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Fangirl BrittLiv reinvented her original “sliced” illusion table to pay tribute to her favorite comic character. Using an Ikea lack table and a few other bits, I’d say this table is certainly a success.

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So what does Mad Max: Fury Road have in common with ancient Egypt? Well, save for lots of sun and sand, not much. Still, artist Takumi managed to combine the two, and I have to say that it works rather well.

Winged Furiosa looks downright divine, and I love all the little details and touches. The top image is only a portion of the entire piece, which you can check out after the break.

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ash vs evil dead sm

At this point we’ve seen two awesome Ash Vs. Evil Dead trailers and we were part of an interview with the team behind the show. We’ve even seen Bruce Campbell do weather and traffic reports in Chicago.

But wait, there’s more!

The video after the break will give you a behind-the-scenes look at Ash Vs. Evil Dead with a few glimpses at footage not seen in the previous trailers.

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ash vs evil dead

A new Ash Vs. Evil Dead trailer has landed, and it brought along a bit of new footage (including a brief glimpse of Lucy Lawless’ character Ruby). Seriously, Halloween can’t get here soon enough.

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Whether you consider street artist Banksy to be famous or notorious, there’s no doubt he’s got a talent for making people think and look at things in a new way.

A new five week installation called Dismaland in Somerset, England is a “bemusement park” curated by Banksy that features artists from all over the world. Dark, sure—but also thought provoking, which is always good.

If you wont be able to attend in person, good news! Photos have been floating around the Internet for the last week or so, but UK’s Channel 4 News took a tour of Dismaland and recorded it.

Maybe that’s depressing news.

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A middle school special education teacher went all in with Harry Potter this year and it sounds like her class is going to be super fun. She explains on a reddit thread:

“I plan to implement fun activities as we go along in the book (one chapter per week). For example, when Harry gets his wand, we will make wands in my classroom. When they get sorted in the book, we will get sorted in real life. It’ll be fun activities so it’s not just another boring core class.”

Every square inch of her classroom is decorated and it’s as close to Hogwarts as most students will ever get. Check out all the wonderful images after the break.

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marvel dubsmash

If you thought the Team Coulson vs. Team Carter Dubsmash Wars ended, think again. It turns out they were just getting started.

The last Marvel Dubsmash War had no clear winner, so this time there’ll be actual voting. Additionally, the group is bringing their lip-syncing skills back for charity.

Here’s how it’ll work. When voting opens, you can vote for your team by donating money to your team’s charity. Every dollar you donate is one vote for your team of choice. That dollar vote also enters you into a sweepstakes where the the grand prize includes lunch with Hayley Atwell, Clark Gregg, Chloe Bennet, and James D’Arcy, plus other prizes that will be announced at a later date. You can cast your votes and enter the contest at Crowdrise starting September 2nd.

So, a good cause, great entertainment, and a chance to hang out with really cool people? Sounds good to me.

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Hugh Jackman likes Dubsmash. Dare I say he, loves Dubsmash. In this case, he takes on Jim Carrey’s famous “Smokin” line from The Mask.

Jim Carrey, never one to be outdone, sent Jackman his own little homage in the form of a very, uh…unique cosplay.

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mission dalek

Doctor Who fans (in the UK at least) have a chance to submit a digital story to the BBC for their Mission Dalek contest. Winning entires will get to visit the Twelfth Doctor’s set and meet Peter Capaldi.

The criteria is pretty simple but the options are vast: create a digital story (i.e. video, animation and images, even submit original digital artwork) using clues from the contest’s The Doctor’s Year 2000 Diary to explain where the Doctor has been and how he ended up facing the Daleks. They’re even offering downloadable assets to help you with your work.

This is for U.K. residents only and open until September 9th.

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I don’t know how Redditor Captain_Jack_Daniels held it together during a recent visit to the Las Vegas airport.

Captain Picard and Geordi walk into a bar in Vegas. I would like to see how that episode ends.

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