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cat desk

If you own a cat, you understand the dilemma of trying to work while attempting to keep your cat off your keyboard and from chewing on your headphones. Luckily LYCS Architecture understands this problem; they’ve come up with a CATable. The design has plenty of work space for your computer and your kitty. It features several holes and tunnels for a feline to scurry though. That should be enough to satisfy a cat’s curiosity and keep it entertained while you keep working. Hopefully, they will be available for sale at some point.

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mini copy

If you’re something of a science nut, you might want to check out this new Kickstarter Project called the Mini Museum. It’s basically a small glass display that holds a wide variety of interesting artifacts and fossils, including dinosaur bone, a piece of martian rock, foil from the Apollo 11 command module, soil from Dracula’s castle (think Vlad the Impaler) and other interesting tidbits.

The project is headed up by a product designer named Hans Fex, and while there isn’t any concrete verification that all of these artifacts are genuine (though Fex is officially registered as a meteorite collector), it seems like Fex’s heart’s in the right place–his father, who was a amateur historian and collector, was the inspiration for this project. The price for one of these mini-displays is a whopping $239.

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Companies are forever trying to come up with more engaging, more interesting workspaces, and ad agency The Barbarian Group has done exactly that with one gigantic desk for the whole office. Made by Clive Wilkinson Architects, it twists and turns throughout the space, creating archways and cubbies for meetings. The desk is 1,100 feet long and has a single surface that covers 4,400 square feet as it winds its way through the room connecting every employee.

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These rulers will help you draw a perfectly straight line, or let you have a little fun and create a cityscape. Each measures 20cm along one edge and features the skyline of a famous city on the opposite edge. You can choose from London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Jerusalem, New York, Paris or Toronto.

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While Tuco Salamanca bit the proverbial dust in the end, there is one thing he left behind on this mortal plane of existence: his blinged-out grill.

This paperweight trophy features Tuco’s grill, making it absolutely ideal for any Breaking Bad fan or up-and-coming DEA agent.

Product Page: (£29.99 or $48.95)

chainmail and leather journal

While this chain mail and leather cover doesn’t forcibly keep prying eyes out of your journal, it is an intimidating look. The new ThinkGeek creation has 100 pages of handmade paper covered with leather and aluminum chain mail. The metal doesn’t weigh it down too much, and you get extra cool points just for owning a chain mail covered notebook. Record your thoughts, to-do list, addresses – whatever you put in this journal will be awesome automatically. Gold stars if you only write in this journal with a quill.

Product Page ($24.99)

nerdy office gift guide

Does anyone on your Christmas gift list sit in an office all day? Chances are the answer to that question is yes. He or she probably needs some nerdy flair to brighten his or her day. Letter openers, a trash can, a stress toy – you can find geeky objects in every category.

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harry potter stamps 1

Keep an eye on your mailbox! Owls – a.k.a. your local mail carrier – may be delivering Harry Potter stamps to your doorstep soon. The USPS is releasing a limited edition collection of stamps to commemorate the movie series. They’ll be available for pre-order online soon and you’ll be able to get the Forever stamps in person on November 19th. The postage features images from the films, and the first five stamps of the set of 20 show Harry, Hermione, Dumbledore, Voldemort, and Hedwig. I’m going to stock up on a few books so I’ll have them for Christmas cards.

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Show your love for Monty Python with these nifty sticky notes, which are all based on the cut-out animation from Monty Python’s Flying Circus: that pointy hand, the foot on a TV and that strange little chicken that flies out of the man’s head.

The notes all come in a sweet book, which is perfect for taking your notes on the go, especially if you’re on the hunt for hard-to-find shrubbery.

Product Page: ($6.99)

shark laser pointer

Imagine this: you’re in the middle of delivering a killer presentation at school or the office, and you have to use a laser pointer to highlight a graph point or a particularly wonderful piece of clip art. Your laser pointer isn’t just any boring design – it’s a shark! The sheer awesomeness of the shark laser pointer dazzles your audience, and you get the best possible grade or a promotion or a corner office, etc. Point of the story? Get a shark laser pointer immediately.

Product Page ($14.99)