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The One: The iPhone


Neo, you’ve been replaced. Even worse, your replacement is not human. It’s far better.

As I had previously griped about in my post on convergence, or rather, Intel’s decision not to expand beyond UMPCs, I want an all in one, completely converged device. Today Steve Jobs delivered on that and went above and beyond what I had even hoped for at this point in time.

The specs aren’t what I’m focused on so much though– a big screen is nice, their new multi-touch feature is certainly cool (and far less hateful than texting out emails), and it runs OSX of all freakin’ things.

But here’s what I’m focused on:

1. 2MP camera– so that I can share my life as it happens, in decent detail and not waste people’s time and money by MMSing them pictures they can’t see– they’ll get them by email.

2. WiFi!!! I can save on my daytime minutes by calling people from WiFi hotspots via Skype– or at least that’s what I’m hoping that I can do with it. I’m not totally certain, but it seems worth a shot. Even if I can’t do that, I can at least play games online all day without having a really expensive data plan.

3. The content is going to rock. How do I know this? It’s already out there, waiting for me on my iPod. All I’ll have to do is move some of it over. Beyond that, it’s WiFi enabled, and the web is full of things to keep you occupied.

To sum it up: my DS is going to be a dust collector, unless the household obsession with Konami runs strong into the summer, in which case I’ll never get to hold the remote again. My RAZR is headed to the spot where my NEC 515 now sits– great phone paperweight land. And my iPod? Well, that’s probably still coming with me, since it’s a 30GB that’s almost full. It’s great for car trips and long days at work, but it won’t be with me everyday without fail.

June can’t come soon enough!



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