I don’t know if Jeremy Renner has gone rogue or if Marvel okayed it, but he’s been having a delightful time showing off new concept art for Captain America: Civil War that finally reveal where loyalties lie.

If you’re avoiding spoilers, you don’t want to take a look at the tweets after the break.

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Post updated to credit the Stargate creator/groom:

Ian Milward spent weeks building a Stargate for his wedding and I think it was absolutely worth it. This amazing ring is measures 12-feet in diameter and is unbelievably detailed with constellations and LEDs. And there’s a pretty cool story behind it as well:

“They first met working at the same lumber and hardware store, and connected because of a mutual love of Stargate. About a year into their relationship, they were watching the episode where Jack and Sam get married in front of a gate, and she said that would be pretty awesome, so six years later he remembered that and did it.”

Check out more images (especially the impressive nighttime view) of the Stargate after the break.

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the martian

A new video for the upcoming film The Martian entitled “Our Greatest Adventure” has been released.

We’ve seen several videos for The Martian at this point, but now they’re bringing out the big guns—namely Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Watch him examine the upcoming Ares 3 mission on a special episode of StarTalk after the break…

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rey and BB8

There’s a new official Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser and OMG, y’all. I’m DYING.

For you spoiler-phobes, there’s definitely one in here, so I’m tucking it after the break.

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fassbender creed

We have our first look at Michael Fassbender as Callum Lynch In Assassin’s Creed thanks to Yahoo Movies!

And yes, the character is new—created specifically for the movie. Apparently, shooting on the film is set to begin on Monday.

What do you think?

interactive yoda

Here’s your chance to train with the most skilled Jedi Master in the universe. We got our first look at the Star Wars Legendary Jedi Master Yoda back in February, but here he is in all his glory.

This interactive Yoda stands 16-inches tall, has premium latex skin and a real fabric robe, and speaks 115 phrases to help you master your Jedi skills and training. Featuring a motorized body and dynamic 360-degree movement, Yoda is ready to train you and show off his incredible lightsaber skills.

The figure has three distinct modes of play: Warrior Mode, Force Mode, and Wisdom Mode. Check out the details along with a demo video from Comic Con after the break…

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1401100419303462829 copy

So what does Mad Max: Fury Road have in common with ancient Egypt? Well, save for lots of sun and sand, not much. Still, artist Takumi managed to combine the two, and I have to say that it works rather well.

Winged Furiosa looks downright divine, and I love all the little details and touches. The top image is only a portion of the entire piece, which you can check out after the break.

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What can an Honest Trailer say a movie as awesome as Mad Max: Fury Road? Well, it will confirm said awesomeness in the face of overwhelming odds. The last movie was forever ago, the director busied himself with kid’s movies during that period, Mad Max is a supporting character that barely talks (mostly grunts), and it’s basically a two hour chase scene. Doesn’t seem like a recipe for success, but it was clearly one of the best action movies in years.

Check out the trailer after the break…

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The Star Wars Movie Realization figure line gets two new additions with the official unveiling of the Akazonae Royal Guard and Teppou Ashigaru Sandtrooper. Both figures have the gorgeous details that’s become synonymous with this line and both figures come with interchangeable hands and dedicated weapons sets. The sandtrooper has a gorgeous set of steampunk style blasters and the Royal Guard comes with with interchangeable chest pieces so you can display them in their robes or armor.

Posed with the previously released Vader figure, they definitely look like an intimidating group!

See more pictures after the break.

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star destroyer manhattan

Reddit user movielover278 has really put the massive scale of a Super Star Destroyer into perspective by comparing it to the size of Manhattan.

(via Reddit)