Well, almost. A giant spider might be more terrifying, but what Erich Chew captured here is pretty close.

He happened to be at the Marina Barrage in Singapore on May 15th and captured a massive octopus kite taking to the air. As the video below reveals, it went aloft along with a giant squid. They didn’t battle, but that sounds like the plot of a movie that I would love to see. [click to continue…]


Some people see something awesome, and then go on to think, “I have to make that.” These people fall into dozens of different subcategories, from crafters to cosplayers and beyond—but my favorite subset of this group is the people who think, “I have to make that entirely out of LEGO.”

Such was the thought process of YouTubesman Nick Brick, whose delightful rhyming name goes perfectly with his preferred hobby. In this instance, he’s recreated the SPNKr rocket launcher as seen in Halo 5. The build includes around 6,000 LEGO pieces, measures 50.5″ long and weighs in at 24lb. From a distance it doesn’t even look like it’s made from tiny plastic bricks.

Check out a video of Nick Brick’s work, as well as a selection of photos below. [click to continue…]


Y’know, when I was a young kid I loved playing with my sister’s Barbies (I’m comfortable enough with who I am to admit that). But I always felt something was missing, and that something was a scaled-up fully articulated tardigrade for Barbie and her friends to ride upon.

Fortunately, 3D print enthusiast Jim “Zheng3” Rodda has filled the glaring hole left by Mattel and its subsidiaries by providing the files for such a beast, allowing people like me to 3D-print their own behemoth for the inexplicably skinny doll to ride upon.

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Yes, it seems dangerous, but that’s part of the thrill. Sometimes you have to stand at the edge, take that step and risk it all.

I’m talking, of course, about Jenga, the action packed brick-stacking game for ages whatever-and-up that’s been played since its creation during Biblical times (probably). YouTuber April Jennifer Choi hit upon the novel idea of playing the game with a whip instead of her own actual hands like a normal, rational person, and managed to nail it on her first try.

God, what a rush it must be.

Check out her swift whip action in the videos below.

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Pretty much everyone agrees that Tom Holland delivered as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War.

Well, you know you’ve made it when you become a Funko Pop figure.

Indeed, Funko has announced a new Pop set with Hawkeye and Spider-Man Pop vinyl figures and keychains of Captain America and Iron Man. Spidey even has Cap’s shield. You have to admit, that’s pretty neat.

Captain America: Civil War Pop! Vinyl Figure And Key Chain ($29.99)

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The Ithaca, New York-based Paleontological Research Institution has taken to Kickstarter once again to help raise funds for its various programs. To that end, their Paleozoic Pals collection is getting a new addition in the form of this cuddly Ammonoid Plushie.

Ammonoids are a major group of shelled cephalopods (the group containing octopuses and squid) that lived from the Devonian (~380 million years ago) to the end of the Cretaceous (~65 million years ago). They had chambered shells subdivided by complex folded walls, or septa. The term “ammonite” refers to a smaller sub-group of ammonoids, distinguished by extremely complex septa, and restricted to the Jurassic and Cretaceous Periods.

The plush is pretty darn adorable, and the project has already fully funded. But there’s still time to head on over to PRI’s Kickstarter page and pre-order one.

Check out more pics below.

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As a kid, I decorated my room with all things Star Wars, but Tankm and WingYew have managed to capture my childhood dream in LEGO form with these two bedroom designs.

Who am I kidding? It’s still my dream.

See more pics below.

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NECA is about to release life-size foam facehugger that features a bendable tail. It’s perfect for anyone that really wanted to turn their home into a xenomorph breeding ground (because who wouldn’t), but lacks the funds and/or space to purchase the full egg and facehugger set.

No pricing information has been announced, but the replica is expected to go on sale sometime this summer.

Take a closer look below.

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The Hot Toys Deadpool Cosbaby line just got five new additions and I want them badly.

These adorable bobble-head figures come in different poses: sword-fighting, gesturing, being surprised, ready to fight, and making a hand-heart (to DIE FOR!). The last three will be coming in their own collectible set, which it perfect for me.

Of course, they’re all adorable and you have to see the pictures below.

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jurassic park power wheels

This definitely isn’t the first time someone has converted a Barbie Power Wheels Jeep into a Jurassic Park jeep, but if you want to see a really awesome build, check out Fromanizzle’s gallery below for all the details.

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