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Nvidia to Support GPU Physics Processing

Nvidia and Havok are putting their combined expertise together to bring you what should turn out some of the best game experiences ever. Of course Nvidia creates GPU’s and high end gaming video cards. Havok is a middleware provider, in this case providing a physics engine that can run on Nvidia’s GPU’s.

What does this really mean? There are really two advancements here:

  1. Physics processors are already being developed to enhance the game playing experience by greatly increasing the physics calculation possibilities in a game to make it more realistic. Think of water effects, gravity and other phenomena that can be reproduced using real world mathematical simulations.
  2. While the addition of physics processing greatly increases the realism, it does put a strain on the processor to calculate all of this. By using the video GPU’s to do these calculations, there is no additional strain on the processor so that it can continue to provide the processing needed for the game itself. And by removing some load off the processor, the game play should be increased as well. It also saves the cost of adding a separate physics engine/processor.

Planned for Nvidia’s SLI systems with multiple GPU’s that have plenty of processing power, this could be the start of the next generation of video games. The game developers should jump all over this technology when it is introduced, planned for this summer.

Havok Press Release

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