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SPOILER ALERT: Jakub Wejher, founder of Wejherowo, Poland in 1643, is actually Darth Vader.

Darth Wejher?

You may be thinking “Isn’t Vladimir Lenin the real Vader?“, but the truth is that his statue is just really into cosplay.

Check out more pics below.

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It’s always nice when you discover a new artist and I’m really lucky to be able to share my discoveries with other people. The delightful mermaids pictured below were my introduction the work of Ashley Taylor.

So, if you were a fan previously, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the round-up. If not, enjoy the new discovery and keep an eye out for her Mermaid Mondays on Instagram.

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snl undercover boss

Adam Driver playing Kylo Ren playing Matt The Radar Tech on SNL’s spoof of Undercover Boss may be the Internet’s most favorite version of Kylo Ren ever. Not only did the skit go viral, but even spawned a Matt custom action figure.

This behind the scenes video from SNL is so much fun. Between Driver losing it between takes to Leslie Jones messing with the trooper, I was dying laughing. Bobby Moynihan looks like he had both the best and worst time ever.

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dark side leiaCosplayer Dominique Skye has taken Leia to the Dark Side and it is a thing of beauty. She also did a spin on Kylo Ren that makes me hope everyone goes Dark in the new trilogy.

I bow to your brilliance, Dominique. The Force is most definitely with you. See more pics on Fashionably Geek

star wars vine 2

The Force is strong with Viner Wahyu Ichwandari, also known as Pinot, who has created some stunning Star Wars-inspired Vines. Featuring illustrations that leap off of the page, his Vines once again prove that the creativity of Star Wars fans knows no bounds.

Check out Pinot’s handiwork below.

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ruby rhod catIt’s time to take a little vacation to Phloston Paradise with the greenest cat cosplay possible.

Ruby Rhod never looked so good. Check out the photos on Fashionably Geek

What did your dad get you for Christmas? Oh, some socks? That’s cool. Want to know what David Weiberg did for his son? He built a playset of the Bridge of the Enterprise, as seen in the original ’60s Star Trek series. No big deal.

That’s right, the above photo features part of a hand-made playset, though you might be forgiven for mistaking it for the real deal if you weren’t paying close attention. Built in part from the original blueprints from the set, then scaled down and tweaked to suit the child proportions of Playmates’ Star Trek action figures from the early ’90s, Weiberg built the base frame of the Bridge from pine, and used a number of other materials including MDF, PVC sheet, filler putty and RTV silicone to meticulously recreate the iconic Bridge set. He even cast and built identical recreations of the seats from scratch!

Check out more photos of Weiberg’s handiwork below.

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jon snow mustang

This GHOST Mustang is the proof. However he probably didn’t think that license plate all the way through as you’ll see below.

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When the Monmouth County SPCA website announced that they had a two-year old Balinese cat named Corey up for adoption, his picture went viral as a couple sharp-eyed people noticed a resemblance to actor Adam Driver.

Jill Pantozzi aka The Nerdy Bird even went so far as to create the side-by-side above and help spread the word about Corey who, thanks to the attention, has since found a forever home.

Also, because the internet can give you amazing gifts, Twitter’s animal loving photoshop master @darth made a perfect image in tribute, which you can check out below.

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Italian artist Marco Ercoli has made a name for himself by crafting full-scale sculptures from Post-It notes, including a gun, a grenade, and the sword seen above. They are also armed with a veritable explosion of colors, making them look like they were used in a battle fought between clowns and unicorn-riding samurai.

Check out more of his work below.

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