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iron man mouse

We all know Iron Man can do pretty much anything. Now you can have him help control your computer. Kinda like Jarvis. Granted, it’s pretty much a regular mouse and it does cost a pretty penny. But if you have the money (and you live in Japan), you can unleash your inner Tony Stark.

Product Page (approx $113 via Engadget)

Your phone is probably one of your most prized possessions so treat it like royalty with its very own Game of Thrones Iron Throne phone dock. This is a custom made phone dock that was originally a 3D printed project but is now available for preorder as an injection molded resin. The dock measures 5.8″ x 6.8″ x 4.6″ (WxHxD) and is hand-painted and adjustable to fit a variety of phones.

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This Hummer H2, called “Black Knight” is fully loaded with just about every weapon imaginable, meaning that if the zombie apocalypse ever comes you’ll be ready to chase down the undead until this thing runs out of gas… which will probably be after 4 miles. If there’s no need for firepower, you can take advantage of the cab’s features and turn this thing into a portable disco laser show.

Hit the jump for a rundown of the Black Knight’s equipment, as well as additional photos and videos.

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If you’re a fan of Super Mario, then this is the mouse for you. It’s a Koopa Shell, available in either red or blue, and it comes with a matching mouse pad. This is an actual working USB mechanical ball mouse with scroll wheel and it’s compatible with PCs or Macs. It doesn’t even require any special mouse drivers. I triple dog dare you to get one of these and use it at the office. I bet your boss will never take you seriously again.

Product Page ($30.90 via Technabob)

Haven’t had enough Angry Birds yet? I’m sure a backlash is on the horizon, but in the meantime a speaker series is on the way from gear4.

Despite the red bird having a reputation for being useless, the speaker is actually quite functional. Both the red bird and bomber bird versions have the ability to connect to a mobile device with an auxiliary cable. It also comes with a separate iPhone/iPod/iPad dock. The green pig version, on the other hand, has a built-in helmet dock for the iPod/iPhone.

Look for the speakers to be released later this fall for $79.99-$99.99.

(gear4 via Mashable)

Hmmm. This old Philips ToUcam Pro webcam looks familiar. Skype at your own risk.

(via Reddit)

This officially licensed Toy Story alien webcam stands at a whopping 15-inches tall, so you’ll need some serious desktop real estate if you want to bring him home. He’s also USB-powered, which might be too much for your poor laptop battery to handle. In fact, with power companies struggling to keep up with demand during the summer, this thing could bring the entire grid down.

Seriously though, this is a fantastically fun peripheral. In addition to the 1.3 megapixel webcam, it features glowing eyes and an antenna, “ooooh” sound effects from the movie when you unplug him, an external speaker and 2 additional USB ports.

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This USB-It stick-on USB cable includes two USB cords and a bunch of tiny double-sided adhesive discs, which will allow you to give virtually anything the appearance of a USB compatible device. Although it’s basically useless apart from jokes and pranks, it will surely fuel fantasies of plugging it into your boss’ head and replacing his “Office Dictator” file with one titled “Doormat”.

Check out a video of the USB-It in action on CubicleBot

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Our sister site CubicleBot has teamed up with mimoco to offer a lucky reader the chance to win 2GB mimobot Batman and Robin designer flash drives!

Plus, each character comes loaded with wallpapers and other digital goodies for you to enjoy.

Check out the contest page for all the details on how to enter.

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With all of the other Angry Birds products out there, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to bombard your computer with flying flash drives.

The drives are available in 2GB, 4G and 8GB flavors. Check out the rest of the set on CubicleBot