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Apple 30″ vs. Dell 30″ Monitor

Cnet has a comparison between Apple’s 30″ Cinema Display and Dell’s Ultra Sharp 3007WFP monitors. Before we look at anything they had to say about it, let me just say that either of these would be welcomed by most any user. They are both nice sized, well perfomring displays. The picture quality is close between the two, the real differentiation may be in the input options.

Apple trumped the Dell in our DVD-playback test, displaying less digital noise and more-realistic skin tones, and it won the more technical rounds, with more-vivid colors and better grayscale differentiation. This is the monitor of choice, especially if you own an Apple computer, since the Apple OS provides additional configuration options.

That said, if adjustability is important to you, the Dell UltraSharp 3007WFP has a lot more going for it; in fact, Apple doesn’t really compete in this category. Dell also delivers a better variety of input options and better text performance for everyday tasks. Finally, at $300 less than the Apple, the UltraSharp 3007WFP may be the better deal, dollar for dollar.

Their final winner was the Apple, but it really depends on each user’s preferences. While Apple won more rounds, if what is really important to you are the categories that one or the other won, then the winning model for you may be different. My only advice: you should ideally be able to look at both and compare for yourself, then decide which features are the most important for how you use your computer.

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