Custom Kripparrian 3D Printed Hearthstone Card [Video]

hearthstone kripparrian main

While I’m a huge Warcraft fan, I haven’t spent a lot of time playing Hearthstone. Still, I know that the game has some hardcore players and even a world championship. YouTube’s Kripparrian is definitely focused on Hearthstone and, when Ricardo Salomao and Simone Fontana aka 3DNA were commissioned to make him a 3D printed card, they decided to have a little fun.

Kripp, as he’s known on Reddit, has a reputation for bemoaning his terrible luck, so I find it amusing that the card he commissioned has the ability to “become the target of all random effects”.

And yes, you can contact them to commission your own custom 3D Hearthstone card.

See more pictures and the project video after the break.

hearthstone kripparrian 2

hearthstone kripparrian 3

hearthstone kripparrian 6

hearthstone kripparrian 4

(Reddit via Technabob)


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