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Maintain order in the Moon Kingdom and on your desk at work with this Rainbow Moon Chalice Sailor Moon paper clip case.

Bandai has teamed up with Sun Star Stationary to bring you this tiny chalice that features glass beads in the colors of the Sailor Senshi. The top opens to reveal the Illusory Silver Crystal and below you’ll find a hidden well full of paper clips shaped like crescent moons and stars. Made from zinc alloy and coated in reflective enamel, this Rainbow Moon Chalice also has a concealed magnet so you can leave your clips safely atop the crystal.

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Some days you just cannot keep your eyes open and would give anything for a few minutes of sleep. That’s why you need to have this Emergency Nap Kit. It comes in a little box you can hide until you need it most.

Inside the box you’ll find an inflatable mattress and a full-length sleeping suit with sleeves. The sleeping suit can also do double-duty to keep you warm when the office air conditioning is cranked to Hoth-like temperatures.

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batman meme dry erase board

The Batman slap meme is endlessly funny. I’ve seen it used to shut down just about everything. But what if you could have a template of the meme on your wall that you can update every day? Thanks to Etsy seller Art by Choleena, this dream is a reality. She has a re-creation of the slap meme art under dry erase glass so you can fill in the blanks and make cracks about your roommate and/or family. As she points out, this is ideal for hanging in a common area.

Product Page ($21.82 via Geek Alerts)

dc pens header

I don’t use pens often anymore, but when I do, they have to be just right. I can’t imagine it getting more right than these sexy DC Comics-themed pens by Montegrappa. The fancy superhero and supervillain designs come in ballpoint, rollerball, and fountain varieties. The barrels have bright patterns and colors, and the caps feature mini sculptures of Superman, Green Lantern, Batman, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Riddler, Penguin, and the Joker. They are not inexpensive by any definition of the word, but they look like they’re of the highest quality.

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chewbacca journal

Record your deep thoughts and/or musings about The Force Awakens trailer in this Chewbacca journal or “Wookiee Book” from the Disney store. The spiral bound design features lined paper and is covered in faux fur and a plastic bandolier. The best part? The journal emits a Wookiee growl when opened.

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Who needs a replica of Mega Man’s helmet for their desk? Basically everyone. This version of the hero’s helmet is miniature, and it’s the first detailed replica on this scale. The limited edition collectible even lights up with four USB-powered LEDs. You can display the helmet on or off the stand, but the stand really does complement it.

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Viking Table

When you’re planning an intense invasion or a script for a television show like Vikings, this is the conference table you need. Redditor Proteon shared a picture of this Viking longboat table, and it looks like an awesome place to conduct business. Proteon didn’t say where the table resides, but I bet any meetings held at it wrap up quickly because no one’s able to sit in those crazy chairs for long.

Then again, Vikings that complain about stiff backs won’t last very long in a cutthroat executive environment.

(Reddit via Geekologie)

batman stamps 1

Thankfully, these are Val Kilmer-free.

Indeed, DC Comics is continuing the celebration of the 75th anniversary of Batman by releasing some themed stamps. The Batman postage will be of the Forever variety but do not have designs from the Batman Forever film. It’s an important distinction. Eight designs showcase four eras from Batman’s history, and the $0.49 stamps will be sold in sheets of 20. They’ll be available beginning on October 9th to kick off New York Comic Con.

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People are always searching for creative ways to work at a desk without having to sit in a chair all day. There are standing desks and those weird exercise ball chairs, and now there’s a hamster wheel desk. Rob Godshaw and wrdwise teamed up to create a giant hamster wheel desk that lets the user walk while they work. From the Instructable:

Rise up, sedentary sentients, and unleash that untapped potential within by marching endlessly towards a brilliant future of focused work. Step forward into a world of infinite potential, bounded only by the smooth arcs of a wheel. Step forward into the Hamster Wheel Standing Desk that will usher in a new era of unprecedented productivity.

Yes, they show you how to make this wonder, but it’s no small task. The project requires four sheets of plywood, two skate wheels, two pipes, 240 wood screws and the help of whatever friends you can wrangle to give you a hand.

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hp quills 1

Whether you’re taking notes about the proper pronunciation of a new spell or writing out the month’s rent check, using a quill will make the task cooler. Extra points if you use a Harry Potter Hogwarts house pen from Etsy shop Mythical Menagerie. The fantastic writing instruments are made from dyed pheasant feathers that are hand painted to match the crest of each house. Each one is made to order and though they’re sold out right now, the seller will be restocking soon.

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