These gorgeous limited-edition woodblock prints are part of a crowd-funding project on The designs come from artist Masami Ishikawa with master engravers and printers doing the work to create them entirely by hand. They’re even officially licensed Lucasfilm products.

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The Jurassic Park franchise is an ideal playground for Lego, which is why Sami Mustonen can’t stop won’t stop putting up concepts on Lego Ideas. He’s already launched Indominus Rex and Jurassic Park Tour Car concepts, and now he’s gone a step further with a new microscale Jurassic Park set.

Set includes main exterior scenes from the movie Jurassic Park in microscale:

Helicopter arrive
Brachiosaurus safari
Raptor Pit
Visitor center
Main Gate
Tyrannosaurus Rex paddock

There is also micro brick version for every main character (can you spot who is who? 😉 ) + Normal scale Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm and Ellie Sattler minifigures.

If it gets the necessary 10,000 votes, the set might just make it to store shelves.

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terminator genisys

Moviegoers looking for something new have two options this weekend: Magic Mike XXL and Terminator: Genisys. As nerds, we’re more likely to opt for the robot- and time travel-filled latter film, but I’m here to tell you: Channing Tatum Shakes His Butt for Two Hours is the better option. Or at least the more memorable one. Terminator: Genisys is one big bucket of blehhhhhhh.

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The latest SDCC product reveals include another round of Batman v Superman merchandise debuted by USA Today. We’ve already seen a Lego Batmobile and Funko Pop! figures, and now there are more realistic figures from Mattel for Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman along with two vehicles.

The releases include a $30 two-pack with 6″ tall figures of Batman and Superman and a 12″ tall Barbie Wonder Woman. Hot Wheels will have a $25 Batmobile and a special Hot Wheels car celebrating the movie will also be available. If you go to SDCC, they’ll even have a life-size version of the car on display.

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There are so many wonderful Funko Pop! figures, but until now, none of them have come with a MultiPass. The company has just announced a line of The Fifth Element figures that includes two versions of Leeloo, Korben Dallas, Zorg, a Mangalore, and Diva Plavalaguna. We can only hope that Ruby Rhod will be added soon.

The figures will be available starting this October.

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Batman v Superman merch is starting to trickle in. Not surprisingly, the first two examples come from Lego and Funko.

The Lego Batmobile pictured above made its debut in the Wall Street Journal and is set to be on display at SDCC. The DC Super Heroes New Batmobile set will include 306 pieces, two stud shooters, opening doors, a new Batman outfit, two additional unnamed characters, and an additional vehicle for $29.99. It’s set go go on sale January 1st.

See Also: See Inside The New Batmobile From Batman V. Superman

Funko has also revealed their vinyl figures of Batman and Superman and they’re predictably adorable. You won’t have to wait to get your hands on these two as they’ll be on sale at SDCC with pricing not yet announced.

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boring jurassic park

Though the theme park’s name sure is catchy, Jurassic Park is a bit of a misnomer. Paleontologists are quick to point out that many of the park’s residents aren’t actually from the Jurassic era. So, CollegeHumor decided to take a look at what the park might look like if it was accurately named for different geological eras. After watching it, you’ll totally understand the decision from a marketing perspective.

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Whatever your feelings might be about the Joker’s tattoos or Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn costume, you have to admit that the new look Suicide Squad is intriguing. They are also verrrry different from the originals.

How different? Check out the slider graphic after the break to compare the very first appearances of each character to the versions we’ll see in the upcoming film.

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Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman have been working for years to bring the final installment of the Hellboy trilogy to theaters. However, all hope was seemingly lost when del Toro noted the following a year ago:

“I don’t think it will happen. Creatively, I would love to make it. Creatively. But it is proven almost impossible to finance. Not from my side, but from the studio side. If I was a multimillionaire, I would finance it myself, but I spend all my money on rubber monsters.”

But now there is a glimmer of hope from Perlman himself. He’s been rallying support for the sequel as of late, and it appears that those efforts might have paid off.

He laid down a pretty powerful hint on Instagram the other day, which you can see after the break…

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Toys ‘R’ Us has revealed their SDCC exclusive Star Wars ‘Jabba’s Rancor Pit’ figure set. It includes Slave Leia, Luke, C-3PO, and a Gammorean guard that are all about the size of the 3.75″ classic Hasbro figures. Jabba measures a bit larger at 6″ and the Rancor appropriately towers over everyone. The set will debut at SDCC but will arrive in Toys ‘R’ Us stores later this year. The press release also included news of their new “Collector Vector” online store:

In conjunction with Comic Convention, Toys“R”Us has introduced a new shop titled, “Collector Vector,” dedicated to collectible action figures, playsets and more for the mature collector community, available now in its stores nationwide and This specially designated destination features nearly 100 highly sought-after collectibles from industry leading manufacturers, including Bandai, Diamond Select™, Mezco Toyz, McFarlane Toys and NECA, among others, as well as items based on hit properties, such as BATMAN™, Godzilla, Sons of Anarchy, Predator, The Walking Dead and more. The company’s new digital “Collector Vector” hub, available online at, features hundreds of additional product options, including items customers can’t find anywhere else.

Looks like we’re all going to be spending a little more time shopping Toys ‘R’ Us.

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