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Review: LG VX9800

LG VX9800

Is LG the first company to make a multi-function phone that really delivers?


PCMagazine: ‘The LG VX9800, is a top-notch phone with an unusual style and features that will appeal primarily to hard-core SMS addicts. It will appeal less to corporate types, because Verizon fails to provide a high-quality corporate e-mail solution, but for consumers looking for a good-sounding phone for text messaging and gaming, the LG VX9800 hits the mark.”

Mobile Tech Review: “If you’re looking for something short of a PDA phone but need more than a feature phone, the VX9800 should be on your short list. The superb keyboard makes messaging and data entry easy and the phone’s multimedia prowess put it above the feature phone pack. The unit has excellent build quality, great displays, an impressive camera that does a great job of both photos and videos, Bluetooth and an MP3 player. Throw in EVDO and VCast and you’ve got an excellent communications and entertainment tool, as well as a strong phone with good voice manners, excellent speakerphone and strong usability and one-handed operation. Heck, I liked it so much, I bought one!”

MobileTracker: “The VX9800 is a solid handset that I only have a few major gripes with. The first is that Verizon Wireless once again crippled the Bluetooth profile so that it can’t do more advanced features like file exchange and syncing. You can use a headset and DUN, but that’s it. The other gripe I have is the poor web browser. With a high-res landscape screen there is no reason to not have a great browser. If you want some neat features on a mostly for-fun handset, check out the LG VX9800. If you’re looking for a business phone, look elsewhere.”

Product Information:

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Conclusion: Overall, the VX9800 is a popular favorite for those looking to pick up a solid multifunction phone. The VX 9800 retails for $300 -$350 (with contract.)

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