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Book Review: Firefly: Still Flying (With New Stories From The Show’s Writers)

If you count yourself among the legion of “Browncoats” devoted to the short-lived series Firefly, prepare to open up old wounds. But there is a reward—kind of like when the doctor (in this case Dr. Fox) gave you a small treat after stabbing you in the arm. Thanks Dr. Fox, you bastard.

I’m referring to the upcoming anthology dubbed Firefly: Still Flying from Titan Books. They’ve been kind enough to hook Nerd Approved up with an advance copy, and there is a lot for fans to enjoy here—including four new short stories from the series writers.

These stories include:

  • Fun With Dick and Jayne a super-short “children’s story” written and illustrated by Ben Edlund
  • What Holds Us Down by Jane Espenson
  • Crystal by Brett Matthews
  • Take the Sky by Jose Molina

I don’t want to give away too much about these stories, but I will say that Take The Sky is especially interesting. It serves as a closure of sorts for the entire saga—with a 70+ year old Mal.

While the stories may be short, they are both exhilarating and depressing for fans who have been dreaming of something new since the debut of the movie five long years ago.

As for the rest of the book, it’s pure nostalga. It’s kind of like a scrapbook lovingly pieced together by parents from your childhood, only here you will find less naked bathroom photos. No, here you will find quotes and essays from Firefly writers and actors about the creation of the show and their experiences, a huge section focused on props complete with some sweet-looking photos, a storyboard for the battle of Serenity Valley, a section devoted to the architecture of those marvelous ships, an examination of the Browncoat phenomenon and even a bit about a stolen orange monkey.

The thing I took away from all of this was that everyone involved with the show truly loved it. And the book is a reflection of that love. It’s been a while since I saw the original episodes, but I had to go back and watch a few after reading this book (even if you don’t own the DVDs, its on Netflix Watch Instantly). It just draws you back in…for better or worse.

Firefly: Still Flying will be available in bookstores starting on May 25th.


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