A Guide to Picking a Broadband Package for Gaming [Featured]

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Gamers who are shopping for their ideal online package have a lot to keep in mind. While a large number of gamers out there may only think about speed when they are considering their options for this very important decision, there is actually much more to think about. This article will list what else should be considered and explain what some of these considerations mean.

If you can manage it, make sure your gaming system is physically connected to your Internet. Ethernet trumps wireless any day of the week, and you are less likely to suffer from interference from certain appliances in your home. Microwaves in particular can wreak havoc on your wireless signal while they are in use, so if the kitchen happens to be between your gaming setup and your router, this is even more important. Now, with that out of the way, let’s get started on your options.

Despite how things may have sounded above, speed is an immensely important factor. For most modern games on any system, whether it is PC or one of the dedicated gaming consoles, go for a service that gives you at least 2Mb/s (two megabits a second). It is still possible to play online with a little less bandwidth, but you run the risk of lagging more often if you do, not to mention those insults the other guys will throw at you if you are the one causing the lag.

Next up is your allowance. A lot of broadband providers these days give you a monthly allowance, and exceeding that allowance can result in additional fees. If you live alone and do not heavily use your connection often, then 20GB a month should be enough for you. Keep in mind that heavy usage includes regular downloading (including game and console patches) and watching videos online. If you do those things and play online regularly, you will need quite a bit more, and this can be especially true if you do not live alone. 100GB or even unlimited options are available for those that need it.

Be watchful for connections that enforce a Fair Access Policy of any sort. This essentially means that there are limits to how much you can use in a small amount of time, and online gaming can rip through these limits, resulting in your speed being throttled down for a while among other things. If at all possible, try to avoid connection services that employ this kind of policy unless you do not play online for long periods at a time.

If you are considering a mobile broadband connection for gaming then our advice is to stay clear until the technology has improved, whilst mobile broadband has many advantages and speeds are increasing (particularly with 4G becoming available), even if speeds are good enough mobile broadband connections have a nasty habit of dropping and we all now how frustrating that can be for a gamer.

Finally, keep the budget in mind. You will not necessarily need to find the best connections available to fulfill your gaming needs. Examine your habits and figure out what is the best fit for you, and try not to fall into the trap of just spending more to have the fastest unlimited connections in your area. The money you save will go to other, more important things – like games.

Article written by Spencer Hogg of Broadband Expert where broadband deals can be found and compared.


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