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Arguably one of the best episodes of Steven Universe and one of the biggest turning points for kids’ programming on TV was an episode titled “The Answer”, which told the story of how the gem fusion, Garnet, came to be.

Along with the tale being a heartwarming love story with classic tropes (the aristocrat falls for the commoner, the two elope and create something new) the episode, which focused on two gems named Ruby and Sapphire, was groundbreaking in its portrayal of a same sex relationship in a children’s cartoon.

Now, the wildly popular episode and its heroines will be returning in the form of a children’s book written by series creator Rebecca Sugar and illustrated by Elle Michalka and Tiffany Ford.

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The cast of the new Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play are getting new wands, and J.K. Rowling was kind enough to give fans a sneak peek.

No word yet on if these will be available for sale down the line, but I’m pretty sure we’ll see fans making their own if nothing else.

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disney fanatic

Disney fans can be fanatical about the theme parks, but one fan took his love to the next level. While you or I might struggle to get through the Magic Kingdom in one day, park lover Christopher Wing visited every Disney theme park on the planet in just 75 hours.

Kicking off his journey on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride at Disneyland, Wing booked it for the red-eye flight to Walt Disney World in Florida, before taking off for the parks overseas.

Check out his entire journey below.

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moon globe top

Oscar Lhermitte and Kudu are behind a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of MOON, which is described as “the most accurate lunar globe”.

The globe dispenses with traditional 2D photographs or illustrations, and instead utilizes “NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter topographic data combined with electronic and mechanical engineering alongside careful craftsmanship in mold making”. The result is “a truly accurate 1/20 million (6.8″) scale replica of the Moon featuring all the craters, elevation and ridges in accurate 3D.”

It can even recreate lunar phases using a ring of LEDs that revolve around the globe.

MOON can be had for contributions beginning at $427. A larger 1/11.5 million scale globe (11.8″) is also available for $641. Shipping will reportedly begin in November.

Check out the project video and additional pics below.

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xena and gabrielle

This recently unveiled Xena and Gabrielle piece by Kevin Wada was a commission for FlameCon 2015. Absolutely beautiful.

Check out more of Kevin Wada’s work here.

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Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve found the Loch Ness Monster. Sort of.

Alright, that’s not even slightly true. What we have found, though, is a prop from the 1969 movie The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, which features a short sequence of John Watson sighting Nessy in the loch. The scene was shot at the actual Loch Ness with a not-actual monster. Originally built with two humps, director Billy Wilder requested that the humps be removed, which led to a change in buoyancy resulting in the thing sinking to the bottom of the lake.

Now Kongsberg Maritime, who specialize in “underwater positioning technology,” scanned the lake with a robot named MUNIN (which sounds more like the name of a Russian arcade emulator but apparently isn’t). Not only were they able to locate the prop, but it was identified thanks to its distinct humpless shape. Giggidy.

Check out the video below.

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The Mouse Guard comic, written and illustrated by David Petersen, is about to become a little more squishy and colorful.

David Petersen is teaming with Skeleton Crew to create new Sadie and Lieam plush as well as partnering with Archaia for the first ever Mouse Guard coloring book.

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The coloring book is 96 pages with over 50 highly detailed illustrations of the characters, cities, and environments across the Mouse Territories.

As for the plush…they’re coming soon. A sneak preview is available below.

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penny arcade top

When talented artists collaborate, magic can happen. Such is the case with this music video by animator Uri Lotan and musician Jane Bordeaux.

The song, called Ma’agalim (meaning “circles”), is visually represented by a single wooden penny arcade doll walking through several beautiful scenes.

Watch the full video below.

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zombie dentist

By now you’ve probably seen a million wisdom tooth videos featuring someone hallucinating about some crazy nonsense. But, I’ll tell you hwhat, the drama that (supposedly) unfolds when some jerky jerk brothers convince their poor little sister that the zombie apocalypse is nigh is better than anything I’ve seen on The Walking Dead or that dumb spinoff lately.

Watch it below.

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Designed by Encho Enchev, a senior 3D artist and designer at Ubsoft, this awesome Batmobile concept takes some of what we know and love and puts a sleeker, futuristic spin on it.

In addition to Batmobiles of the past, the design takes some of its inspiration from actual bats—as you can see in the grill design pictured below.

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