ThinkGeek Prepping Module That Turns Your iPhone 4S Into The HAL 9000!

ThinkGeek took its inspiration from the HAL 9000 and some of Siri’s crazy voice commands to develop the IRIS 9000—a voice control module that turns your iPhone 4S into a hands-free Siri controller. From the product page:

Simply place your iPhone into the Iris 9000 cradle and use the included micro remote to trigger Siri up to 50 feet away. Just tap the Iris 9000 remote button once, listen for the Siri chime, and speak your command. The built in mic on the Iris 9000 picks up your voice from across the room and the embedded speaker amplifies Siri’s spoken responses. You can also make and receive calls using the Iris 9000 like a standard speakerphone. Oh and did we mention that Iris 9000’s glowing eye flickers along with Siri’s voice? How’s that for amazing Buckaroo Banzai future tech?

So awesome…as long as it doesn’t try and kill you. Look for the IRIS 9000 to debut in 2012 for $60. In the meantime, you can sign up for email alerts to find out the moment it becomes available.

Check out a video of the IRIS 9000 in action after the break.


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