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Pirate Game Becomes The Most Successful Tabletop RPG In Kickstarter History

7th sea

It’s entirely possible that you’re familiar with 7th Sea, a pirate-themed tabletop RPG from the late ’90s. If so, you’ll be excited to know that a Kickstarter to produce an updated 2nd edition was funded inside of seven bloody minutes.

Having raised over $740,000 at the time of writing – a lot more booty more than their $30,000 target amount – odds are some of you out there have backed this project. Hell, I’ve probably backed this project without realizing it—and there’s still over two weeks left in the campaign.

7th Sea was created by tabletop game designer John Wick to avenge his dog (oh wait, that was the OTHER John Wick). Inspired by the sort of “swashbuckling adventure” seen in The Princess Bride and The Three Musketeers, 7th Sea was well received and survived right up until 2005, with publishers AEG failing to capitalize on the success that the first Pirates of the Caribbean film delivered for the genre in 2003.



But now Wick is reviving the game, revising and updating it for modern gamers. He’s promised that the core world – Théah, which is a little more magical and a little less historically accurate – remains more or less unchanged, though some of the game’s nations have been slightly tweaked, and there’s a whole new one in the mix. What’s more, Wick has made promises to further expand the game world and provide additional modules and expansions down the line. Ooh!

Check the Kickstarter video below for more info or jump straight over and back it now yourself. Huzzah!

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