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There really needs to be Luke and Yoda figures in there—preferably frog versions. I would settle for TMNT figures with lightsabers.

(via Reddit)

The hottest new space travel destination is the TRAPPIST-1 star system! Of the seven Earth-sized planets orbiting the star, the fourth furthest out is likely to have the best accommodations and dining options: [click to continue…]

Jen of EPBOT is back with another fun craft project and, as a longtime Calvin and Hobbes fan, I fell completely in love with this one. A Spaceman Spiff version would also be excellent.

If you have a glue gun and a few bucks for the dollar store then you have pretty much everything you need to complete this project. Head on over to EPBOT for the complete tutorial.

At first glance, or even careful examination, you may find nothing out of the ordinary about this room, besides the awesome decor. However, it would only be comfortable for an action figure or a really nerdy guinea pig. [click to continue…]

Renowned voice actor and Dungeon Master Matt Mercer is also the owner of the world’s most evil backyard water feature thanks to Super Fan Builds. Head on over to the SFB go90 page to learn more about Mercer’s Cthulhu obsession and how the fountain came together.

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Origami artist Tadashi Mori is back with another Star Wars-themed tutorial. Making an origami Princess Leia isn’t easy, but the design is fantastic. Working on it can also be something of a meditation on a woman and a character that will be dearly missed. [click to continue…]

Now that I’ve seen the Assault Trombone/Fart Cannon produced by the father and son team behind YouTube’s CAPTAINQUINN, I want to see what an entire school band would sound like if their instruments were weaponized. It would put a traumatic spin on a Battle Of The Bands. [click to continue…]

YouTuber ProZD is back as yet another villain that sports a both a monocle and glasses. In the universe that he has created, this is a hot look in the criminal underworld.

This time, Commander Fistfight encounters a villain that, much to his dismay, does more good than harm. [click to continue…]

Pojo’s Pure Vermont is selling a line of soaps that are guaranteed to protect you from vampires and werewolves thanks to formulas that include Holy Water, silver and garlic. [click to continue…]

As you surely know by now, Peter Capaldi will be leaving Doctor Who after season 10 wraps. However, we can put off being bummed about it until Christmas 2017 because we still have plenty of episodes featuring the 12th Doctor left to watch. Plus, Missy’s back!

You can watch her spruce up the TARDIS in the video below—and, perhaps, offer a small hint about what’s to come. [click to continue…]