DC is releasing a line of Batman: The Animated Series figures and that set will now include Barbara Gordon. She will join Batman, Riddler, and Penguin as the latest wave of figures announced for the series. Batman and Riddler are 6″ figures while Bargirl is 5″ and Penguin comes in at 4.5″ because the guy just happens to be short. The figures are all set to make their debut next July but you can pre-order them now for $22.99 each.

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Bandai has released official images of the Ashigaru Stormtrooper and…well, just look at it. The figure measures 7″ tall and includes not just reworked armor, but even a blaster that’s been given some Samurai style. Also, there’s a Katana because a Samurai isn’t complete without one. He’ll be joining Samurai Taisho Vader in March and should retail for about $70.

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sideshow indy main

I may have a few issues with Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom, but I’m already in love with the new Indiana Jones Temple of Doom Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles.

First of all, the face. That Indy determination-filled face is already captivating, but then you get all kinds of different accessories and different hands to use those accessories. Plus, the Sankara Stones… it’s all cool.

I know, I’m fangirling. I honestly can’t help it.

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These aren’t officially licensed Destiny and Star Wars minifigs, but that doesn’t matter much considering the level of quality on display. David Hall makes all sorts of custom Lego minifigs with these just being his most recent creations. They may be expensive, but they also have details you don’t often find on the real deal making them more than worth the price.

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Penguins are cute. Judge Dredd is a badass. Combine the two and you have the cutest badass in the world. This is an 11.5 cm statue created by Blind Mouse Toys that has turned Judge Dredd into a penguin. He was designed by Daniel Balmforth and Steve Scholz, and painted by sculptor Joe Amaro to look perfectly adorable. He may be the law but he’s going to be hard not to hug.

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scifi guide

Not done with your holiday shopping yet? No worries. If you have a sci-fi fan in the family they are sure to love some of the unique gifts we’ve compiled after the break…

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elf on the shelf mandalorians

Apparently, the plot is to put more toys loyal to the Empire under Christmas trees this year. Will Santa give in to their demands?

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Pikachu is cute, but here he’s slightly terrifying. It’s a Shapeways Pikachu which is a little sand sculpture that you can buy for $12.50. As you can see, it has a giant gaping maw that’s downright disturbing.

He’s hanging out at McDonald’s with redditor Prekkan and I really think they just ought to let him have the fries. He’s liable to take off a finger in one chomp.

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dream gifts

What do you get for the nerd that has everything? If money is no object, you might consider the six gift ideas we have listed after the break. They’re the most ridiculously expensive products we’ve featured over this past year.

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3d saber

Unless you’ve been on a desert island or trapped somewhere without Internet for the last week, you’ve heard the talk about the lightsaber at the end of the Star Wars teaser. The internet exploded with reasons why it was or wasn’t practical and memes were flying, but the people over at FabShop decided to test the theory more directly.

FabShop 3D printed their own collapsible version of the lightsaber and then took it out for a test spin. Check out the video after the break…

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