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“Get Carter” is the latest in a series of delightful fan art by Patrick Ballesteros.

This Agent Carter 6″x8″ print is currently available for pre-order with shipping slated for February 2nd.

Product Page ($8)


It may be snowy and cold now, but when the warm weather comes it’ll be great to go on a bike ride with your friends. Riding along in a 22-foot Star Destroyer would be even better. It’s available for free in Portland, Oregon (naturally) through Craigslist and can only be moved by either a truck or four willing people on bikes. The Star Destroyer has appeared in two Star Wars vs. Star Trek bike rides in Portland, but now it needs a new home.

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You know when you watch an episode of Arrow and think “that’s awesome, but no archer could actually do something like that”?

Wait until you see Lars Andersen in action. We’ve featured his videos in the past, but this time he’s taken things up a notch.

At one point, the dude jumps, catches an arrow shot buy another archer then fires it back before he hits the ground.

Yeah. You’ve got to see this. Check it out after the break…

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dunk tank

Kudos to Phil Jones on this brilliant concept. Needless to say, this would make for an amazing shirt.

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This is paper. Seriously.

It’s the work of a Japanese craftsman who has taken the time to not only do the exterior, but complete interiors too. Vipers, X-Wings, and even 2001’s Orion are all here in paper. Can you recognize all the ships?

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There are over 100 different characters on The Simpsons and a surprisingly small cast of people that manages all the voices. Simpsons fans already know all this of course, but this image made by @Jishai is a simple way of visualizing that information.

Compare it to the South Park cast graphic after the break (click on the images to enlarge).

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Mexican artist Fernando Peniche reimagined the Power Rangers and the results are pretty fantastic. I would love to see a series featuring these designs. Or maybe these.

Just gimme more Power Rangers.

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procrastination in red

Apparently, imgur user SeeMyAmbitionsFadeOut created this series of Star Wars paintings when he/she should have been studying for a test—hence the title “Procrastination In Red”.

I wish I could procrastinate like this. I would get so many awesome things done.


Scooby Doo featured a bunch of meddling kids solving all manner of mysterious crime, but it’s been a few years. They certainly wouldn’t be kids anymore and artist Dan Meth has imagined how they’d look today.

Needless to say, they’re all looking a little old and not quite up to their crime-stopping ways. But Scooby, well, that one just may make you cry.

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arrowjedi copy

During Arrow’s most recent midseason finale, Oliver took on the League of Assassins, and yes, there was plenty of adrenaline-inducing sword fighting to be seen. But no matter how impressive the stunts and blade work, all swordfights can be improved by tossing in a few lightsabers. YouTuber Dave Jones has worked tirelessly to re-edit Arrow fights into awe-inspiring lightsaber duels, and you can watch the results after the break.

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Spoiler alert: Ok, the first video below contains footage from Arrow’s midseason finale, The Climb. So, fair warning if you haven’t watched it. There’s also a comment from Stephen Amell himself…

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