Whether you’re planning a Harry Potter party, or getting ready for Halloween, this animated spellbook is a perfect prop for the occasion.

The book has all sorts of spooky details and comes with lights, sound effects, and a moving magnetic quill that follows a hidden, circular track.

All you need is a couple AA batteries and a place to put it. I’d love to see someone use this in a Harry Potter cosplay. See it in action in the video below. [click to continue…]

barb funko

Yes! After seeing the awesome Eleven design from Funko earlier this week I was hoping that Barb would be the next reveal in the Stranger Things Pop lineup. I was not disappointed—mostly. The figure needs those sweet mom jeans… [click to continue…]

funko eleven2

Remember when we showed off those amazing Stranger Things vinyl toy designs and noted that Funko Pops were an inevitability? Well, that was a little over a week ago. Funko just couldn’t wait to show off their design for Eleven, and it’s everything we hoped it would be. Seriously, I was really hoping for waffles.

(via Funko)

dragon swords

Back in 2014, Tyler Richins successfully Kickstarted and released a line of foam swords with interchangeable parts. Besides being customizable, they were also highly durable—such is the case with Richins new line.

Also? Dragons.

The swords come in three separate and interchanging parts that can be mixed and matched. The designs include a fiery ARC Dragon, an icy ISS Dragon and a steampunk-y MEK Dragon. Check out more below, including additional designs that can be unlocked as funding goals are reached. [click to continue…]


3D printing keeps getting better and better. We like to use the quality of DIY lightsabers as a benchmark.

With that in mind, Sean Charlesworth recently made his own lightsaber with a unique cutaway design. Take a closer look in the video below. [click to continue…]

29064102206_7e216743a1_z 2

We’ve seen many official and unofficial LEGO AT-AT builds over the years, but you have to admire Noah‘s 5000 piece build. It’s properly scaled to minifigs!

If that wasn’t enough, Noah also built a diorama of Hoth to go with it. Check out more pics and a video below. [click to continue…]

poke wars

Quick! Somebody cosplay the hell out of this amazing bootleg toy.

(via Reddit)

threezero the hound figure 6

This new Game Of Thrones Sandor Clegane figure by ThreeZero is blowing my mind right now. It’s almost as if they cloned Rory McCann at 1/6th scale, and those clones will spread throughout the world wreaking havoc on calves and ankles.

The Hound 1/6th scale figure features interchangeable hands and his highly detailed armor complete with scabbards and sheaths for his greatsword, longsword, dagger, and katar. The exclusive version even comes with his amazing helmet for roughly $15 more. Totally worth it, if you ask me. Then again, we are talking about $210 here. Take a closer look below. [click to continue…]


Metroid turned 30 this year, and like many 30 year-olds it probably still doesn’t quite have a solid idea of what it’s doing or where it’s going in life. Fortunately LEGOsman Jared Rosenblitt has opted to celebrate the anniversary by recreating the Parasite Queen, the very first boss fight in the Game Cube classic, Metroid Prime (a similar project by Rosenblitt went viral last year).

Rosenblitt showed off his LEGO rendering of the battle at Brickfair Virginia 2016 earlier this month, where Matthew Kay of Beyond The Brick interviewed him about his creation. Check out the video below. [click to continue…]


YouTuber “5 Mad Movie Makers” recently sent a Hot Wheels diecast car on a gravity assisted journey around suburbia. The result is a strangely thrilling and thoroughly awesome video that sees the car traverse eight different track sections connected by “teleporting” tunnels.

In total there are 11 cuts in the video, 7 between locations and 4 for slow motion footage. The jump section and the loop section were filmed twice, once in 30 fps and again in 120 fps, and the final video cuts from the normal speed footage to the slow motion footage for the duration of both the jump and the loop.

In total about 200 feet of track was used, nearly all of which is present in the 4th section. Filmed with a GoPro Hero4 Session mounted on a modified 2014 Pharadox car. Filmed in California and Colorado.

As you’ll see in the video below, the car performs tricks and travels through locations you wouldn’t expect, all to arrive at what appears to be a sandbox birthday party. [click to continue…]