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Gene Roddenberry’s Lost Data Recovered From 200 Floppy Disks


When Gene Roddenberry originally began scripting for the now famous Star Trek television series, he did so on what is today a relatively defunct piece of hardware: the typewriter. He eventually switched over to a pair of custom-built computers to record story ideas, scripts and notes. From there he moved to even newer technology, but retained the custom pieces.

Sometime after his death in 1991, his estate discovered nearly 200 5.25-inch floppies from the custom hardware. However, getting the data out was not as simple as plugging it into a disk reader since the OS and word processing software were also custom.

As many of you know, data recovery can be a nigh-impossible feat. Because, dammit Jim, most of us are not software engineers.


Lucky for us, the folks at DriveSavers are, and the documents contained on the disks have been recovered. It took them more than three months to develop software that could read the disks. And even once they did, accessing data on the 200 disks took the better part of a year to finish. We imagine they looked a little bit like this:


They’ve yet to reveal the specifics of what was contained on the disks, but with the 50th anniversary of the show approaching at warp speed, we hope to know soon.

(via The Wrap)


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