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The $99 GeForce 6600

The new GeForce 660o is a powerful PCI graphics card at a reasonable price. Finally, the heated competition between NVIDIA and ATI is paying off where it really counts.

Here are some key specs:
DirectX support: DirectX 9.0c Shader Model SM 3.0
Vertex shaders: 3
Pixel pipelines: 8
Manufacturing process: 110 nanometer
Transistors: 146 million
Core clock speed: 400 MHz
Memory clock speed: 400 MHz (800 DDR)
Memory expansion: 256 MB
Memory technology: DDR2
Memory bus width: 128 bit
MSRP: $99

Tom’s Hardware writes:
“For under $100 you can now have DX 9.0c and SM 3.0 with 256 MB of RAM. If you are a person looking for another quiet graphics card for a HTPC, or just looking for another solid card for a secondary gaming system, this card is a solution for those and other applications. It’s also great for those of you who were hesitant to put a lot of money into an upgrade to PCIe because the graphics card would cost you as much as your CPU and motherboard upgrade; $99 is certainly not going to break the bank.”


Tom’s also noted that Games like Far Cry 1.3, Doom, and Half-Life 2 all ran above 50 frames per second at 1024×768 and above 30 fps with 4xAA and 8xAF turned on.

Tom’s overclock testing yielded a 3D Mark 05 score of 3678 (up 23.8% from default) with a core of 537MHZ (34% increase) and a memory of 988MHZ (23% increase). This is certainly an impressive overclock for a card of any price. (Note: oveclocking voids your warranty, so proceed at your own risk.)

The bottom line: The GeForce 6600 is the perfect card for someone looking to take a first step into next generation. A good card at a fantastic price.

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