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Apple to Ship MacBook Pro This Week

Apple announced they are shipping the much anticipated Intel based MacBook Pro this week. Shipping a little earlier than expected, Apple also has upgraded the processors in their previously announced systems with no change in price. According to Cnet, “Two models were originally announced–one for $1,999 with Intel’s 1.67GHz Core Duo processor and one for $2,499 with Intel’s 1.83GHz processor. Apple will now include a 1.83GHz processor with the $1,999 system, and the $2,499 system will come with Intel’s 2GHz Core Duo processor, Moody said. Customers will also be able to select a 2.16GHz processor for the $2,499 system for an additional $300, according to Apple’s Web site. “  And people wonder why Steve Jobs is held in such high regard? What other company would have upgraded the processors in previously announced systems? I think most would have taken the money and run.

The one downside is that, as Apple announced earlier, there is a limited initial supply and the current wait time they estimate is 3-4 weeks. It may be time for me to take a look athe Apple offering. Not because of the Intel chips in them, but because the feature set seems to be more along the lines of what I use on a daily basis and I am comfortable that they will do what they see as best for the consumer.

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