Give Your RPGs The Scent Of Adventure

adventure scents

If you’re a fan of RPGs, odds are you would be all for a product that makes the gaming experience more immersive. That said, you can only get so immersive unless you have a dragon cave or old timey tavern close by.

Here’s where Adventure Scents can come in handy. Adventure Scents makes 40 different types of oil-based scent beads that are then packaged in sold in tins, sachets or loose in zipper bags. They even have wearable scent lockets.

The scents are wide-ranging, so whether you’re playing a game based on a book, a movie, a TV series, or a video game, odds are there is a scent that can be used to enhance the experience. Personally, I like the idea that you can transport yourself from a Japanese Teahouse, to a Roman Bathhouse, to a Science Lab, to a Barren Moon all with smells.

Product Page ($5-$25)

(via GeekDad)


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