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Designer Miguel Zavala has been modeling all of the D&D Monster Manual monsters in 3D and putting them up for download so you can print beasties for your next dungeon crawl.

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The models are free to download and include the likes of Owlbear, Ettin, and Tiamat in alphabetical order so you can easily find the ones you want to print. Zavala has even painted a few of the figures which might inspire you to break out those old brushes and paints.

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Yes, this really is Stephen Hawking singing Monty Python’s Galaxy Song. It will be released as a 7″ vinyl that will be available only at Record Store Day events on Saturday, April 18th.

The video features some clips from Hawking’s appearance during the Monty Python Live reunion last year—like when Hawking attacked physicist Brian Cox for questioning the tune’s accuracy. There’s also a crazy site set up to promote the song where you can download the tune and play a version of Asteroids where Hawking fires missiles at the Monty Python cast and Brian Cox.

See the Hawking version and the original after the break.

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Iranian artist Hasan Novrozi creates fantastical creatures full of life and motion. He used an array of junk from metal tools, automotive components, gears, and chains to painstakingly assemble every bone, muscle, and feather of this pegasus.

Check out the close ups of this incredible beast after the break.

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roller derby name

Check out an additional picture from Redditor Cedsi after the break (guess which one is her)…

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Karl Liversidge a.k.a. SourAcid is the artist behind these captivating superheroine portraits. His artwork is inspired and gives me chills, and just makes me want to grab the latest issue and drift into their world.

His portfolio includes Gwen Stacy, Emma Frost, Rogue, Bat Girl, Black Cat, Storm, and Super Girl.

View more of the sublime portraits in the series after the jump.

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It’s getting to the point where I may need to rob a bank before I ever get to the convention center for Star Wars Celebration, because there’s so much cool stuff to be had.

After revealing the first wave of goodies (including the Space Slug In A Box), they’ve just dropped news on even more items, including a Sock Wookiee.

So, um, if I need an alibi for my whereabouts…

Head after the break to see all of the loot.

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Those looking for a place to stay in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district can now stay at this fantastic Godzilla hotel. Yup, a hotel themed to Godzilla actually exists. We featured some renderings earlier this year, but now you can see what it’s really like to stay there thanks to the video after the break…

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She just does what cats do. Check out the full comic from Head Trip after the break…

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Eventually George R.R. Martin will finish The Winds Of Winter, which is when these bookmarks will be just perfect. Each is made from bronze tone metal, paper, paint, and glass and features a different house sigil or a map of Westeros. The bookmarks measure 8cm with an 18mm picture at the top.

See more pictures after the break.

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Well, Marvel fans, it looks like there may be a new show for you to keep track of. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that a spinoff is being developed by SHIELD exec producer Jeffrey Bell (Angel, The X-Files) and SHIELD writer Paul Zbyszewski (Lost, Hawaii Five-0).

There aren’t any details on what the spinoff will be, but word is that there’s no plan to spin it off from a particular episode (Think Flash out of Arrow). However, story elements from the upcoming season of SHIELD will lay the groundwork for the new series (so it seems that season three is pretty much guaranteed).

My guess is that it’s gearing towards Inhumans, but you never know.

On a side note, we still don’t know what’s happening with Agent Carter. I hope this doesn’t mean that Carter is done and the spinoff will serve as a replacement. That would be a real bummer.

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