Star Wars Celebration keeps on giving.

Lucasfilm sent us this video of John Boyega sneaking up on unsuspecting fans during a photoshoot, and it is pure joy. [click to continue…]

The first trailer for Kingsman: The Golden Circle dropped last night, and it looks like the movie will be even more fun than the original. That would be a tall order, but the ingredients are certainly there—cowboys and British secret agents, big explosions, a dude with a robot arm, a dude with a whip, and pirate-eyed Harry (Colin Firth) returning from the dead. Check it out below. [click to continue…]

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract is being hailed as an excellent adaptation of a classic DC Comics story, and you can get it starting today on Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD as well as Digital HD. If you need some convincing, the exclusive clip below should do the trick. It features Damian/Robin facing off against Deathstroke in a rooftop battle. [click to continue…]

Nerdy Dad and YouTuber The Beardless Man sent us a video that chronicles his first nerdy woodworking build—a little Millennium Falcon tablet theater that he made for his kids. As you’ll see, it’s a fun project that handy dads and moms can handle without too much trouble. [click to continue…]

Star Wars Celebration couldn’t possibly run its course without footage from The Last Jedi right? It’s happened, and you can watch it below. [click to continue…]

You can add Tokyo Ghoul to the list of recent live-action manga and anime adaptations that includes Ghost in the Shell, Attack on Titan, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Death Note. The following trailer doesn’t give much away in only 30-seconds, but the appearance of Ken Kaneki is probably enough to pique the interest of fans. [click to continue…]

It’s not even so much Billie Lourd standing in for her mother in this group photo at Star Wars Celebration—It’s what Mark Hamill wrote to go along with it… [click to continue…]

After making its North American theatrical debut earlier this year, Sailor Moon R: The Movie will be released as a Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack as well as a Standard Edition DVD Set on April 18th. [click to continue…]


It’s been nearly two years since we first heard that a “sequel” to Labyrinth was in the works, and now we have news that a director and writer have been chosen for the film. Most importantly, we also know that the movie will not be a reboot. We’re not even sure if it will be a sequel. At this point, it sounds more like a spinoff. [click to continue…]

At one point or another, every older male actor in Hollywood was rumored to be the frontrunner for the Cable role but, according to THR, Josh Brolin came out of nowhere and snagged it. So he’s Thanos AND Cable AND formerly Jonah Hex (wasn’t he almost Batman as well?)—that’s just greedy. I’ll bet they make a joke about it in Deadpool 2.

Seriously though—I get it. He has the right look and he will bring gravitas to the role. However, I thought Michael Shannon would have been good in the role as well. Hell, quite a few actors on the Cable list would have been interesting in the part. I’ll bet they make a joke about it in Deadpool 2.