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The Real Google Phone?

Google Phone?

Venture capitalist Simeon Simenov is claiming that he has received an insider tip regarding the much hyped Google Phone. Specifically, he notes that the device is “Blackberry-like,” it is coded a C++ core w/OS bootstrap, it features optimized Java running on the C++ core, vector-based presentation, and numerous services, including VOIP.

To bolster his argument, Simenov cites Google’s acquisitions of Reqwireless and Skia along with a partnership with Samsung – all of which make the notion of Google developing their own phone with the features mentioned above very plausible.

If you ask me, the picture above is more akin to the iPhone than it is to a Blackberry. Personally, I’m inclined to believe Simenov, but the phone in the photo above doesn’t seem to mesh with the information gleaned from his source.

High Contrast / CrunchGear


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