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Wal-Mart Selling BTO PC’s

Trying to capture more of the market in the PC space, in a surprising move Wal-Mart has announced that they will be offering build to order PC’s in a number of their stores. While this is better than their current strategy of selling boxed PC’s with a standard configuration, the amount of customization is limited based on the need to do it real time.

Any PC customer would say it is better to be able to take home your PC the day you purchase it. However, the limits on customization will make it a lot less user friendly than you would hope. The customers that do the most customization are those with the need for a PC performing to its absoulte maximum. And the best they will probably be able to do are minimal upgrades. It just doesn’t add a whole lot to their offering.

Next time you are looking at an Alienware system, I am sure Wal-Mart would like you to look at their offering. You going to take a looK? Me neither. As long as they are adding minimal cost to add this capability, I guess they can make a few middling customers happy.


Posted by Jeff


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