Adepticon: Miniature Wargaming At It’s Finest [Feature]

If you’re into miniature wargaming, then the place to be last weekend was Adepticon in Chicago, Illinois. This convention is all about wargaming with tournaments in everything from Warhammer 40K to Warmachine Hordes to Malifaux. Not only is it a place to showcase your skills as a player, but it’s also a place to showcase your skills as a painter. Most tournaments have a painting component to scoring, but this one has a competition called Crystal Brush that hands out a hefty award of $10,000 for first place. Yeah, these guys are serious.

That’s not to say that players don’t have a little fun with their armies. Although point values are set, themes are limited only by a player’s imagination. This year there were tributes to Band of Brothers, Monty Python and Charlie Sheen. No, I’m not making up that last one. Thanks to Russ of The D6Generation Podcast for sharing pictures of his weekend adventures at Adepticon.


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