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The Voice Of Star Trek’s Computers Could Be On Your Phone Some Day


Majel Barrett-Roddenberry played a number of roles in the Star Trek franchise, from her appearance as Number One in “The Cage” – the original pilot episode from 1965 – to later appearances as Lwaxana Troi in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. However, her most prolific role within the series is as the voice of Federation computers in The Next GenerationDeep Space Nine and Voyager, as well as a final appearance in the first Kelvin Timeline Star Trek movie, recorded prior to her death in 2008.

Now, according to a recent tweet by Roddenberry (the company), there’s a good chance that distinctive voice could end up on your smartphone one day.

That’s right, Majel Barrett-Roddenberry’s voice exists on a hard drive somewhere, waiting to be brought to life again as your smartphone’s personal assistant, and possibly even as the ship’s computer in the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery. This is wonderful news for Trek fans, but don’t get too excited just yet – Roddenberry have merely expressed the desire to put that voice to use. It might not happen soon, if at all. However, one would think that the digital assistants we use on smartphones and the like would be opened up to third-party voices at some point in the future.

If it does happen, I’ll be first in line to download. Having the Enterprise-D computer voice on my computer is something I’ve dreamt about since I had my first Amiga. Having it on my phone? In my pocket? 8 year-old Ben would flip his sh*t! Rest assured, all of us as Nerd Approved Media (a division of Tired Jokes Incorporated) are hotly awaiting developments on this one.

(via CNET)


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