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Captain Duh Says: Consumers Not Cool With Mobile Ads

Um, yeah. I really don’t know why Forrester Research had to study this, but apparently, they did. I probably wouldn’t have spent the money and instead just hollered across the house at various family members.

Seriously though: 79% of consumers find the idea of ads on their mobile annoying and 97% percent don’t trust ads by texting. How can you blame them? I don’t have a massive data plan– I use my RAZR to check hockey scores, home email, and occasionally a white pages lookup. That’s it. I use Opera Mini for all of these functions– it won’t download images, and when consulting, that is a very good thing. The browser built into my phone is painfully slow and I’m not a big fan of my carrier’s WAP deck layout or content. Banner ads from Verizon or Sprint (neither of which are my carrier) certainly wouldn’t induce me to continue to use my built-in browser.

If anyone saw Morgan Webb in “Morgan’s Minute” on G4 last night (sometime between 8 and 9) she made the point for me: if you’re going to sell something to me, you’d better give me something in return. We have come to expect that: an advertisement has to have a decent return on investment for the consumer or it’s not worth our precious time to pay attention.

I have a feeling that this will play out within the realm of Xero Mobile, a new MVNO will be launching this year. Their hook is that talk time will be subsidized by watching various ads on the phone. If I’m not paying for data services for the honor of this, it might be a viable consideration. Then again, it depends on how cool the phone is.

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