Holy crap, I really want to see Danny Benedettelli use this Lego exoskeleton on something like this.

It was built using the Lego Mindstorms NXT system and an Android phone on which he was running a proprietary app. The robot is controlled via a Bluetooth connection.

As cool as it looks, he says it’s just a prototype. He is planning to continue working on the project, adding things like controls to open and close the hands.

See the Lego exoskeleton in action after the break.

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Well, this is upsetting.

A concept for an X-Files Lego set was submitted to Lego Ideas but was ultimately denied because it was deemed too mature for children. The set was designed by Brent Waller who also devised the successful Ghostbusters set. Even Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny thought it was a good idea, tweeting their support.

See Anderson’s tweet after the break.

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Brace yourselves, Sherlock fans, the adorbz have come for the Sherlock cast. They have Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock spot on, right down to the tousled hair and the scarf! Martin Freeman’s Watson is stoically stoic, Moriarty’s devilish, Irene’s cool and calculating, and Mycroft is perfectly Mycroft.

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This wicked tank with mine flails is the creation of Tommy Styrvoky. It’s a 1/18th scale replica of a WWII M4 Sherman tank. In addition to the flails, there is a turret with a 360-degree traverse, a gun that rises up, a two-gear transmission and electronic braking.

See more pictures and a video of the tank in action after the break.

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They’ve been making beautiful and accurate Star Trek costume replicas for years, and now Anovos is turning their attention to prop replicas from Deep Space Nine, First Contact, and Nemesis.

The newly announced replicas range from weapons to communicators, but each is made with the same Anovos commitment to detail and quality. No word on pricing yet, but we do have some pictures and descriptions thanks to To my eye, they sure are pretty.

Take a look after the break.

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The successful Kickstarter launched last summer by ESC-Toy and Devolver Digital produced a very cool Hotline Miami action figure. Fans asked for a Biker and they delivered. The project will easily surpass its goal, so you expect delivery of your figure in June 2016 should you decide to pledge.

See the project video and more pictures after the break.

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hot toys

As you probably know, Hot Toys creates some of the most amazing and realistic action figures on the market. How do they do it? The video after the break will give you a behind the scenes look at how these amazing figures come together.

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lootcrate 3

I have to say, Loot Crate’s “Heroes 2″ subscription box for July 2015 was my favorite crate thus far. See what’s inside after the break…

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bouncy ball

Those bouncy balls that come out of vending machines fly all over the place once you get them bouncing. Niko Pueringer, Sam Gorski, and Corridor Digital created an amazing POV video of a ball that wreaks havoc through the streets of LA. There’s also a making-of video that shows how they pulled off the trick.

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There’s more Pop! Vinyl cuteness from Funko in the form of BioShock Infinite and Batman: Arkham Knight.

New Batman: Arkham Knight Pop!s are available for Scarecrow, Harley Quinn, Batman, and Arkham Knight. BioShock Infinite has Booker DeWitt (both with and without the Skyhook), Elizabeth, Big Daddy, and Little Sister.

I’ll admit, the Little Sister freaks me out.

Get a closer look after the break.

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