Doesn’t this sound like it could be amazing? Edgar Wright has turned in a script for Dodge & Twist which is a steampunk sequel to the classic book, Oliver Twist. It’s based on the novel by Tony Lee (the writer for IDW’s Doctor Who series) and takes place 12 years after the original story. The synopsis reads thusly:

Twelve years on from the events of OLIVER TWIST, a once-more penniless Oliver is back on the streets of London… When a meeting with the now grown-up Artful Dodger leads Oliver into a scheme to regain his money, he begins to wonder just how accidental the meeting was, as friends and foes from his past begin to mount up in a plan to steal the fabled Koh-I-Noor diamond from the 1851 Great Exhibition.

As the heist progresses, Oliver is pulled back into a world he hoped to escape from a decade earlier, a world of deception and betrayal, where every ally is a potential enemy and where his so called ‘friend’ Dodger is speaking to the ghost of the long dead Fagin – and planning his revenge on Oliver.

Oliver finds himself in a maze of lies and half truths while escaping the police, the East End underworld and Dodger’s own violent plans – visiting his once home town and workhouse, Fagin’s Saffron Hill den, Sowerberry’s Undertakers, the British Museum and Newgate Prison in the process, as he faces his own demons, including the now destitute Mister Bumble, his one time bully Noah Claypole, and his guilt over the death of Nancy, a decade earlier…

In a situation that can only end with a noose around his neck, Oliver must find a way out of this nightmare – or forever stay a pawn in a game far bigger than that of the people around him, a game he must win at all costs…

I’m totally on board.

Now we all just have to hope that he chooses to direct the film, too.

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Y’know that all-female Ghostbusters reboot Paul Feig is directing? The cast has been announced and it’s pretty frickin’ fantastic.

News out of THR is that Melissa McCarthy has already signed on and the studio is negotiating with Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones.

If this casting comes through, I’m thinking this is going to be one heck of a project.

Director Paul Feig also teased the news on his Twitter account. Check out that tweet after the break…

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The Deadpool movie has languished in limbo for over a decade, but the overwhelmingly positive response from a test footage leak back in July gave Fox the confidence to actually make it happen. It’s a role that Ryan Reynolds was born to play so, naturally, he’s pretty excited about it. So much so that he admitted during an MTV interview that he would have leaked the video himself if he knew this would be the result.

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He also noted that Deadpool is turning out to be “the movie we want to make”. Check out the entire interview in the video after the break…

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Emma Watson has just officially announced that she’ll be starring as Belle in the new live action version of Beauty and the Beast. It looks like she’ll be doing some of her own singing as well.

Watson took to Facebook to make the announcement and her excitement is a joy to read.

See her statement after the break.

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star wars tipping point

Thanks xkcd. You bastards. Click to enlarge.


This supercut features some of the most fantastic sword duels in movie history. There’s something from every genre with Star Wars, Pirates of the Carribean, Kill Bill and The Princess Bride all sharing some sword-filled time on the screen. The action happens to a soundtrack of Santa Esmeralda’s cover of Don’t Let Me be Misunderstood, which makes it all perfect.

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See the video and the full list of movies as they appear after the break.

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This is paper. Seriously.

It’s the work of a Japanese craftsman who has taken the time to not only do the exterior, but complete interiors too. Vipers, X-Wings, and even 2001’s Orion are all here in paper. Can you recognize all the ships?

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See more pictures after the break.

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The third Star Trek film is due to hit theaters in 2016 and Simon Pegg’s reps have confirmed that he is writing the script along with Doug Jung. Pegg appeared in the first two movies as Scotty and will also be back in the role.

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Pegg takes over after two prior writers walked away. J.J. Abrams left to helm Star Wars while Roberto Orci reportedly left over studio concerns with his script. As we’ve noted in the past, Orci will still be involved with the movie as a producer.

See the tweet after the break…

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yootborsojyvdbtjvcgx copy

Hey, now! It looks like Captain… um… Iron Hulk’s gonna save… yeah… Thor… you know what? I give up. I’m not sure who’s coming to save the day. While the latest wave of “Hero Mashers” toys from Hasbro might seem a bit confusing at first, they’re actually pretty cool.

The deal here is that Avengers action figures come apart, which means that you can break them down and build entirely new heroes from all the loose bits! The above pic shows what a total mash-up creation would look like, but after the break you can check out the individual figures.

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Star Wars takes place in a galaxy far, far away with way better tech than we have here on Earth. This video takes all the various user interfaces, from doors to buttons to screens, and gathers them in one video. It’s interesting to see how these UIs stack up to what is reality today.

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See the video after the break.

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