A Custom “Donkey Kong” Arcade Table Made From a Wine Barrel


This fully functional Donkey Kong game table was made by Joel Griffin Dodd as an experiment of sorts. He’s built a lot of custom cabinets and people always say he should sell them, but he can’t see how he’d turn a profit. He decided to build this table to see just how much it would cost when he factored in parts and labor. As you’ll see after the break, his parts worked out to $415.

Used Oak Wine Barrel – $87.00
17″ 4:3 Monitor – $25.00 (Craigslist)
Craftymech SLG Scanline generator – $23
Power Strip – $6
Amplifier – $19
Power Socket – $5
4x PCB Feet – $2
Power Supply – $18
2x long shaft zippy sticks – $16
Jamma Wiring Harness – $10
4x Regular Buttons& Switch – $4
3x Player Start Buttons – $3
Speakers – $15
1/2″ Bevelled Glass – $84.00
Laminated Control Panel art – $38
Bezel Artwork – $22
Paint – $6
Stain – $13
Shipping – $19.00

His labor, which he didn’t place a value on, came to about 20 hours. I don’t know what he’d charge, but it seems to me there are more than a few nerds out there who’d shell out enough for him to make a profit on this one!








(ArcadeControls via Obvious Winner)


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