NASA Launches Downloadable Sound Bites For Ringtones And Alarms

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I wouldn’t say it’s enough to make up for the disappointment many feel after the grounding of NASA’s shuttle program, but free ringtones are free ringtones!

NASA has made historic sound bites like Neil Armstrong’s “The Eagle has landed” and Apollo 13’s “Houston, we’ve had a problem” available for download to cellphones and computers to be used as ringtones, alarms and notifications.

“NASA has been making historic sounds for over 50 years,” Jerry Colen, NASA App project manager at the agency’s Ames Research Center, said in statement. “Now we’re making some of these memorable sounds easy to find and use.”

NASA claims the sounds will be updated regularly and they can be downloaded here in MP3 and M4R (iPhone) formats.

(via The LA Times)


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