is available for your viewing pleasure below. [click to continue…]


You might have been a bit busy this weekend and missed the release of the official trailer for Attack on Titan season 2. Not to worry, you can check it out below.

For fans who haven’t read the manga, the addition of two new titans (hint: one’s furry the other is “tiny”) should be particularly interesting. [click to continue…]


Artist Guillem H. Pongiluppi has envisioned what a Star Wars/Aliens mashup might look like and it is too awesome for this world. The first series was released last year, but he’s just updated it with a fresh round of illustrations. Drink it in because this is as close as we’ll ever get to this crossover. [click to continue…]