Father Slawomir Kostrzewa is cautioning parents that the Lego Monster Fighters series could be bad news for kids. Specifically, it could destroy their souls. According to Kostrzewa:

Friendly fellows have been replaced by dark monsters. These toys can have a negative effect on children. They can destroy their souls and lead them to the dark side.

Okay, now I’m confused because I thought the Dark Side was a Star Wars thing. Are these toys going to destroy my children’s souls or turn them into Sith? The priest even quoted research from New Zealand’s University of Canterbury that shows happy expressions on the faces of Lego minifigs has been on the decline since their introduction in 1975. As for the good people at Lego, they responded to Mashable saying:

As a company solely focused on a child’s well-being as developed through creative play, our only agenda is to provide toys that foster creative building and role-play opportunities. Vampires, monsters and zombies are often the subject of fantasy-based stories, which is how they were represented in the Lego play world

Rest easy parents. Your children’s souls are safe.

zelda figure 1

Count your rupees because if you’ve been waiting for a perfect Zelda statue to come along, it’s your lucky day. First 4 Figures, creators of this epic Link and Epona piece, have just made the Twilight Princess version of Zelda available for pre-order. She’s part of their “Master Arts” line and stands at 17-inches tall (including the base). The sculpt is elegant and oh so very detailed.

Every piece of her armor and jewelry appears to be carefully reproduced. You can see the pale embroidery pattern on the bottom of her dress, and the fabric looks realistic. I’m amazed by the paint job, and I can only imagine how good it must look in person. The series of collectible statues is limited to just 2,500 pieces.

See more pics, including some close-ups, after the break.

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hobbit star wars

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Cardboard boxes are pretty cool to play with when you’re a kid, but grown-up NicoNico Douga has done more than just cut out a door and call it a fort. He’s used a bunch of Amazon boxes to create an RC tank in incredible detail. It’s not just one he’s imagined either, but a recreation of a Type 97 Chi-Ha which was a real tank used by the Imperial Japanese Army in the late 1930s and early 1940s. It took him about two months to build at a cost of just 1,500 Yen, or around $14.50.

Head on over to Kotaku for a video of the build.


Let’s be all legal and make it clear that these are not official Game of Thrones Lego minifigs. They’re a set of figures designed by Citizen Brick as a part of their Dragon Sword Fighter Force line which is made from re-used and modified Lego elements. So, entirely unofficial but no less awesome. They’re sold in packs of three for $55 each but if you buy the whole lot, you’ll get a bonus minifig. His name is Sir Typesalot and he looks absolutely nothing like George R.R. Martin.

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thinkgeek collage

ThinkGeek has unveiled their yearly batch of April Fools products and, as you may know, some of these phony products have become a reality in years past. Check out this year’s crop after the break, and let us know what you would like to see make the cut.

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Toy modder Chris Hooton (otherwise known as Sabretooth) is pretty talented when it comes to making unique action figures. Case in point: recently, he took a Monster High doll and transformed it into a teenage girl version of Iron Man. She still has full mobility (but can’t fly, sorry), and her face plate is removable too.

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han solo unicorn top

The Internet can break your brain sometimes. There are days it causes me to facepalm so much I give myself a headache.

But then we have days where the Internet gives us gifts like Han Solo riding Swift Wind and, suddenly, it’s all worth it.

Check out more pictures after the break (including one with a special passenger). Trust me. It’ll help brighten your day.

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lego rain

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lego resume

Leah wants a job in the highly competitive world of advertising and knows she has to stand out to get noticed.

I’d say her plan of making a LEGO figure of herself and sending it out with this awesome letter is definitely a step in the right direction..

I just hope an agency snaps her up and makes her a building block of their department. (Think that’s bad? You should see the Reddit comments!)

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