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Oh yeah, rubber band wars at the office got a level up with this 3D printed rubber band sentry gun. Forget the old days of finger flicking rubber ordinance at your cubicle foe. This gun, created by 20-year-old Kevin Thomas of Switzerland, is constructed from 3D printed parts, an Arduino Mega and servo-motors to control motion. It can find targets and fire upon them automatically using software from Project Sentry Gun.

His final gun design, which was first inspired by the Automatic Rubber Band Blaster, is available for download on Thingiverse. So now you can defend your cubicle while on an away mission to the breakroom.

Check out more images and video demo after the break.

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While we live in a digital world, there are times we still need to use paper. For those times, why would you use a boring paper clip when you could use these Star Trek paper clips shaped like The Enterprise and a Starfleet Insignia?

These Star Trek themed clips come in a cool little tin and you get 20 silver-colored NCC-1701 clips and 20 gold-colored Delta Shield clips.

Okay, considering they’re more limited than usual paper clips, maybe just use them on official Starfleet TPS reports.

Product Page ($19.99)


Real hoverboards are still a work in progress, but that doesn’t mean you can’t own one. This is just a really small version. ThinkGeek has a new Back to the Future Desktop Hoverboard that frictionlessly floats thanks to five high-grade rare earth magnets.

You can even give it a push and watch it go back and forth. It’s kind of like a BTTF version of a Newton’s Cradle. I got mesmerized just watching the gif.

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ThinkGeek is offering a new range of globes that detail our moon, Mars and Titan (Saturn’s largest moon).

They also spin slowly on their own, using low-light solar cells and the Earth’s magnetic field to provide a hands-off glimpse of the moon’s impact craters, Mars’ dust storms and Titan’s hydrocarbon sand dunes and vast methane lakes.

The 2 lb globes measure 4.5″in diameter and feature clear acrylic outer shells. Hit the jump to see more.

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We love Star Trek IV for a number of reasons: “Double Dumbass on you!” comes to mind. But if there’s one thing we all remember, it was the two humpback whales the crew of the Enterprise saved and brought back to the future.

Now you can celebrate George and Gracie with this Entertainment Earth Convention Exclusive Star Trek IV: Whales with Spock Bobble Head.The tales bob and there’s even a tiny Spock swimming with them.

It’ll be available while supplies last at SDCC booth #2343 or you can pre-order online. The run is limited to only 1,998 pieces.

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Take a good look at that innocent black stapler on your desk. Now watch this video and see how it terrorizes paper Sigourney Weaver.

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This desk and chair combo are ready to boldly go to work. Super-Fan Builds created a USS Enterprise desk from the saucer section with a matching chair that sits between the warp nacelles. Super-fan Jack Geiger is one lucky Trekkie.

See it come together in the video after the break.

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Maintain order in the Moon Kingdom and on your desk at work with this Rainbow Moon Chalice Sailor Moon paper clip case.

Bandai has teamed up with Sun Star Stationary to bring you this tiny chalice that features glass beads in the colors of the Sailor Senshi. The top opens to reveal the Illusory Silver Crystal and below you’ll find a hidden well full of paper clips shaped like crescent moons and stars. Made from zinc alloy and coated in reflective enamel, this Rainbow Moon Chalice also has a concealed magnet so you can leave your clips safely atop the crystal.

There’s more views of the adorable desk accessory after the break.

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Some days you just cannot keep your eyes open and would give anything for a few minutes of sleep. That’s why you need to have this Emergency Nap Kit. It comes in a little box you can hide until you need it most.

Inside the box you’ll find an inflatable mattress and a full-length sleeping suit with sleeves. The sleeping suit can also do double-duty to keep you warm when the office air conditioning is cranked to Hoth-like temperatures.

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batman meme dry erase board

The Batman slap meme is endlessly funny. I’ve seen it used to shut down just about everything. But what if you could have a template of the meme on your wall that you can update every day? Thanks to Etsy seller Art by Choleena, this dream is a reality. She has a re-creation of the slap meme art under dry erase glass so you can fill in the blanks and make cracks about your roommate and/or family. As she points out, this is ideal for hanging in a common area.

Product Page ($21.82 via Geek Alerts)