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lego recycling

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Superhero Apes

Damn dirty apes are all over our movie theaters thanks to Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. But simian culture has had a long, proud and insane tradition in superhero comics. I’m not just talking about the many times that human superheroes have been temporarily transformed into apes. I’m talking about apes who are themselves heroes and villains.

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ryu is 50

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moon animate

Over two hundred artists have joined forces to animate a single episode of Sailor Moon. The project, titled Moon Animate Make-Up, is a crowdsourced group animation project that focused on re-animating an episode of the series shot by shot. The result is a full length parody episode that’s rather incredible to watch. If you don’t have time to view the entire 23 minutes, jump around just to see all the differing art styles.

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Pardon me while I hyperventilate, but news has broken that the Marvel Universe is gaining a warrior princess. Yep, TV Guide is reporting that Lucy Lawless will be joining Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD but there are no details yet on how many episodes she will appear in or who she’ll be playing.

It’s so amazing to know that she’ll be part of the MCU because that could lead to some really awesome things down the road.

I hope she gets to beat people up and fling a weapon at someone. Maybe have a really cool battlecry.

Not that I’m basing my ideas on anyone. Nooooo.

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han solo toilet seat

Han may not like the idea of being frozen in carbonite and used as a toilet seat cover in your bathroom, but he’s frozen in carbonite, so it’s not like he can say much.

This toilet seat is made by a company called Derby Covers and, apparently, all of their toilet seats are custom painted and airbrushed. That’s got to look interesting on a resume!

They cover all sorts of different fandoms, so I’m guessing that if Han’s tortured face isn’t your thing, you’ll find something you like.

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sailor moon top

Sailor Moon Crystal premiered this month and is available on Hulu, rebooting the popular 1990′s anime series. But if you need something to hold you over in-between the bi-weekly episode release, here’s a suggestion: rock out to “Moon Pride,” the extended theme music video that features all of the Sailor Scouts.

“Moon Prism Power Make up!”

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queen's guards game of thrones

YouTuber Omer Barnea stopped by Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guards last week and heard the Queen’s Guards play something unexpected: the theme song from the Game of Thrones. It takes a few notes to pick up the familiar tune, but it sounds closer and closer to the original as it goes on. Hey, at least it wasn’t “The Rains of Castamere.”

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Many Capt Americas

Marvel Comics recently announced that Sam Wilson AKA the Falcon, the first African-American superhero, will be taking over the role of Captain America from his old friend and partner Steve Rogers. People are still discussing their feelings on this, how long they think it will last, and what it means for the larger picture of the superhero industry. But did you know there have been many other people over the years who have stood in for Steve as the Star-Spangled Avenger? We’re not just talking about those times that Hawkeye put on the suit for an issue.

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cthulhu money 2

Bitcoin is old news, people. The Ancient Ones that H.P. Lovecraft tried to warn us about in his dark, twisted tales are getting in on the crypto currency game via a site called Cthulhu Offerings. The site claims: “Four weeks and five days long it builds until Cthulhu awakens and one worshipper is rewarded greatly!”

Cthulhu and his invincible, demonic ilk are soon to awaken but need sacrifices from worshippers. To do this, Cthulhu Offerings has resorted to bribing us via the internet. The instructions are:

During the first and second weeks of the ritual, sacrificial amounts are placed in special, once a day blocks. These blocks are a reward to the worshipper for sacrifice made. During the third and fourth weeks of the ritual the rewards build, small at first, then larger as the worship increases with fervor. During the last five days, the ‘Tharanak shagg,’ or “promise of dreamland,” the ritual reaches final pitch and the daily special blocks are highly increased. Finally Cthulhu will return after the xxx665th offering has paid tribute to the Great Old One and he will bestow a bounty deserving of Him upon one lucky worshiper. The ritual can be repeated after six months time, following the great halving.

Well that seems not weird at all.

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