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dc comic movie posters 1

DC Comics is launching a shiny new batch of variant covers in March, and they’re all about movie posters. The fun designs insert DC characters into posters from movies such as Free Willy (yep, you read that correctly), The Mask, Gone With the Wind, Beetlejuice, and Purple Rain. Heroes and villains on the covers include Aquaman, Batgirl, the Joker, and so many more. I can practically hear the money falling out of the wallets of collectors.

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Doctor Who classic episodes

I’ve been meaning to catch up on classic episodes of Doctor Who, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day. However, thanks to YouTuber Omni Verse, I can watch over 700 episodes of classic Who at the same time – from the First Doctor to the Eighth Doctor. The itty bitty squares are pretty much impossible to distinguish from each other, but it’s better than nothing.

Here’s how the episodes break down:

William Hartnell (135), Patrick Troughton (119), Jon Pertwee (128), Tom Baker (178), Peter Davison (71), Colin Baker (31) and Sylvester McCoy (42) episodes, and to round out the era, Peter Cushing (2) and Paul McGann (1)

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nerd wedding

I’ve always been a firm believer that the best weddings are the ones where the bride and groom don’t cater to tradition or the wishes of others. In this case, when Fallon and Ethan got married, they decided to make their wedding a celebration of all the geeky things they love.

They put together quite an event. From Harry Potter themed Quibbler programs and table favors, to Star Wars macarons, to a handmade custom bouquet made of book pages and comic book pages by Meredith at The Flower Girl Atlanta – they had all kinds of great, geeky touches.

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admiral Ackbar Trap

Today in “perfect geek pun products”, I present these Ackbar animal traps by Cullen Sweet. While you can’t buy them, he’s taking a few to Star Wars Celebration, so if you see him there, maybe you can talk him into giving you one (after he gives me one, that is).

I also am now dying to see what the ad campaign would look like.

Ackbar Traps – Get them before it’s too late!

(via Cullen Sweet)


This beautiful piece features Calvin and Hobbes careening down a hill in their little red wagon. It was a commissioned piece that was hand sculpted and painted by Emily Coleman. It measures 8″ tall and took her 25 hours to complete, which seems surprisingly short given the detail on the finished figure.

(deviantArt via Kotaku)

menorahsaurus rex

For many people, the Menorah they use during Hanukkah is as much a part of their celebration as the candles that Menorah holds. Whether it’s a Menorah that’s been passed down from generation to generation, or one that has a certain…uniqueness, there are a variety to choose from.

This MenorasaurusRex by The Vanilla Studio definitely falls into the unique category. It’s hand-made to order and made from repurposed plastic toys and metal candle cups.

I’m seriously considering getting one so I have it set for next year. I think it would look great on my mantlepiece.

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amell and pascal

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Forget saving for that trip to Disney because this is going to be the amusement park of your nerd dreams. BBC Worldwide is currently working with Paramount to develop a theme park on Swanscombe Peninsula in Kent. It’s slated to open near Easter of 2020 with rides, water attractions, a 2,000-seat theater and 5,000 hotel rooms. The $3.1 billion dollar endeavor will include various BBC properties and although nothing is confirmed, it’s a good bet that Sherlock, Doctor Who, and Top Gear will be a part of the fun.

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One of my favorite characters to watch in Magic Kingdom is Gaston. He’s much like he is in Beauty and the Beast – so he’s awful – and the actors playing Gaston stay in character. One little girl named Isabella read him the riot act big time. I like this girl’s sass.

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Saruman has dropped his new Christmas single and it will shred your face off with holiday cheer.

Indeed, Sir Christopher Lee has enjoyed a long career as an actor starring in an nearly 300 films over the years. However, you may also know that he’s the oldest metal musician on the planet. Darkest Carols, Faithful Sing is his latest Christmas single (a playful take on Hark! The Herald Angels Sing).

Last year at 91-years-old he was both the oldest heavy metal artist and the oldest person to chart a song on Billboard with the single Jingle Hell reaching number 18—breaking a record previously held by Tony Bennett. He’s currently 92, so now he can break his own record.

Hear a sampling of his Christmas metal (including the new single) after the break.

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