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These RiftCycles designed by video game maker Luis Sobral aka The Arcade Man let you feel like you’re riding a Tron lightcycle. He uses Oculus Rift to create an “immersive virtual reality light cycle battle, fighting in an arena with their bikes until deresolution” with players riding RiftCycles he made out of metal and cardboard. The bikes even lean from side to side to add to the whole experience.

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It’s the 20th anniversary of the original Sailor Moon series and a reboot is on the way. With Captain America The Winter Soldier currently dominating at the theaters, it’s the perfect time for this mashup. Jei Shepard has blended the two worlds together into these fantastic Sailor Scout Avengers. Bet these guys could carry their own film.

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han in carbonite rug

As a Star Wars geek, I can say that I wish I had my very own Han In Carbonite at home and, while I love this amazing life-size Han In Carbonite from Sideshow, I need to look for something a little more in my budget.

Luckily, ThinkGeek has a solution that let’s you have your carbonite Han and a rug that ties the room together.

Lay Han down on the floor or hang him on the wall as a tapestry. Heck, I won’t judge. Just promise me you’ll do Jabba’s laugh at least once.

It comes in two sizes: small/medium (31 1/2″ x 71 1/2″) or large/x-large (39″ x 90 1/2″) and is in stock now.

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The whole Hail Hydra meme has been around for awhile, but thanks to Captain America: The Winter Soldier it’s getting a whole new life. If you haven’t seen the movie, not only will this not be quite as funny, but what is wrong with you? Go see it and then come right back over here and check out all these images because once you get it, they’re ridiculously funny. Hail Hydra!

Image via @ReyEstupendo

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winter soldier cap

Marvel hides plenty of easter eggs in their films whether it be names referenced in conversations or nods to other characters. For example, in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Black Widow wears a tiny arrow necklace – presumably because she’s in a relationship with Hawkeye. That’s just one of many treasures, and YouTube user MrSundayMovies has rounded up several more in a video recap.

It gets a little ridiculous towards the end, but it’s definitely worth watching. And obviously, there are spoilers for the film so don’t watch it if you haven’t seen the movie yet.

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It’s been ten years since Shaun of the Dead first hit theaters in the UK and to celebrate, filmmaker Edgar Wright has posted the film’s script along with those for Hot Fuzz and At World’s End on his official website for download. He calls them the “Three Flavors Cornetto Trilogy” after the Cornetto ice cream cone that makes an appearance in each film. The scripts include storyboards, graphics, and movie stills so they’re just the thing to make fans happy.

Simon Pegg also tweeted about celebrating the anniversary, and how ten years ago he and Wright snuck into the theater to watch the film when it was first released. He was quick to point out that they did actually pay for the tickets in the end, so, you know, don’t be breaking the law on his account.

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grumpy cat frozen

If you’ve ever worked in retail, especially in an industry that caters to merchandise for kids in any way, you’ve probaby heard the worlds “You’ve ruined Christmas!”. Heck, back in the day when I worked at Entertainment Earth, no holiday was complete until we heard it at least once.

But the demand for Frozen merchandise has apparently unleashed hell on Disney because the supply has dried up. People on eBay are selling Elsa dolls for up to $1750 bucks and parents are losing their ever lovin’ minds on the official Disney Store Facebook page.

Obviously, Disney didn’t anticipate that they would need to make Elsa and Anna dolls for pretty much every child on the planet and now people are willing to sell body parts for a toy for their little Susie.

It really is amazing to see the level of outrage. It reminds me of the Cabbage Patch insanity back in the day.

So if you have Frozen merchandise, you’re a very special snowflake. Enjoy that. If not, head after the break to see what you can look forward to at your local mall.

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frozen anna

Okay, maybe not 1000 times, but way better.

In today’s installment of “There, let me fix that for you”, DeviantARTist lulemee has taken Disney Frozen dolls and repainted them to look much more like their animated versions.

While I know the sort of detail she adds would make these dolls far more expensive, I bet there are people who would pay quite happily for her detailed additions.

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Nathan Fillion proved himself a giant tease when he hinted at a possible appearance in the upcoming Guardians of The Galaxy movie during a panel at St. Louis Comic Con. He was asked by a fan if he had wanted a role in the film and answered:

“Want to get a part? Or maybe did. I’m just saying maybe. Maybe it’ll be a surprise. Maybe check the credits of the movie when you watch it.”

Fillion has worked with director James Gunn before so teaming up again seems very possible. On the other hand, Marvel is very strict about keeping things secret and it doesn’t seem likely that Fillion would spill the beans on something that could have the Marvel folks seeing red.

Looks like we’ll have to wait until the film opens on August 1st. Pay very close attention to the credits at the end and keep your fingers crossed that Captain Malcolm Reynolds shows up.

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