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MB&F and Switzerland-based pen maker Caran d’Ache have created a pen that goes where no pen has gone before.

The Astrograph was four years in the making and includes a cap with retractable landing gear and a tiny ladder for a mini astronaut figure, as well as packaging that doubles as an over-the-top display stand. Yes, all this for a pen—albeit an awesome one.

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It will be available in four different versions made from materials such as rhodium and ruthenium, with each being limited to 99 pieces.

With all of these bells and whistles, you wouldn’t expect the Astrograph to be cheap, but the price tag has reached the comically absurd level of $20,000 per pen – a price that should never be spent on a writing implement unless it is the only way to endorse a check for $20,001 or more. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


The AT-AT Multi Stand from Premium Bandai is a 1/72-scale replica of the AT-ATs from The Empire Strikes Back‘s Hoth battle scene, and it features plenty of hidden compartments (like a pen holder, coin slot, and a few different drawers) that are ideal for holding all of the odds and ends that clutter up your desk. But the way that you can wind up your charging cable to a Snowspeeder to recreate the iconic scene from the film is what really sold us on this. Plus, it’s fully posable. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]

lego retro office

If you’re feeling a bit nostalgic for the days of CRT monitors and floppy disks, then you’ll dig model artist Chris McVeigh’s LEGO recreation of a late ’80s office.

He’s nailed all of the details, from the rotary phone to the floppy disk case. Chris plans on posting a guide on how to build the set, called “My Old Desktop” later this month. But if you’d rather buy than build, it’s available in his online store.

Check out more pics below.

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Moleskine, producer of high-quality notebooks for writing and sketching, has teamed up with the creators of the Neo Smartpen to develop an intuitive and stylish system for digitizing everything you write down—the Smart Writing Set.

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vespa chairs top

Spanish workshop Bel & Bel is upcycling vintage Vespa scooters into a limited edition series of stunning office chairs.

The chairs offer functioning headlights, a reclining feature, reinforced internal structure and a base with hydraulic height adjustment. The “very comfortable ergonomic chair” also comes equipped with imitation leather upholstery and soft tread silent wheels.

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It seems as though redecorating the office is part of the job when it comes to being a member of the creative team at Viking (a UK subsidiary of Office Depot).

A few months ago, they plastered their walls with Star Wars Post-It murals, and now they’ve built a giant cardboard castle (with a fully functioning drawbridge) in the middle of their office.

As they note on their blog, this project came as part of an initiative by their boss to beat the “January blues” by decorating their desks.

The castle was meticulously crafted using 500 pieces of waste cardboard and 80 hot glue gun sticks, and the team reportedly stayed all night building it.

Oh, and they didn’t tell their coworkers what they were doing. See their priceless reactions in the video below.

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Just when we thought we were giving up snail mail for good, the US Postal Service announces these awesome stamps to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the premiere of Star Trek on television.

These vintage-style stamps were designed by Antonio Alcala. There are four designs: a crewman in a transporter, the Starship Enterprise flying through the outline of a Starfleet insignia, a closeup of the Enterprise, and the Enterprise seen through the outline of a Vulcan salute.

Expect them to debut sometime later this year.

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How much do you love Star Wars? Do you love it enough to drop $25,000 on a lightsaber fountain pen and its levitating display stand? No? Me neither.

So what’s with the pen’s hefty price tag? Well, S.T. Dupont Paris is only making eight of these pens, and they feature either a Yoda or Darth Vader saber theme.

They’re made from bronze with “black lacquer with palladium and rhodium finishes” and the cap is topped off with a topaz crystal that’s available in either red or green to represent the blade. As an added bonus, the pen features a cool magnetic floating display stand.

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mystery block button

There’s cool, and then there’s COOL. This Mario Mystery Block that powers up your computer is the latter.

Imagine, if you will, sitting down to your computer desk and instead of contorting under your desk to hit the power button *ughh* you could just pow like Mario, and on goes your computer!

The project starts with a toy Mario mystery block, and after some soldering, shrink wiring, and motherboard wire connecting, becomes the glorious Lazy Button you see here. Only the truly lazy will invest so much effort in something that eliminates such a minor task. For that, we salute you Gabriel Olofsson.

Check out more pics and details on the build in the gallery below.

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The Altwork Station may look like a dentist’s chair, but it’s actually a programmer’s dream workstation. It allows users work in just about any position – including lying down.

Altwork, a Sonoma Valley, California-based startup company, says this chair and desk combo is designed for “high-intensity” computer users, with an intense $5,900 price tag to match (although the first run will be available at a discounted $3,900. Bargain!).

The station comes has four different modes: standing, collaboration (the screen can be turned multiple directions) regular, and focus (reclined). The company believes, through research and data regarding health benefits, that we need to move and change positions throughout the day. For professionals who are glued to a computer screen most of the day, this desk can afford the ability to stretch and move while continuing to work.

The control panel is located right on the desk, and magnets help keep the desktop peripherals in place while in the reclined setting. A lot of engineering went into this thing, something that is evident in the leg rest that folds under itself—much like a scorpion tail.

Check out more photos of the Altwork Station station along with a demo video after the break.

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