74-Year-Old Grandpa Is About To Lose The MMO He’s Played For 17 Years

For many of us, MMOs are a way to play games, meet people, blow off steam, and have a good time. The same is true for this 74-year-old grandfather who’s been a dedicated Asheron’s Call player since the game launched in 1999. Unfortunately, his journey is about to come to an end as the servers are set to shut down at the end of the month.

Before the end comes, his granddaughter made a video to see if anyone could suggest a game he might want to try out. It’s sweet, funny, touching, and sad all at once. I especially love the reason he says he hasn’t played other games.

I have a feeling that, while he’s losing his favorite game, he’s not going to give up gaming altogether. Personally, I think World Of Warcraft would be right up his alley.

From the description:

This is my grandpa. He’s 74 years old. He’s been playing Asheron’s Call since 1999. It was announced on December 20, 2016 that Asheron’s Call would close all its servers on January 31, 2017. I’m incredibly saddened that he will be losing a game he loves. If you play, you know it’s a close-knit community. There have been weddings and funerals on this game that he has attended with his characters. It’s heart breaking.

So I’m putting a ‘call’ out there – I would like to find a new game for him! He’s been so loyal to his AC. Both my sister and I played AC when we were kids. I’ll never forget the portal sound effects and the way drudge’s cry out. All three of us played together on Leafcull. I convinced him to do this video as he’s really shy. He kept trying to get me to leave his computer room, haha.

Also, when he says he played the game “pissed,” he means pretty drunk one time. I remember him calling us the next day and he was really upset he got camped and lost all of his gear. But he kept running back to his body. That was on Darktide, and his character was completely naked after the whole ordeal.

(via Kotaku)


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