10 Examples Of iPhone Mania Run Amok [Featured]

As you probably know, Apple has a big event scheduled for October 4th where the iPhone 5 (and/or the cheaper iPhone 4S) will likely be revealed. As it is with every iPhone release, coverage of the announcement will be intense and anxious buyers will get iPhone fever leading up to the pandemonium of launch day. It’s like Apple has everyone in some sort of trance. That phenomenon is why completely ridiculous iPhone-related products like these exist.

Sausage-scented iPhone soap
Is there some sort of connection between iPhones and sausage? It seems crazy, but the fact is that sausage-scented iPhone soaps were being sold at one point. Is the idea rubbing a sausage iPhone all over one’s body an indicator of a disturbing iPhone fascination? Haha…that’s preposterous. I’m sure this is just an isolated product and in no way a sign of something more perverse. (Sold Out) – Etsy via Nerd Approved

Sausage iPhone stylus
Hmmm … okay. Maybe there is cause for concern in the sausage dept. What we have here is a small sausage that was specifically designed to be used as an iPhone stylus. The idea is that you can poke around your iPhone with the sausage even when you have gloves on. Annnnnd that’s just wrong. Thankfully, it looks as though the product is no longer available for sale. – Case Crown via Nerd Approved

iPlunge iPhone stand
Let’s face it, there’s no reason for this iPhone plunger stand to exist. And there’s definitely no reason for a companion wrench stand to exist. Perhaps they can be used as protective charms that prevent your iPhone from falling in the toilet. As you probably already know, the demons in your toilet crave smartphones. $5.99 – Perpetual Kid via Nerd Approved

iPhone fan
This $10 device has something the upcoming iPhone 5 surely won’t – a built-in fan. Yeah, it’s a little thicker than the new iPhone is expected to be, but I know from experience that it would be nice to have one while waiting in line outside an Apple store for six hours. The fan charges via USB and includes a small sponge inside that can be soaked in water to aid in cooling. $9.90 – K.O. Store via Nerd Approved

I’ll say this – the iCushion would be a lot more comfortable to sleep on than your iPhone. Plus, your Apple-hating friend can get this giant Android plush and you can settle your differences with a pillow fight. $17 – EarlyShop (Korea) via Nerd Approved

TV Hat
Without a doubt, one of the stupidest iPhone-centric devices ever sold is this TV Hat. Basically, it’s a baseball hat with a long brim and a magnifying glass covered by a cloth. The idea is that you mount your iPhone in there for “a movie theater experience”. I think if I saw someone wearing this while also wearing a Snuggie I would die from laughter. $29.95 – TV Hat

iPhone cutting board
Okay, let’s see here. This cutting board has apps for cheese, eggs bread, coffee and…pills? I assume that’s for people on prescription medication that like to halve their doses. But wait, what’s that app on the top left? Sausage! So we “meat” again! $20 – MyBrett via That’s Nerdalicious

Severed hand iPhone case
If you thought the whole sausage iPhone thing was creepy, get a load of this iPhone hand case. You can hold iPhone’s hand when you’re lonely or give iPhone an high-five when you level up in a game. You can even teach it secret bro handshakes then completely ignore it when your cool, new iPhone 5 shows up. You are a terrible friend. $64 – Strapya World via Nerd Approved

Giant ear iPhone case
Hey guys, want to see what you’ll look like when you’re old? Check out this giant ear iPhone 4 case and take a glimpse into your future. Like the case, your ears will probably be huge – and you’ll need a gadget crammed in there to hear. $14 – Menkind via Nerd Approved

iPhone table
If you’re 50-feet tall, there’s pretty much only one phone out there that can meet your needs – iTableous. It’s a custom-made table designed to look like an iPhone 4 that features 4GB of DDR2 RAM, 500GB of internal storage, a 5.7 megapixel camera, 720p video recording, USB, HDMI, and a 30-pin connector just in case you want to hook up an actual iPhone. It’s also capable of dual-booting Mac OS X 10.6.7 and Windows 7. – InsanelyMac

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