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hp quills 1

Whether you’re taking notes about the proper pronunciation of a new spell or writing out the month’s rent check, using a quill will make the task cooler. Extra points if you use a Harry Potter Hogwarts house pen from Etsy shop Mythical Menagerie. The fantastic writing instruments are made from dyed pheasant feathers that are hand painted to match the crest of each house. Each one is made to order and though they’re sold out right now, the seller will be restocking soon.

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lego office 1

LEGO’s Turkey division has moved into an office in Istanbul, and OSO Architecture was brought in to design the open-office style space. The location houses 23 employees, and OSO designed the space with collaboration in mind. The pictures show a bright and friendly office with so many LEGO touches that working there might make you feel like a LEGO minifig. Brick LEGO shapes are incorporated into the design and translucent minifig shapes decorate the walls and glass partitions.

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You’re sure to seal the deal when you’ve got this Boeing 747 cowling conference table in your office. This impressive piece seats 12 people and even comes equipped with electrical outlets so you can plug in all your gadgets. If you’re thinking of springing for this for your office, be warned. You must inquire about the price so you know it’s going to be a big number.

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lego desk

If you work in an office, you may know what it’s like to go on vacation and come back to some changes at your desk.

This is what happened when one Redditor went to Alaska for a week. Part of me wonders what they might have built if they had more time.

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longbow business card header

If you need a business card design that’s sure to be remembered (mostly for poking eyes out), Filter has just the idea for you. They’ve worked with Potato Press to laser cut a card that breaks into three pieces and turns into a bow. You only need to provide a rubberband and a toothpick to make it a full bow and arrow set. The mahoghany longow card appears to be for a photo and video company, and I want to change my name to Katniss so I can have a business card like it.

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transformers pen 1

Transformers transform. It’s what they do, and new pens from Sentinel take that concept and turn it into what may be the coolest writing utensils ever. When they’re unfolded, they look like action figures that can hang out on your desk. Fold them back up when you need to take important notes or write a check. Sure, it’s obsolete, but using an Optimus Prime pen has got to make paying bills more enjoyable.

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The people at ThinkGeek are tugging at my wallet again with their new Infinite Dungeon Corridor.

This dungeony take on the infinity mirror is “made of space-age, dungeon-grade plastic” and the little flickering torches come with 3 levels of brightness. It’s a perfect size for your desk or you can hang it on a wall.

After seeing it, I think it would be amazing to have a full sized one. Am I right?

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cat desk

If you own a cat, you understand the dilemma of trying to work while attempting to keep your cat off your keyboard and from chewing on your headphones. Luckily LYCS Architecture understands this problem; they’ve come up with a CATable. The design has plenty of work space for your computer and your kitty. It features several holes and tunnels for a feline to scurry though. That should be enough to satisfy a cat’s curiosity and keep it entertained while you keep working. Hopefully, they will be available for sale at some point.

(Time via Neatorama)

mini copy

If you’re something of a science nut, you might want to check out this new Kickstarter Project called the Mini Museum. It’s basically a small glass display that holds a wide variety of interesting artifacts and fossils, including dinosaur bone, a piece of martian rock, foil from the Apollo 11 command module, soil from Dracula’s castle (think Vlad the Impaler) and other interesting tidbits.

The project is headed up by a product designer named Hans Fex, and while there isn’t any concrete verification that all of these artifacts are genuine (though Fex is officially registered as a meteorite collector), it seems like Fex’s heart’s in the right place–his father, who was a amateur historian and collector, was the inspiration for this project. The price for one of these mini-displays is a whopping $239.

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Companies are forever trying to come up with more engaging, more interesting workspaces, and ad agency The Barbarian Group has done exactly that with one gigantic desk for the whole office. Made by Clive Wilkinson Architects, it twists and turns throughout the space, creating archways and cubbies for meetings. The desk is 1,100 feet long and has a single surface that covers 4,400 square feet as it winds its way through the room connecting every employee.

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