Super Nerdy ABC Blocks

nerdy abc blocks

It’s never too early to start teaching kids about science, and this set of alphabet blocks is a fantastic start. Designed by Tiffany Ard, the Super Nerdy ABC Blocks feature a letter from the alphabet on one side and illustrated terms from science that go with that letter on the other five sides. For example, “A” is for absolute zero, atom, and more, and “B” is for binary, background radiation, and more. You can view a PDF key that shows all the sides for each letter here.

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In this clip, reporters in Japan ask an animatronic Rocket Raccoon a few questions. While I don’t speak Japanese, I believe that the Rocket robot is very annoyed with the reporters’ bothersome questions, and he threatens them. Hilarity ensues.

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Pate-keetongu is quite a Tolkien aficionado: he spent nearly two years completely recreating Bilbo Baggins and his compatriots using only LEGO. These custom minifigs are truly one of a kind: after the break, make sure to check out all of the extra details that he added to each characters. It’s pretty astounding stuff!

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This fantastic Lego creation is the work of markus19840420. He’s turned the Millennium Falcon into a steampunk wonder. It was all a part of FBTB’s Steam Wars Returns contest. The exterior looks great with plenty of chains and little spinning rotors and it even has an inside to match. Wonder if it could take out this steampunk AT-AT?

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funko aa 2

The Arkham Asylum game isn’t known for featuring cutesy character designs, but Funko has a knack for changing that. One of their newest Pop! series features Batman, Harley Quinn, the Joker, Killer Croc, and Poison Ivy, and they all look precious. I’d love to see a version of the game with these designs.

Pre-order the figures now for November shipment.

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delorean 1

If you’ve longed to own a DeLorean like the one from Back to the Future but don’t have the funds on hand to purchase one, you’re in luck. Sideshow Collectibles is selling a sixth scale time machine from Hot Toys, and while it’s not exactly cheap, it’s more affordable than a life-sized version. Hot Toys did an incredible job loading the 28 inch long car with details – it looks completely screen accurate. Features include:

Exterior features:
- Six (6) front LED lights
- Eight (8) rear LED lights
- Meticulously crafted exterior with cable wires across the body and detailed structure of the DeLorean time machine engine deck
- Functional gull-wing doors
- Turnable front wheels
Interior features:
- Two (2) seaters
- One (1) flux capacitor with LED light-up function
- One (1) set of time circuits
- Detailed components with LED light-up function

When you put this DeLorean in a display case, you’re going to see some serious… well, you get the idea.

Pre-order now to receive this beauty in March 2016.

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LEGO Bender Is A Browncoat

bender and serenity

LEGO builder Adrian Drake may have proven that there is no such thing as “too much gray” with this picture.

Drake posted this image over on Reddit of his two LEGO Serenity ships and his six foot Bender just sort of chilling together.

Still, I want to test this “too much gray” theory. Adrian, can you maybe build a Millennium Falcon or a Star Destroyer and then take a picture? Y’know, for research purposes.

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nerf battle ready

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gotg lego

One of the more impressive parts about Guardians of the Galaxy is that Peter Quill’s mixtape from his mother played perfectly despite 20 years of use. Presumably, he was smart enough to reengineer it from time to time, but the Brotherhood Workshop created a stop-action LEGO video imagining what the Awesome Mix would sound like if the quality degraded. As you can imagine, the tunes aren’t quite as catchy.

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x-men funko pop 1

Funko mines all sorts of sources for their Pop! series, and they’ve recently taken a trip into the past to visit the classic X-Men. A new vinyl figure collection focuses on six iconic X-Men characters including: Cyclops, Professsor X, Magneto, Mystique, Colossus, and Storm. You’ll be able to pick up the superheroes and villains in stores this November/December.

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