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Ben Affleck just tweeted what appears to be evidence that Deathstroke will be part of an upcoming DC film—most likely Justice League, which is currently in production. At this point, nothing has been confirmed—including the actor playing the part. Check out the footage below. [click to continue…]

thor in australia

Back in July, SDCC attendees were treated to a hilarious clip during the Marvel panel that revealed what Thor was doing during the events of Captain America: Civil War. We knew that he headed to Australia, got a roommate named Darryl, and played Connect Four, but the full clip was kept under wraps—until now. Check it out below. [click to continue…]


Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray September 13th and you know what that means.

It’s gag reel time.

Okay, sure, there’s the actual movie and other special features, but who cares about that? The gag reel is the best part of any bonus extras.

This sneak preview of the gag reel has dancing, swearing, flubs, and even Chris Evans holding his nose in the cutest way possible. Enjoy. [click to continue…]

star wars album covers

Digital artist Steven Lear is a big fan of music and movies, both of which feature prominently in his mashups. You can tell he’s especially a fan of Star Wars, which he’s reworked as album covers with spectacular results. I’m especially pleased by his Bjork covers keeping it in the family. Check out more of our favorites below. [click to continue…]

thor loki childrens hospital

Remember when Chris Pratt and Chris Evans went to visit a children’s hospital together? Well, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston took time out from filming Thor: Ragnarock stop by Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital and it was just as awesome as you’d imagine.

Loki getting smashed in the face by a young lady wielding Mjolnir may be the best thing ever. Deep down Loki is a real softie. Actually, all the pictures are wonderful. Feels ahead… [click to continue…]

beastie boys rogue one

Remember how people hated the first Star Trek Beyond trailer set to the Beastie Boy’s hit “Sabotage”? Welllllll, if you’re a die-hard Trek fan that kinda resents the success of Star Wars, you’ll be unhappy to hear that the song works really well with Rogue One. Decide for yourself after watching the video below. [click to continue…]


3D printing keeps getting better and better. We like to use the quality of DIY lightsabers as a benchmark.

With that in mind, Sean Charlesworth recently made his own lightsaber with a unique cutaway design. Take a closer look in the video below. [click to continue…]


Stressed? Nerd Approved is your source for nerdy coloring books for adults. Therefore, it is our duty to inform you that Art of Coloring Star Wars: Rogue One is happening and it is available for pre-order now with shipping slated for December 20th 2016.

It’s early yet, but as the cover image reveals, there will be “100 images to inspire creativity”.

Art of Coloring Star Wars: Rogue One ($15.99)


Last year, Disney filed a patent. But it wasn’t just any patent. This patent involves involves lightsabers. As you can see in the diagram above, a guy from Virtua Fighter is clearly using a lightsaber to deflect a laser beam being fired by a cereal box trapped inside of a beach ball. The actual patent describes it thusly:

An entertainment environment has a user with a faux light saber that interacts with a drone flying through the air or operated with hidden rods to appear as if its flying through the air. The faux light saber has LEDs attached thereto to provide IR light to the drone. As an LED is turned on, an invisible light sensor built into the drone captures an image of the field of view with a bright spot at the position of the activated LED. A visible light source built into the drone then projects light through particulate matter toward the faux light saber. As a result, the uses is provided with the illusion that the faux light saber has deflected a laser beam. Multiple LEDs can be activated in sequence at various times to give user the impression that the movement by the users of the faux light saber is deflecting multiple laser beams.

An educated guess would be that this is for the Star Wars themed expansions currently under construction at Disneyland California and Walt Disney World Florida, though Disney aren’t giving anything away just yet. If it becomes something that we actually get to see and experience (as we’ve all learned by now, a company filing a patent doesn’t mean they’re necessarily going to do anything with it), details like this could make the difference between visiting something Star Warsy and feeling like you’re part of Star Wars.

(Patent Yogi via io9)

jurassic park trex

YouTuber KaptainKristian has put together a video that breaks down a little of the visual effects history of the original Jurassic Park, which goes a long way to explain why the movie’s effects still hold up today. The secret, apparently, is restraint in terms of using CG technology that was still in it’s infancy. A smart balance of practical and CG effects was key.

For instance, I knew that most of the dinosaur visuals weren’t computer-generated, but I didn’t know there were only 14 minutes of dinosaurs in the entire movie, and that only six of those minutes were computer-generated.

Check out the video below for the complete breakdown. In the wake of The Force Awakens, it’s yet another reminder that there is definitely such a thing as too much CGI. [click to continue…]